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The reward I am receiving is strongly influenced by the amount of my SP.
Actually I got heavy loss in the Steemit investment.
So the reward at this price is not so important for me.
I will power down my SP to reduce my reward.

What I want to do now is continuing my blog.
I admit that I'd like to upvote for my followers who support me in the old steem period.

But in this circumstance, it is impossible to continue my loyalty to my old friends.
@ranchorelaxo and @haejin, thank you for your support
But don't vote for me, please.
I don't want to be a battleground.

I want to continue my work.
I have studied Buddhist and traditional culture in Korea for 3 years.
Steemit was nice place for me to continue my daily job, even though it was not good for the investment.

I could find out many interesting things in the process of daily writing.
What matters than the price of Steem was the fact that Steem made me continue my daily writing after my retirement.

Please Don't upvote for me my friends, I can not vote for you.
I will vote at random. I will vote for small SP holders.

One thing we think is the way of newsteem movement.
If we force someone to stop writing blogs for the reward with mass downvote,
it is not different from the strongest censorship, in my guess.

I had joined Steemit 3 years ago for the vision of no-censorship blog.

Anyway, I'd like to continue my blog on my culture and history, if you permit.
Please wait for several weeks during powering down my SP.

If I am prohibited from writing in steemit, what should I do?


I read some comments that I should continue my posting!
No worries, friend! I will keep posting no matter how much reward I get.
Exploring Buddhist culture is a big part of my life, so I will never give up easily on that!

Powering down takes several weeks.
I might get high rewards continuously for 13 weeks until powering down complete.
However, I will keep post about my travel even though I will not get many rewards after several weeks.

Please, don't misunderstand that I quit my blog.


There's not much for me to add to what the other commenters have said here. Many of us have been hoping that people in your situation will draw from the reward pool less, and concentrate on more on raising the value of steem. You and some others have so much latent ability to do so through your stake, it's more sad to me than anything else when this potential isn't achieved. I believe that one of the primary methods we can all accomplish this is through supporting new and undervalued blogs, not by directing the majority of support to established orcas and whales. It's true there is value to individuals such as yourself holding large amounts of steem, but there is so much more value in getting more of the reward pool to smaller blogs to energize them to keep posting more content, and even possibly purchase more steem on the open market. Any number of the commenters here could help you both maximize your curation rewards, as well as your impact. I've always had the impression that you want to be a positive force, but it's easy for all of us to get locked into old patterns, and that's understandable. I would only suggest before making any hasty decisions, that you experiment with adjusting those patterns and see what happens. You might actually be pleasantly surprised.

vlemon answer to your lobby group

No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?

I'm his friend and I'm not even on the fucking list.

Your argument is invalid.

Edit: Just realized that isn't even @joshman's voting pattern. Gosh, wtf is this?

I guess we should all now vote only for you.

What's wrong? Can't stand that your friend is WRONG?

Wow, just wow. I wasn't even paying attention to that.

If you use these words in communication then you do not deserve to be a part of comments and blogs at all because we need professionals and cultural people.

I value this comment

You sound to me like the empty planet on steenit so far

Hey look, another sockpuppet account from the moron squad. It's steemit moron, not steenit. Thanks for the laughs, keep it up.

Screen Shot 20191106 at 7.08.54 AM.png

Thank you for intro


I don't think anyone wants to stop you from writing. Your posts and pictures are really nice, and the insights into Buddhism and your culture are very interesting! I don't know anyone who disagrees with that.

It's only the vote trading that triggered the downvotes. The rewards on steem are split into content and curation rewards for a reason. Your stake gives you the option to earn with curation, while the other half is intended to help other creators grow. If you are really serious with stopping the reciprocal voting and starting to support smaller authors I will take care that the downvotes I can control stop, right now.

Voting randomly is clearly not optimal, so if you find the time it would be awesome if you spent some time to look around for what you would consider good content and support those creators. There is a lot of spam, plagiarism and other unpleasant stuff, which makes that really time consuming. That's why I created curangel and delegate most of my stake to it. You probably have mostly seen it as leading the downvote trail that hit you, but the original intention behind it was a lot more about the curation (hence the name). We have a group of about 20 people looking around all day to find quality content which deserves support, and 80% of the rewards go to the delegators. The other 20% are for the curators, which are all small accounts themselves who are here for the content. There's no share for me or the other admins - it's all about supporting the creators and curators of content which may help steem to grow its userbase again.
Delegators have the option to submit posts which received bought or traded votes for downvotes, because that needs to stop for steem to be able to grow outside of the circles of friends of investors.

