[Delegation Update] @SocialBot Delegated 100 SP to @SchoolForSDG4

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Hello All,

@SocialBot was created to bring social solutions through steem blockchain. Many of we may not invest in social or charity projects as it can't generate enough ROI for investors even we want to contribute to social changes. But here @SocialBot when you are going to receive more than you are expecting from many bidbots or voting services. Check more information about the voting service from @SocialBot and delegators payouts from @SocialBot.Pay. SocialBot is not a BidBot

I want to offer an alternative investment opportunity for steemians when you are gaining profit more than money too. The service is run by @SteemitBD Community on discord. You can join for more information there.


1000SP, 2000SP, 3000SP, 5000SP, 10000 SP.

What the socialbot is doing?

/ @SocialBot delegates 100% of its earned SP to @SchoolForSDG4.
/ Delegators of @SocialBot receives 100% of sales shares every 24 hours.
/ Delegators are donors, delegators gets 20% of the share of @SocialBot
/ 20% shares of Delegators will be donated to charities on behalf of delegators from each powerdown by @SocialBot
/ 10% fixed profit for vote buyers from @SocialBot.
/ Develop micro financial system to empower youths on steemit
/ Promote steem and support steemians through @SteemitBD
/ Delegate all steem power to @SchoolForSDG4 and keep some regular incoming funds for powerdown. The powerdown will be enabled when expected amount of regular fund we can generates every day.

Benefits for delegators

Here I shared screenshot as an example of 5,300 SP delegation payment. Thanks to all for the support.


Delegation amountExpected Payment every day
1000 Steem Power‭0.3986‬‬ Steem ‬

It is just an example with minimum returns one can expect per thousand for delegating @SocialBot. My plan is to fully fund @SchoolForSDG4 in coming years through the social business project while I am able to rewards the investors.

In addition to delegators payment, do not forget to consider your impact to make the world sustainable. Delegators may also receive unconditional supports from @SchoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment for their contribution.

Here is the list of charities and projects @SocialBot will be donating from your shares. The donation will go from @Socialbot.fund.


I will add some more projects to support through @SocialBot. In addition to this, we will write a report to let know how your donation is changing lives in different countries.

As a user of @SocialBot, You also part of the impact. Both service user and delegators can be part of the sustainable projects. @SocialBot would like to connect both delegators and vote buyers with real projects inside and outside of steemit.

Are you willing to be part of the impact?

Thanks all who are delegating to @SocialBot. For more information, Please Dm me on discord " Azizbd2850" or "SteemitBD1864"

I am happy to share the update of @socialbot . Stay tuned for the more updates.

N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information https://steem.chat/direct/azizbd .

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Delegators are donors, delegatros gets 20% of the share of @SocialBot

How does it work? You are delegating 100% SP to @SchoolForSDG4, which also you run. 20% of zero is zero. Is it just a marketing term?

20% shares of Delegators will be donated to charities on behalf of delegaors from each powerdown by @SocialBot

How does it work and is there a way to opt-out of it? You are delegating 100% of SP, how do you powerdown?

Delegate all steem power to @SchoolForSDG4 keeping some for powerdown.

Is this not contradicts some of your claims?

There are some typos, please fix those. :P

I am sure you will find more information above now. Thanks for mentioning about typos. I believe It is not complex for general investors.

And, If one does not have any social interest still can delegate to earn 100% sales shares from @SocialBot like bidbots. I wish to walk slowly and get questions earlier, it is good to get a chance to explain it well and learn more.

Also as a user of socialbot, one will get a 10% profit of their bid. You can try it as well. I appreciate your support. Enjoy @socialbot service :)

So, delegators will get 20% shares, but in reality they won't. Why do you market it like you are giving 20% shares of the bot to delegators?

Well, @SocialBot has many types of delegators. Some are delegating not to get any returns for their investment instead they are sending donations as support.

I will say it more than 120% returns. Because we can't set any price for our emotional or social satisfaction. I understand that this is not all about accounting or coding. It is very common things as I explained it well to all @SocialBot delegators. If you are willing to delegate and have any further inquiry, Please do not hesitate to DM me on discord.

Some are delegating not to get any returns for their investment instead they are sending donations as support.

But you are paying them like any normal delegator.

You are promoting a service, you are at the top of Steem's trending page, when somebody visits steemit.com they see your post first. So, you claims should match with what you are doing.

You 20% extra is like me saying I'll be sending you 100 steem but I am sending it to myself (or other party) on behalf of you. Believe me you received 100 steem.

Please do not try to sell apples by saying you are selling oranges. If you cannot show that your claims are true please refrain from such advertising.

