DeepOnion Wallet Syncd In Minutes

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DeepOnion Wallet Syncd In Minutes

What does this do?

  • This will create a new wallet, add existing blocks ~395, and will auto-start to finalize sync. All in one step..​ (Release Windows Quick Setup · Wh0Kn0ws/deeponion · GitHub)
Download, unzip, run 'DeepOnion Quickie.exe' in current directory

A. The wallet will first open and self close to propagate the correct folders.
B. Then it'll begin copying the blockchain to the correct directories.
C. Once the process is complete the console (CMD) will ask to press any key.
D. DeepOnion wallet will auto run after successful implementation; Please allow it to finalize syncing and you'll be DONE!​

DeepOnion-qt.exe is placed in Desktop for ease of access


  1. This is NOT an official wallet release.
  2. This is for new users as you’ll be preloaded with all newest blocks, so you don't need to synchronize wallet from the start (which can take up to 8 Hours)
  3. Always keep Back-Up of wallet.dat and Private-Keys safe!

2.1) If you are not good at listening and proceeded to use “DO Quickie” while not being a new user please not that after installing the wallet, and replacing your backup (wallet.dat) to C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\AppData\Roaming\DeepOnionor importing your Private-Keys you will have to rescan.. Further instructions can be found at (Tutorial: How To Rescan Wallet Using DeepOnion-qt [command-line Options] In Windows)

(In all transparency this executable installs a new DeepOnion wallet, combines all needed block chain files, and brings it together, DeepOnion wallet source code is untouched)

Yes, we know many users would rather do it themselves but not everyone is technically inclined to get it all up and running and our end goal is to provide solutions to anyone and everyone!

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Great stuff whokn0ws! You can also read the DeepOnion thread about this for more info and discussion :-)

Love the article, will surely save many people lots of time.

It's really helpful for all members

Well written. Keep going

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Is this kind of light wallet?