Of course you can power down and do with your steem whatever you like. I just want to show you that there's alternatives. As delegators to curangel, we still receive about 8% APR, and don't have to worry about what we vote - maybe that's an option for you too.

Whatever you decide to do with your stake, and that of your other accounts, please keep posting! Don't give up on this platform just because the long-established practice of selling and trading votes is finally not accepted by everyone any more. If we all work together to help newcomers grab a foot, all our values will rise a lot more than what you could have earned with rewards in the past while the price kept dropping.

vlemon answer to your lobby group

No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?

Nicely said

If you pretend to be a big whale at least act like it. Your street language that you use on steemit comments , I have no comment.
Vlemon gave good answer to your downvote and censorship lobby

Do you and your brainless turtle spammer friend know what the mute function is for? If you don't like my language, click on it, and you won't see it any more. Problem solved.

Comment upvoted as payment for the service I provide in your education.

The way I see , you are just a small whale who is still trying to get name up there with big established whales. It will take time and quality work. You are switching your rules in my opinion to get "bigger delegators" as you said in comment below.
@slowwalker was big whale and he is downpowering his steem power. His post is destroyed and nullified.
That is real shame.

No comment!

You generally don't know much, I'm aware, no need to tell me again and again.


Small unestablished whale out.

Thank you for response.
Vlemon gave answer to your lobby group
"No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?


Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?

If you do a little more research, you will see that those "15 people" are the ones Haejin/Ranchorelaxo constantly downvotes with both accounts at 100% regardless of the content. Most of those votes are to counter this childish behaviour.

I'm number 9 on that list. I think you can see why:
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 23.01.59.png

This has been going on for more than 2 months now and it's the same for most of the people on that list. Before then I never got a single vote from curangel, and I have no idea who is running the project, so your assertion that we're "friends" isn't true.

I suggest everyone calms down and think before they type these rants


Why don't you link to it, so people can read my answer directly where the question was asked?

Let me help you with that:

And I will upvote this comment. Dealing with idiots like you needs to be paid.

Your mode of communication is very rude and you are not a good example of communication and professionalism.

You only give downvotes to those who disagree with your opinion and that is censorship. @slowwalker is a great blogger and an example to everyone and you did everything to destroy him, shame.

I'm just tired of communicating nicely with professional dumbfuck spammers like your brainless turtle of a brother or your retardedness.

You fucking microwhales give the megawhales a bad name. All 19 of them!

You start small and you always stay small , actions determine success. Your downvote lobby is smaller and smaller. Now @slowwalker posts are destroyed by your lobby. Is this the plan to destroy small and megawhales like @slowwalker as whale by your abusive lobby group excessive downvoting

Members like you and @pharesim give whales bad name and reputation in this Steemit community Now when you destroyed and nullified with your censorship @slowwalker post . This is shame.
I am surprised that anyone wold like to vote that many votes for your @joshman 10 picture posts . There are many many better posts here and they only get .10 votes etc
Your Whale @pharesim Mostly votes over and over for same people as Vlemon gave answer to your lobby in his comment here

It's pretty cool that you white knight for the people that paid you steem to do so. You're literally dripping with credibility.

Screen Shot 20191105 at 11.07.30 AM.png

Thank you for kind words. @slowwalker is example of good bloggers, your 10 picture post get more rewards than some other good bloggers. What is next you will try to look in my Citi bank wallet next . You give bad reputation to steemit community with your censorship lobby

That's her money I owed her and she wanted me to pay her to Steem. The point here is to talk about principles that you obviously don't or don't want to see.

I was pleasantly surprised by changes made to steem once i got back after a while. The truth is there will always be two sides of interest but we as community nees to find a sweet spot. I as a content creator stopped creating content not for the rewards being too small, but for disproportion of rewards on bad content and content you could clearly see people put their hart, time and talent in. I allways liked content that @slowwalker posted and never gave it a second thought about his voting circle since i would receive a meaningfull upvote from him now and then.

As for the content discovery it is still quite hard and time consuming to find quality content since trending is more of a randon thing, search by topic or keywords still does not work you can search tags... Let's say i wanted to find skin retouching tutorials... bad luck. With the introduction of tribes i believe the majority started using tribe tags for obvious reasons.

I believe we will not see efficient curation until we have a proper content discovery mechanics.

Posted using Partiko Android

Please keep posting and stay on Steem. I enjoy looking at your daily posts. There aren't many English blogs sharing great photos of Korea.