I am waiting to see how your math works.

You are promoting a service, you are at the top of Steem's trending page, when somebody visits steemit.com they see your post first.

I know I am promoting a service and thanks for letting me know.

But you are paying them like any normal delegator.

I am happy that he wished to donate manually and accepts our auto sending.

Please do not try to sell apples by saying you are selling oranges.

I am not sure what you want to establish. But thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your time. I already explained to you more than twice. So off to reply anymore.

I am not sure what you want to establish.

Claiming you are offering something better to the delegators but in reality you aren't.

I am happy to hear your feedback. Thanks.


I keep seeing the same confusion as to the 120% reward for delegators. My understanding is that those that delegate will receive a portion of the earnings of the post. So that the 100% earnings is divided among those that delegate. I personally delegated 1000 SP (it might be a little higher now) and I receive on average pretty close to what @azizbd indicated what 1000 delegation will earn. I say pretty close because sometimes it is more. The rate of return on what I delegated is very competitive. I know I have a few people I delegate SP that I earn less.

Now for the 20% which brings up the 120% issue. The 20% is what is earned through curation. ( "20% share of Delegators will be donated to charities on behalf of delegators from each powerdown by @SocialBot")

That curated earnings is donated to the charities. Those of us who delegated are helping to build donations to the charities mentioned or will be mentioned.

In other words those who delegate are earning a fair return and that extra 20% is our donation to good causes.

In the event you decide you no longer want to delegate SP you can go through the usual procedure to undelegate. If you do not want to delegate then do not.

I give a lot to charitable organizations via Steemit with no return expected. Here I am able to earn a fair return and have some donated to good causes. I do not get hung up on that a portion of earnings go to good causes and are not split among those that have delegated.

Everything I have read in several posts makes it clear in part the intent of the program is to help support @SchoolForSDG4, and other deserving social causes. And, as I see it spending money to promote this service makes sound business sense.

@azizbd, if I am mistaken in my perceptions please let me know.

I appreciate your feedback and time to read more details about @SocialBot. I will rethink how to present the extra 20% returns coming from curation rewards which is not actually going to delegators but going to charities on behalf of the delegators.
Your understanding is correct and more organized than I tried to present. I hope it will help me in the next post about the project.

Hello @azizbd I read your article and it seems to me a very good project...

I would like to delegate something to the @SocialBot and I’m thinking in 1k sp .. but I would like to know how much Steem and SBD I will receive every single day...

Recently I delegate to therising 1k sp. and I started working with this bot, but you know I’m still looking for a better option...

So. Would you mind if you tell me the offer about my Delegation that I mentioned to you please..

Thanks a lot for your time..!!! I really appreciate your feedback..!!

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Thank you for your reading and comment. I really appreciate your delegation decision. For 1000 Steem Power, @SocialBot is paying around 0.3986‬‬ Steem ‬every day. It fluctuates a little but I averaged it from our last 8 days payout steem+sbd. You can also use the service by sending 0.550 steem with a memo of your post link. It is giving a 10% profit for vote buyers too. I will be happy to chat with you on https://steem.chat/direct/azizbd if you want to chat with me anytime.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Nice initiative. Keep up the good work!!

Thank you for your comment bro.

This is a very good initiative by @steemitBD
keep this good work up.

Thank you for your feedback. If you need any support, do not hesitate to contact @Steemitbd on discord .

That's Amazing!

Oh you just know it's legit when three people all say, "That's Amazing!"

Your use of bidbots is a bit excessive and definately not social.

An interesting initiative. Worth considering. Thanks for the information.

This community of Steemit, has become a Persian market, where the most voted and the most profitable publication, is not the best content or the best articulated, or the most original, no !, nothing to see, it is of a previous negotiation with a bot or with voting systems and trend creators, which will not be named, nor will any of them be hinted at, you know them and maybe they will participate. But just look at the trends and open that blog, to appreciate the quality, the number of mentions and comments, really disgusting.

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Good Post

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This amuses me... you did a great thing. Proud of you for that.

And then well you spend hundreds of dollars promoting your good deed like hey guys here i am look at how good i am.
I'm sure the project is happy about what you did. But also 100SP compared to the 200stu that your post has been upvoted to is just kind of a sad comparison.

But again... good job supporting the project and I hope more people support good projects because of your post.

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Thank you for including Venezuela in your list of fundations. I hope this will go very well.

Thanks for the post.

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It works with delegation or using the voting service. if you delegate steem to socialbot, it will give around 14.5% annual returns of your investment. Also, steeminas can buy votes.