Daily Revenue Report on DCLICK ( May 30, 2019 )

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This is a Daily Revenue Report on DCLICK.


  • $47.87 tokens has been issued today.
  • $37.42 votes have been given today.
  • 1084 clicks have occurred today.
  • Please check our FAQ if you need more information about revenue.
TOP Vote
time (utc)value ($)weight (%)url
05-30 12:053.79100.00Link
05-30 12:053.2686.05Link
05-30 12:052.3865.16Link
05-30 12:052.1960.14Link
05-30 12:052.0256.76Link
05-30 12:051.9655.12Link
05-30 12:051.8953.13Link
05-30 12:051.8852.79Link
05-30 12:051.8752.48Link
05-30 12:051.8351.41Link
05-30 12:051.8351.35Link
05-30 12:051.8255.07Link
05-30 12:051.8255.01Link
05-30 12:051.8154.76Link
05-30 12:051.8054.62Link
05-30 12:051.7753.51Link
05-30 12:051.7653.20Link
05-30 12:051.7553.11Link


  • We'd like to thank our 163 Sponsors who delegated 145862.163147 Steem Power.
  • Please check our FAQ if you need more information about delegation revenue.

Thanks for reading.

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