Is This a Cult?!

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DeepOnion, DeepOnion, DeepOnion... Almost everywhere I turn I see the name mentioned somewhere; Crypto forums, Youtubers, News articles... If you are a crypto enthusiast I can't image you have missed this coin. This article will not cover any technical aspects of any kind but only focus on the "rise of the DeepOnion followers".

  • What makes this community so dedicated to this coin and why do they feel it is so important?!

That is a question I have been asking myself ever since I heard about DeepOnion for the first time. So let's start at the beginning (at least for me).

The Beginning

It started out as a wave sweeping over the crypto space in the beginning of November last year. DeepOnion comments started to pop-up everywhere. Mostly good comments with clear arguments but also some containing bad English that had a "spammy" feel to them. What was this about?!

Well, apparently DeepOnion had adopted a new approach to their marketing campaign that rewarded supporters with $ONIONs (DeepOnion token) for being active on external media; Forums, Youtube, Articles, etc...

Having Bounty Campaigns in this way is nothing new but what stood out was the amount of $ONIONs being distributed and the price of $ONIONs. The price had gone 10x in a short amount of time and people saw the chance for some quick money by doing promotional work.

The Believers

Some went about this seriously, doing their research and explaining why they were interested in the project. Most were people that were already invested in DeepOnion since before the launch of this campaign -> Good, well thought out comments.

The Spammers

But when such a thing turns "lucrative" you are going to get people that will try to abuse the system, have no knowledge of the coin and are just trying to get "a quick buck". For people in third-world countries, this means a lot of money for them -> "Spammy" comments in bad English

The DeepOnion marketing team was quick to respond, setting stricter and stricter rules on their Bounty Campaign and removed all incentives for "Spammers" to get anything from their poor comments. Some damage was already done and in some corners of the crypto community, DeepOnion had gotten a bad reputation. But like it or not, the word of DeepOnion was out and people had taken notice. "There is no such thing as bad publicity".

But Who Is Right?!

Since the restrictions the "Spammers" seem to have albeit disappeared from the community but why do I then still hear about DeepOnion everywhere?!

Well, the base support behind the coin never wavered, they stuck by the coin since they "believed". Even though the marketing campaign was received with both positive and negative feedback, more people were starting to look into DeepOnion and the technology behind it. Apparently, most people are liking what they seeing and are joining the DeepOnion ranks. Remember that these are people that have gotten an earful from both sides: "DeepOnion to the moon", "DeepOnion are spammers" and they still choose to invest?!

That has got to tell you something about the technology and ideas behind the project. A lot of people seem to find merit and value going forward despite the conflicting testimonies.

So what has happened?!

Looking at the DeepOnion comments today, they are much more thought out, reasonable and well articulated. It is clear that these are not "one coin people" trapped in a cult but experience crypto enthusiasts that are adding DeepOnion to their wallets.

I have to admit that I agree with them, the technology and ideas presented in the DeepOnion Whitepaper, the development progress in the last few months and the continued growing support all seem to indicate a project with a lot of future potential.

So "Wolololololo" on you and come join the DeepOnion Community! Just kidding, you should always Do Your Own Research before deciding to join/invest in a project. Check out the available information on DeepOnion and make up your own mind; Could this be the privacy coin of the future?!

DeepOnion Homepage
DeepOnion Whitepaper
DeepOnion Community Forum
DeepOnion BCT ANN Thread
Join DeepOnion AirDrop

Disclaimer: I am no financial advisor so you should always do your own research before choosing to invest in any project

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Hi @mobbe82, thank you for good article, DeepOnion is really the coin I believe in!
If not hard to check out my articles (this and this) I would be glad to hear detailed review from more experienced bloggers :)

Of course, I will check out your articles. Thanks for your input on mine! I think it is the first time I have been called an experience blogger.... It feels nice :). Any feedback you ahve is welcome as well!

I liked your article, DeepOnion is a best project of world..