Nominación para el sorteo de 250 steem - El mes de Acción de Gracias está aquí y quiero nominar a un gran Steemian para esta donación.


I "@edgarbautista23", I want to nominate a great Steemian. The Steemian I want to nominate is: @antoniomontilva

I am from Capitanejo Town and i want @antoniomontilva for receive this donation because it would be something very important for everyone in the town of Capitanejo because we know that with it he can return to perform the great activity and charity event that he made last December where it filled with joy all the children of my town and not only that, but it gave back faith and hope to an entire population giving smiles to everyone.

@antoniomontilva managed to make a great charity event thanks to the rewards I collected in Steemit last December and so I nominate @antoniomontilva as the best Steemian to receive this donation.

Here I leave the link to the full article on the charity activity conducted last December by @antoniomontilva with all the photos and videos that explain why @antoniomontilva is the best Steemian to receive this donation. CLICK HERE. (article written in Spanish)


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