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What is the Hobo Upvote Service? has the objective to bring more beneficial upvote services to the Steem community. We aim to provide more than one way to benefit from our service. You can send us 0.5 STEEM to get into Group 1 of our service and receive 100 $0.01+ valued upvotes over time. Or, you could delegate 1 or more STEEM and receive 1 upvote of $0.01+ in value for every 1 STEEM delegated to

The Hobo Upvote Service aims to help people get out of the "dust bin" on the Steem blockchain. What is the Dust Bin? Well, many members can't afford to invest very much into SP (Steem Power) so they upvote posts and receive upvotes of such little value that in the end they get nothing. When an upvote is too little, the blockchain doesn't distribute anything to the person, and so there is no profit. Generally, it seems posts need to be at least a few cents worth in upvotes to profit the authors. seeks to do its part in helping you profit as a content producer.

If you wanted to have an upvote value of $0.01, you would have to invest 125 STEEM into SP. But if you use the upvote service either by delegating 1 STEEM or sending 0.5 STEEM you will gain plenty of upvotes over time and build up your own SP! This service is not a one time instant upvote of high value, but a continual service with gradual benefit over time.

The great thing about delegating STEEM to is that as long as you continue delegating STEEM you will receive an upvote for every STEEM delegated monthly, for example, if you delegate 20 STEEM we will do everything we can to give you 20 upvotes so long as you comment or post enough for us to upvote you.

Buy Upvotes or Delegate now:

Delegate to here: Delegation Manager Tool
Send 0.5 STEEM to for 100 $0.01+ Upvotes (Upvotes Over Time)

Can't afford STEEM at all? We still care to help out! If you follow you can benefit from occasional upvotes of $0.01+ valued upvotes. Its a random upvote service we provide freely to all followers, so feel free to follow us to be added to the list!

Are You A Whale?

Don't be a Moby Dick... Whales benefit the most from the Steem blockchain achieving mass adoption. You can easily assist the growth of the Steem blockchain by helping build a good reputation for the blockchain as a means for little guys to pull themselves up and profit on the internet. How can you be helpful? One way is to delegate any SP you can spare to so that the upvote service can do an even better job of assisting content creators in profiting from their hard work.

Delegate to!

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If you wanted to have an upvote value of $0.01, you would have to invest 125 STEEM into SP.

Actually with the plummeting prices these days you would need about 310 SP for an 0,01 upvote.

Curious about that delegation part. First of all with those 310 SP per 0,01 upvote and your current SP power (311 enabling you for a max 0,01 upvote) you are not able to provide those numbers if someone delegates like 10 SP, or am I missing something?

And just because I'm curious this 0,01 upvote per 1 STEEM delegated just does not make any sense to me to be honest since if you provide what you are promising you need to pay at least 20-30 times what you get. I guess you know where I'm going with this.

Hi elleok, I am very happy to answer your questions the best I can. Yes, there are limitations in how many upvotes can do in a day. The idea is that you're getting regular upvotes over time for your delegated SP. Currently, is able to upvote at $0.01 already, and with delegations and bulk upvote purchases the SP is grow to benefit all people involved.

I'm not sure I understand your math, perhaps there is something wrong with my math. But for example, today 17 SP was delegated to, this means 17 upvotes within a 30 day period has become obligated to perform. As long as that 17 SP remains delegated to they will receive upvotes of 1 upvote per SP. Now, I might have to make adjustments over time to the service, and I will always be informative to the community about any policy changes. But this is a rather low profit venture, the goal is to help people get out of the dust bin and over time profit. Its gradual, for example, the 100 upvotes is over time not immediate. Its an upvote subscription service.

Does this help? Please feel free to keep asking about anything you don't understand or feel that I am getting wrong. I'm imperfect, I can make a mathematical error. But I'm not a scam, I definitely intend on performing what I mean to do.

In another post (I didn't mention it in this but I probably should have, I'dd do it again) is the upvote buy-back policy. This is for the sake of upvote scaling. See, the 1st group of upvote subscriptions are 0.50 STEEM for 100 $0.01 upvotes OR a upvote buy-back rate of 0.01 STEEM per upvote which in total is a value of 1 STEEM, doubling their STEEM. How I can afford to do this is that if I get too many people, the more SP gets the more valuable the upvote value, thus Group 2 will not get 100 upvotes, they'll be offered less. This means the next group is more profitable per upvote and so can afford to do upvote buy-backs in order to manage all the accumulated upvote obligations.

I have to put a limit on delegations though, but as upvote value increases I might have to offer few upvotes per STEEM. But right now, I can manage the current amount of delegated upvote obligations I have.

Also, the one mathematical snag that I can see is the STEEM and SBD price volatility. Honestly, I'm hoping the price keeps dropping and I'm waiting for it to do this so that I can buy a lot and be more useful to the community when the price goes up. But this is an issue that I might have to make adjustments on.

I will likely have to put a limit on steem delegation subscriptions, but its no problem right now. And I might have to adjust the policy to simply be an upvote obligation of a certain amount of upvotes without any promise on what the price will be. I will announce any changes and promote the post with bid bots for visibility. I already changed my policy from buy-backs in SBD to STEEM because it solves some of the price volatility issues. Regardless of STEEM price to the US dollar, 1 STEEM remains 1 STEEM and I can cover buy-backs in that way. If STEEM goes way down I can just buy it with USD and pay off any obligations that can't be performed with upvotes.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer!

Just delegated some SP!

Good luck!

Thank you. I noted 10 SP delegated. You will receive 10 upvotes monthly. :)

How Cool!

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Help us grow, delegate today!

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