I don't think you should vote for random. You should vote for blogs and posts you like or follow voting trails of people you trust and respect. It is your right and opinion.

If you don't want to get downvoted, it is important to discuss details with the people downvoting you, since it is their right and opinion, too. I guess they will stop if you have an understanding together.

I don't think you should power down. Try changing your voting style to see if you are happy with the results. The price of Steem is too low right now.

I think if everyone has a discussion, the community and atmosphere will improve. When SMTs arrive we will all be ready.

I agree with your opinion

Please continue your blogs @slowwalker, and even self-vote as you don't post that often. It's just the vote-trading to a large degree that many disagree with and it needs to go down. If we can get the average rewards even of the most popular people on Steem to some regular levels that look reasonable to outsiders Steem will still be one of the best platforms around compared to the peanuts people make on Medium and that other one I keep forgetting the name of where you can tip posts in different crypto.

Anyway, I love to hear that you will focus on curating smaller users, thank you for that! Distribution is important, there are coins like Stellar where they give away most of their supply and they still do well in marketcap. Steem is a different beast but we can only win if we stop focusing on our STEEM ROI but instead figure out how to increase the STEEM value.

vlemon answer to your lobby group

No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?

Instead of just commenting garbage at least have the decency to post a link to my upvotes so others can see without taking your useless words for granted:

Yes, 11% of my votes go to curators of OCD, especially since dumbasses like you have been retaliating on them due to OCDB downvotes and they are now barely making any rewards without my vote considering they are over 15 curators sharing the post rewards.

But please go on manipulating the comment order in this post with your 100% upvotes and downvotes as if readers are as braindead as you are not to see through it.

How much money the same people give you is exactly what you're supposedly fighting. How many different profiles you have, how many users are held in the same voting circle. Stop writing posts and have your lobby group support new users.
Now you are doing Power Down, surely it is a new tactic for you to be voted the same group of people as a successful blogger. As much money goes to you through various projects and votes, you honestly need to support the small users because all this is just your game.

These are the rewards I'm getting in 1 week from posting at least once daily, do you think they are too high for someone that hasn't just been vote-trading garbage in the past 2 years or only focused on their own blogs on Steem? For what it's worth I haven't asked for any of those upvotes or made vote-trading plans with them like you seem to be doing. Now I kindly have to ask you to stop replying to me and spamming this thread up as I don't have another second to waste to your useless existence.

So your an admitted circle jerker????

I agree with vlemon explanation

lol I just realized you're spamming that to everyone, I was thinking your english was just that broken that it was targeted at me, what the fuck are you doing?

Are you now censoring against non English speaking
This steemit is becoming more unfriendly by the minute because of members like you.
English is my second language. I am from Asia.
Do I have permission to continue to post on steemit.
My English not good heree.

There is no censorship on Steem, please get that through your thick skulls. Is that now a new thread you're all trying to pull cause I told dobartim that I can barely can understand him? Damn you must be running out of things to defend your awful activity with :(

For a moment, I thought that was @joshman's voting pattern. Then, I realized that he's full of crap.

It's a statistic done by vlemon, I want people to see the truth from the person who wrote it, that's why I'm posting his comment and it's not spam - you are bothered by those facts.

Facts provided by vlemon are really showing the real picture for all to see.
Thank you @vlemon

That is definitely spam and I couldn't give a shit what any of your circlejerking friends have to say about me, I sleep better than a baby at night considering my activity here on Steem while you're the one crying about downvotes, retaliating on minnows and shouting out censorship like a complete fucking moron. Now please fuck off, I asked you nicely once.

These words tell you who you are and what you are as a human being. The truth will always win and everything will come into its place.

Keep those ugly words to yourself, because you will eat them soon. The truth always wins and people are not stupid.

If you're people then some people sure fucking are. I don't usually use words like that to randoms but I know way too much about the kind of person you are, it shows even better considering your activity on steem than any words I could ever say. Now I'm going to mute you, call that censorship or whatever you do in your crazy world.

Are you surprised? I hardly agree with you @acidyo but here you have my total support!

As xpilar said in his comment. What is wrong if people have broken english like @slowwalker
You may wish good for steemit but your timing is off. Do you even read comment section related to @slowwalker english as our cool member from asia. He is using google translations, at least give him and other non english members,some respect for trying to use "broken" english so others can understand well their posts.
You try to be important here at least act like one.

