250 STEEM Giveaway! Thanksgiving month is here! Nominate a cause for a donation of STEEM!

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In honor of Thanksgiving and in the spirit of giving, I am offering 250 STEEM total that I will be giving to worthy Steemians over the next month!

I will give 50 STEEM to 5 worthy Steemians this next week! Your job is to nominate who I should give it to!


  1. You can not nominate yourself.
  2. You must resteem this post.
  3. You must create a post and use the tag #DeejCharityTrust.
  4. Your post must explain why the cause/Steemian should get the donation.
  5. You must include in your post a link back to this post.

Anyone who knows someone worthy of a little extra donation should do this! Charity is always a great thing and helping those who really need it makes a world of difference! It also helps keep people inspired and full of hope! Remember others will see this and may be compelled to join in on donating!

Last note: If you feel inclined, make a donation to @deejcharitytrust! 100% of funds donated are re-donated to worthy causes and Steemians! Our goal is to help as many people and charities as we can!



Sorry I'm late, this is my nominates (@votovzla and @kantos)
By the way, I couldn't reestem this post I don't know why, sorry for that, the bottom is not there:

Thank you for this nomination

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Can we nominate more than one?

All in one post, or separate posts?

Do they have to be a charity, or can they also be badass steemians that are doing awesome things and informing the world about life changing things?

it's easier for me if they are in their own separate posts, and anyone that is doing great things here can be nominated. I will ultimately decide who gets donations but I need input from others! That is why I'm asking for nominations! @deejcharitytrust is something I set up to give back!

Sweet, I can think of three right off that are badass. One that's up in your neck of the woods. I'll get some posts made for ya over the next couple days.

How ya been man? How's all the shadow things?

I am not getting any suitable one. So resteemed the post . Others may find this useful

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Appreciate that a lot!

My great friend @purapapita, I love you very much, I hope you win, you've been so special to us, how happy you'll be, you'll be able to repair your computer, hehe! Remembers that here we will be to support you for whatever, a kiss we are seeing each other

@akarantain @johannfrare @jangamasisa Guys, I love you too, thank you for the nomination and the unconditional support you have given me. You guys are a great gift, friendship is important for me, sharing, supporting each other, loving each other, laughing, being in good times and bad, walking together on this journey, you know that I will support you like this situation, there is no excuse when a heart is willing to help.

@purapapita is one of the most supportive of the Spanish-speaking community, and his articles are interesting, original, and very well written. I also nominate him!!

I nominate @purapapita, he is very committed to the community since its inception, and has helped the community grow.

I nominate @purapapita he help me a lot everytime i need

I want to nominate @purapapita because he is a very helpful person and such a very good blogger also, he deserve the steem award! Because he has taught us many things to the users, and he has created a community of help and support for the Venezuelans.

@purapapita se lo merece, es un excelente blogger y sabrá llevar ese premio de la mejor manera!

@purapapita I hope you win the donation, because it's for your future, it's an investment that will serve you, you deserve it because you've been committed to the community


@purapapita this man despite the situation in Venezuela, has dared to contribute with donations, I've been following several users, you can check my profile, I post about outstanding users and communities.

Purapapita is a great human and helped a lot of people. I'm pretty sure he deserve the steem reward.

Hello, dear papita, I hope you really win, you have always helped me and I consider that you are someone who deserves this in order to continue making good material and improve your life quality every time! Good vibes and good luck!

@purapapita is a steemian who helps the community, has sacrificed a lot and hopefully wins the donation, really works with a lot of will daily

@purapapita is a person dedicated to grow the community, since its inception has focused on helping, espro that you win in donation you deserve it!

@purapapita he deserves a lot because he is a person very dedicated to the community, he always shares a very good content, with excellent writing and in a very didactic way

I nominated @purapapita is a person who has motivated many with his writings, deserves the support of all

@purapapita He's a great friend, has patiently guided me since I started steemit, is a noble soul, well deserved donation, greetings

I nominate @purapapita is a great friend of mine and i think he deserve this because help me and too many people to understand blockchain technology.

@Purapapita, he's so cheerful, so determined, he helped me and my family grow up in steemit, I'm so happy to have met him, my respects and good luck Papita!!

I know @flaws before being moderator of steempress, is a very special boy, I'm surprised at the maturity with which this boy develops, not only that, in how he works daily, the projects he has in the future, how much he has suffered, is a great boy, even my indirectly has helped. They have it well deserved because I know that he is going to take advantage of it properly.

hi thanks for your kind help (:

can i nominate 2 accounts here is steemit?

You can nominate as many as you like, just make separate posts for each to make it easier to find them all!

