Thinking Deeper #2 - A DeepThink Weekly Digest

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We are now two weeks into our launch of @SteemDeepThink, a community project promoting quality writers of the humanities. Many are now frequently posting under the "deepthink" tag, bringing exciting new topics and discussion to the Steemit community.

Our Contest Results!

Last week, we called on others to help us name our weekly digest. Our previous title - "SteemDeepThink - Weekly Digest #1" - certainly didn't roll off the tongue. After filtering through numerous submissions, we gave a refined list to our DeepThink community members to vote on.

When all voting was said and done, @philosophist came out as the winner, and we will be posting each week using his title, "Thinking Deeper." However, since @philosophist is one of our SteemDeepThink founders, we didn't think it fair that he be the only one rewarded with the grand prize. @inquiringtimes came in with a close 2nd place with his submission, "It Might Be Deeper Than You Think." Both of them will receive the 1st place reward of a @randowhale upvote and a special feature in next week's issue.

Congratulations, @philosophist and @inquiringtimes!

Problems with Streemian

As some of you are aware, many have been having problems using Streemian's curation trail feature lately. This isn't a problem for just our community, but many others' as well. For some reason, our @steemdeepthink curation trail doesn't always upvote our selected authors. And the times when it does work as intended, other users that follow its trail don't always upvote the same thing.

Our original intent was to support DeepThink writers by adding them to the curation trail for others to follow. Because this isn't currently working, we are having to upvote our members manually.

We are closely monitoring this feature, and are hopeful that things will soon resolve. If anyone has insight into the process with Streemian, assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Highlights From This Week's "DeepThink" Posts

Here are some representative posts from our members:

@heretickitten - "The Ape King's Absurd Appetite"

@philosophist - My Interview On: Remarkable Entrepreneur Podcast

@ajdohmen - Vigilantism Begets the Vendetta

@alexander.alexis - Against Subjectivism - Is Everything Relative?

@snakiest - Crypto-tragedy: “Now I am a believer” or history repeats itself

@gamesjoyce - You might not be such a good friend as you think you are - A simple philosophy of friendship


@soo.chong163 - "Let them eat cake" - Rise and fall of scientism in the Qin era

Thanks for your support!

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Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Thanks! Be sure to swing by Discord too and say hello!

I actually think it would be better to not use Streemian or discord. I will post about that soon, can I just tag my posts with deepthink or should I be officially be a part of your community to participate.

I like deep thinking and the sexual spin that @philosophist and @inquiringtimes put on the word deep. :3

Oh and I talked with philosophist a bit about me always tending to focus on disagreements rather than on the things we all of course agree on.

Please don't take this as me bashing your project, it is much more that I want to make it stronger and better by crititcizing it.

For now Discord is necessary as a means to communicate with others about membership, project announcements, post promotion, and general discussion about the humanities. I'd love to be able to keep everything on the Steemit site, as it is a hassle to have to use two different apps. However, until Steemit releases a fully functional communities-based UI, I don't see a way around it.

As for membership, it is our way of vetting writers that we'd like to support. If we had no process, anyone could write whatever they wanted and just use the "deepthink" tag to get an easy payout. We're trying to promote quality over quantity. We're definitely open to new ideas, but they would have to serve the same functions as I mentioned above.


a lot of good material in this digest!

Thanks for the upvote, my title was more fun, but I think the correct one was chosen.. we will never know for sure!

when I get a deep thought... i'll try to link in (-:

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