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Hey loveley Artists and fellow Steemians,

finally I got many things sorted, and now I have time again to host the #designacharacter contest :)
I hope you guys are still motivated to participate,
even If the contest was paused for almost 3 months!
I´m happy to be back, and hope you are too! :D

So now with any further ado, I present you the

Design A Character Contest - Season 10
Reimagine Challenge

The Contest

This contest is open to artists of any level, background and drawing style.
Traditional Art will be accepted as well as Digital art.
Every season I will post a new challenge and want you to design your own character based on the given theme.

Every season contest will have one challenge of the following themes:

ThemeWhat is it all about
Shape ChallengeDesign one (or more) character(s) based on one (or more) given shapes
Style ChallengeDesign a character in the style of an given artist, series or studio
Color ChallengeDesign a character based on a given color sheme
Theme ChallengeDesign a character based on a given theme
Reimagine ChallengeReimagine a given character

The judging

This season of the Contest begins on Thursday the 20th of July
and will run until Monday the 30th of July.
Deadline for the contest is
Monday the 30th of July at 9pm UTC

After that I will post my personal Top 3
and allow steemit users to vote for the final placements.

The Prizes


The winners will be announced on next Friday and will be rewarded with
70% of all SBD raised on that seasons #designacharacter contest-posts.

The prizes will split up as follows:

🥇 1st Place40% of the SBD Rewards of this weeks #designacharacter contest-posts + 1 @trophy-token and 100 whaleshares
🥈 2nd Place20% of the SBD Rewards of this weeks #designacharacter contest-posts + 1 @trophy-token and 50 whaleshares
🥉 3rd Place10% of the SBD Rewards of this weeks #designacharacter contest-posts + 1 @trophy-token and 50 whaleshares

So keep upvoting and resteeming the contest-posts, to make the prizes as big as possible ;)

The Rules


  • HAVE FUN!!
    That´s the most important thing ;)
  • All entries must be submitted before Monday the 30th of July at 9pm UTC.
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Design a character based on the theme given
  • Make a post of your own for your entry
  • You can make up to 3 Entry-Posts for every character
  • Make sure to add #designacharacter as your first tag
  • In your post describe the medium/the process a bit if possible
  • Post the links to your entries in comments of this post, so other participants and myself can find it.
  • If it's a character that you did not create it will not be accepted.
  • Every artwork must be new and made for this contest.
  • All entries must be original works of art

Additional Info

If you have suggestions for this contest, or want to be a sponsor and/or guest judge, I´d be happy if you contact me via discord (w0olf#9231) or Steemit-Chat!

But now to this seasons Challenge:

This seasons theme is the Reimagine Challenge:

The Reimagine Challenge works like this:

I present you one (or more) existing characters, and you reimagine this Character(s) in a different style, theme, age or even race and gender. :D
There is no limtation, except your imagination :)

Here are some examples from our 2nd Reimagine Challenge:
Given Character

Design a Character Contest - Week 8 - Reimagine Challenge Entry by @drupi
Given Character
[Watercolor] - #designacharacter Contest 8 / Stimpy [FR/EN] by @oreille-pointue
Given Character
DESIGN A CHARACTER CONTEST - Drawing Spike Spiegel week #8 by @wilfreehandarts

And this seasons Characters are...

1. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

One of the funniest characters in Family Guy!

Google Pics for inspiration

2. Manji

Manji is atotal badass Samurai,who has been cursed with eternal life.
Would love to see some entries for this one! Worms... you know ;)

Go and check out the Manga to get an idea of who manji is if you not already know it :)

Google Pics for inspiration

3. Norbert and Daggett Beaver (Angry Beavers)

Yeah two characters!! :D

Google Pics for inspiration

One of my favourite 90´s Cartoon show! :D

You can make up to three entrys per Character.
Thats a total of 9 possible entries... woah that´s a lot!

So I hope you have as much fun as last season participating in this contest!
I´m really looking forward to your entries!!

Lets keep em coming ;D

If u have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. :)

Have a nice day and steem on!



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Hello design a character crew, here's my entry

Click this image for final art and process with video too :)

The Contest will be extended for one week guys! So new deadline is Monday 6th of August 2018 9pm UTC

Info post for resteem will follow tomorrow!
Have a nice day and seem on!

Cheers @w0olf

Edit: new post for resteem

Awwwwwwww yeaaaaah :D awesome design a character back in business! Let's get this thing going folks!!

Good to see you with contest again


Hope you´ll participate again :D


Try my best... :D

now that's a decent surprise on a friday... good to see this back in action!

Yeayyy, finally the designacharacter come back. Yeayy :)

welcome back to friend!

Hi, i would to participate, too. My entry is Stewie

another entry for your contest: AngryBeavers 80s style

theangrybeavers - step 6.png

P.S.: it seems this post cant be resteemed anymore, therefore I voted on and resteemed the newer post ;)

damn ! Niko invited me to participate, but the post expired and I cannot resteem now. It sucks ! Good luck everybody !! I know I have a fav already. Cheers !!


Since there is only one entry so far, I will extend the contest for one week. 😄 You can still enter.
I will make a post tomorrow that you can resteem! 😁 Cheers


Wow this is sweet.

Hey, when's the deadline? It says April in the description.


Sorry mistake 😅 Monday the 30th of July at 9pm UTC

Uhm, sorry but how do I resteem the post? 😅 I already have done making something for the contest but it seems that I can't resteem it


No Problem, just resteem this post 😉 looking forward to seeing your entry 😄

excellent friend ... great theme ... a great challenge! I hope I can meet your expectations with my creaciont!