My first entry
@franqueff is my fiancee and I am certain of the great economic expense he has for his mother, who is sick and needs many medicines.

OMG, she really need this her health is not good at this moment :/

Hey dear carla, i dont know about this! thanks so much for this, you are a great person, we really need solve this problem for our family.

Now take a moment of the work internet and pc.

We thanks to you for this a big hug, and thanks to @bigdeej por this contest!

Can we nominate dolphins? Hehe.

Anyone can be nominated and if they are doing good things can win the donation! I am looking to help those who help others as well as help those directly who need it most!


Good evening, I hope I have not arrived very late to this, look for all the means to make this publication since it is very important for me that my friend get help in some way and find this contest was like the work of destiny.

May God bless you thank you very much for the opportunity it gives us to participate and have the opportunity to help others.

I really know everything that helps @oneopportunity to many people in Maracay.

It would really help a lot to win this prize.

I wish good luck!!!!

Thanks for do this post, we know Dubal nees help, soon we do our best for help he (:

A big hug from oneopportunity team!

How sad to see dubal in such bad condition, I hope that the grace of the Lord is in his desires to help improve.

I am very sad to know their bad condition I really hope that they win part of this prize because he really needs it to live. :(

Barbara had already told me about this unpleasant situation but I never imagined that it was so bad, he really deserves to be helped, he has done a lot for people with disabilities like him.


We will keep our prayers for him to receive this award.


maybe this entry can help have a nice day i really pray for this contest help whit food to DUBAL

You never give results😓😓😓

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Hi there thanks for your big heart!

this is my entry i hope you can support this project!


Thanks a lot for do this post, the girls really need this donation! They need clothes for the school, food and medicines!

She really need this, maybe she can start the university whit the motorcycle, now we have a lot of problem whit the public bus in Venezuela!

it would be something totally great that she receives this award since she has spent more than a year and a half trying to repair her vehicle, which here in Venezuela is not easy to achieve.

She really deserve this award she work a lot for help too many steemians!

I have read here a few moments ago that each person can make several nominations so I will make this second nomination because I know she deserves this.


Thank you very much for the support, teacher @roquejr... This is very important to me and i know that it's very importanto for you too because we could do great things together if i win this donation. Capitanejo is waiting for us.

hello @bigdeej my entry.

It seems to me a magnificent event in our city, especially for the joy shown by the children on these important dates. Congratulations.


I nominate @antoniomontilva he has been very committed to the community, last year he raised money from Steemit he held a party for the children of his community, he has also been one of the drivers of the Hispanic community. He deserves that award because it will put it to good use.

@j3cesar I hope you can join us this year. Thanks for the support bro

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If we talk about giving and commitment @Antoniomontilva deserves that donation, he has been very committed to the community, he has a great heart and I have done many jobs for the community both in steemit and in his village.

Beautiful pick, that was a amazing day!.. Thanks for the support @tingulini

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My dear friends since ever... Thank you very much.

Good night heres my entry nominating mrs @floralisma
Thanks for the opportunity to help people. Have a great weekend

Please kindly show some love to new users on steemit or those who plan on living, just click on new on all the categories on steemit and make 5 authors smile.

I nominate this amazing steemiant , he is working for the community a lot


Posted a call to action to Support Internally Displaced Persons from the War in Cameroon as my entry to this contest at: https://steemit.com/deejcharitytrust/@porters/call-to-action-entry-to-the-bigdeej-contest-support-the-cause

For this I would like to nominate a phenomenal Steemian and and aven better person...Mr. @bryan-imhoff. If you do not know of the Imp, please check him out. He’s what this place is all about. He was a tremendous supporter of me early on and has been patient with me as I constantly ask him completely stupid questions that I should have already had the answers to. He helped set up the @steempress plugin for a Wordpress blog for me as once again...I’m fairly dumb.

The main reason for me nominating this mofo is the fact that he is producing his own comic book titled, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies”! He’s handling writing, penciling, and coloring duties all alone which is an insane task to tackle. He is actually running a @fundition currently to help raise funds to offset the costs of making this a reality. You can all check out his campaign here!


Hi, I want to nominate @purapapita because I think he is a great writer from the Hispanic community who has a lot to offer in content for steemit

Be sure to make a post and follow all the rules so I can have them added to the list!

Hi there, we are waiting for know about the results of this contest!

I hope you are having a great december.


Hi @bigdeej thank you or supporting people who really needs . God bless you

This is my entry: https://steemit.com/deejcharitytrust/@mavi89/entry-to-bigdeej-contest-nominate-for-a-cause