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Is it a go back to the deep oneness,
Well,then where was my dreams in heart..?
Is it an entry to an unknown garden...
Well,then where was wisdom kept in soul?
Is it a floation to a sphere of realisation,
Well,then where was my realised beingness?
A pundit once said,
The realised beingness there was may be or may not will be un realised buds of wisdom
Well,death an imortal rain of conciousness,
To see its glory
Put off I from the false legends of life.
A fruitfull rememberence,
Well,to fell this shed that nails,
Sometimes it will fumes to struggle for breath,
Another time it hides and show romancing shaows of desires,
Really it exist,
Falling tears of you tell,Iam afraid..
Well for you it is here with you.
I dont believe,
Impassive bright eyes of another propagate it...
Well,I could see you as a star above the flood waters in life..
It is beyond words,
Well so ,delete it from all widoms .
It is deep beyond and beyond....



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