I don't try to do shit, I do things and some may like it and some won't and I can't give two more shits about what you or your brother have to say and it's not my fault I can't understand half the shit you try to say since you're saying so fucking much trying to defend your shitshow.

Please just read comments related to broken english members like @slowwalker indicated in comments above. People are watching this.
Why are you using street level language here

I read your comment , I think you are trying to make steemit better platform . There ate good smart bloggers around. Just open your horizons.

I feel the same way. They are downvoting me and Specifically mentioning the reason is voting for you and then you voting for me. I have no idea whether you like my posts but I really like yours. I will not vote you anymore which is a shame and cancerous to Steemit in my opinion. I don’t blame you if you want t power done em and then dump coins when the prices rises a little, at least you will have them liquid to do so. This place has be come to centralized and a few dictators now decide who is god and who is bad because they have the power of massive delegates. It’s a shame because I feel people like me and you along with many others help keep this place alive with good content, not some bullshit activfit post or battle scores from drug wars or Steem monsters.....real content that helps bring users. Don’t vote for me anymore either because the fanboys will downvote both of us no matter what we do. I deleted every person on my voting bot, quit voting myself once a day and stay still hit my posts with downvotes. It’s a small group of people not control this platform. I actually think youtube is less centralized than Steemit right now. Good luck, I have considered powering down myself.

I agree with you

Slowwalker...this is a shame. I have been following you since I first began here over 2 yeara ago. I am no judge of quality or politics....I just love posts about real life. I am sorry that you recieved such a negative response from a formerly supportive community. I respect what others do with their stake no matter what it is. I encourage you to not power down your stake. Instead of powering down would you consider delegating to other communities? I am sorry to bring this to your comments and it sounds like I am selling something. Many communities could benefit, including the community that my wife and I have founded here on Steem. It is called Innerblocks @innerblocks. It is focused on first hand experiential content, and people owning their experience and building themselves. We have a curation team of over 10 people to curate content around the world, and are developing a custom frontend to join with an SMT. There are more great communities besides ours, and I hope you would consider delegation over powering down. Be well


One more whale is pulling out investments from steemit. Bravo downvote lobby.
Steemit is bottoming on alexa ranking, more people like this are being discouraged. More people are reading this and specially our members from Asia.
If they confirm this as censorship on bloggers freedom I will think on what side of steemit history you want to be.
This trailing downvotes together against one account like @slowwalker account in my opinion is massive abuse and spamming to his account. His account was attacked for weeks and months as bullying abuse of downvote.
I hope @slowwalker continues to be part of steemit community if downvote censorship lobby allows .
If you want change change software option of votes and just direct all rewards to few whales in power behind curtains.
If you support his choice to continue or not feel free to write your opinion
I support you @slowwalker to continue blogging

Maybe if you look at yourself first you would realize why people left Steem loooong before downvotes. Stop using your situation to create unreal panic.

You are getting downvoted for the reasons you really well know. Truth always find its way.

Posted using Partiko Android, you haven’t invested in steemit like others, @slowwalker, for example, invested his own funds and lost as he said in this post, and you remind me on a sewer rat creeping up the Parisian sewers, and still supporting the same ‘chronic envious lobby of azircon. That’s funny!

Your words have no meaning, literally.

I am here talking to your friend flysky and you come with the comment about slowwalker. da fuq xD

You abuse slowwalker and rest of good bloggers in steemit who comment here, about slowwalker, and all you talk about is YOURSELF and YOUR PERSONAL INTEREST! You only vote for people who vote for you. Are you supporting azircon and his negativity in steemit? This is not tweeter, this is steemit!

yes slowwalker is SOOOOOO abused by me now xD yeah, since I'm talking about myself only, I will stop and soon will write a post about you mmmm as you wish :)

You vote for yourself every single post over and over again

tells a lady who votes her every comment. Any mirrors around here?

Trailing downvote lobby nullifies @slowwalker and you taking credit and you are proud that another whale post is destroyed?? I have no words. truth is that steemit lost one big investor today who is downvoting due massive downvote abuse and trail bullying against his posts.
Solutions are beyond downvotes.
Lets work on them together as steemit community and as real non censorship decentralized platform.
Steem on
I am giving respect and support to @slowwalker free decision to continue blogging

As I said before, look at the mirror first.

I didn't say I am taking credit. I never downvoted slowwalker. Stop twisting my words just to change the topic.

It will not hide that you are spammer

This blog is about @slowwalker
Dont spam his post with your personal agenda
Against him. Write to him directly if you have something to say. Time to grow up here.
One more big whale is downvoting his steem power .
And you are proud that his post is nullified destroyed because of downvoting lobby abuse.
We are here to express support or not to his
Opinion and decision.
I support @slowwalker to continue blogging

This is a reply on your comment. I thought you understand this...

Are you even reading my replies or you are just attacking without arguments hoping that we are all kids and stupid and that we will believe what you say????

Now I understand why you are tagged as a spammer here.

Posted using Partiko Android

I hope you will at least respect @slowwalker posts if you have no respect for free decentralized platform

You are like a broken record. Enjoy your own world.

Posted using Partiko Android

Downvoting; because you are a registered spammer @flysky.

You know what; on second thought; I will wait 24 hours to let people see your incoherent comment and then I will downvote your comment :)

Did you even read this post.

Trailing downvote lobby nullifies @slowwalker and you taking credit and you are proud that another whale post is destroyed??
I support @slowwalker decision to continue blogging

azircon, you are so envious and destructive to steemit community, because of people like you, steemit will never grow! You are a hindrance to steemit’s success! You should be BLOCKLISTED coz of your downvotes to GOOD BLOGGERS, and bringing with you your trails of spineless friends who cannot decipher your bad motive to steemit.

@slowwalker. This is really good to hear that you are considering new ways. You are trying to break from your circle that you created over multiple years. Admission is hard; rest is easy.

I enjoyed your writing over the years but never liked the vote trading. So even though I liked your content, I nominated you for downvoting. I am glad I don’t have to do that any more. Hopefully.

I have substantial stake in steem now. And I plan on increasing my stake substantially if people in the platform are creative and understand decentralized governance. Because without governance we have no hope. If people like you change your ways, vote for small users, follow a curation trail, not only you will help the steem blockchain but will earn a good 7-8% passive income for your stake. If anyone wants more that’s greed.

Now if some of your followers like @dobartim @broncnutz @oldstone (which is you) @vlemon @kingscrown etc follow your footsteps; we will move collectively in the right direction. I can easily bring in more investment (real ones; not the puny things which we call stakes here) which will help with creativity and innovation.

Let’s hope 2020 will be good to us!! Cheers!!

Apologies for upvote but this @flysky is a pest ;)

I hope you take time and read @slowwalker question.

Trailing downvote lobby nullifies @slowwalker posts and you taking credit and you are proud that another whale post is destroyed??

Does steemit community allows him to continue blogging?
I do.
Do you?

Had to vote for this since this member silenced it by massive downvote again.

Is it simply bad because a "whale post is destroyed" or "just a post"? Are you considering content of a whale more important versus content of someone that is writing an in-depth post by heart investing e.g. 3 hours and to land at 30 cents - someone that might be new here and not a whale? Someone that might add much more quality but simply has not the connections to whales?

so is it more important to protect people that are whales vs onboarding new talents that create absolutely fantastic content? Tell me!

Do posts from like this has a value of $ 10 each? Many of these posts are supported instead of quality posts from new users and there is a psychological inconsistency.

We all want Steem to grow, the number of users to increase, but when downvotes are used by a group of people who vote for the same people or the same people vote for them, then the number of users cannot increase.
So the whole support system is unrealistic, the point is to create a new model and rules that will be a combination of business and social network.

Instead of increasing website traffic now, traffic is dropping. New users see empty posts, see that many quality posts have no reward, and then quit writing.

Steem production should be stopped instead of downvote. It is better to introduce a rule as a software solution that you can vote once a day for yourself or 10% in total, that you can give the same people 100% once a week, etc.

I wrote a lot of posts about it but I got downvotes, everyone repeats only downvotes as an ideal solution and we all sink with it. He gets some downvotes and then he get an offer to give them Steem Power, so that's a really appropriate proposal.

When small users are so protected when they are so important, why no one ever asks them what they suggest is good for all of us. We need to be consistent with our words, leaders always show with their personal example and I do not see honest leadership or real and good solutions in the team that presents itself for the main characters.

Ugly words and attacks will not do any good to anyone, so only we can together make this place an oasis for all users, bloggers, investors.

It is important for us to understand that no one wants to lose money, everyone wants it to grow, but it is not fair that the main players look for excuses by convincing others that someone is bad and the same people are doing much worse things.

xD maybe if you clicked and saw what's on those posts maybe you would know do they deserve that much :D But, that's too much for you, I get it. Your funny attacks are nothing but funny ;)

Thank you for mentioning me my dear, what voting pattern do I have with slowwalker?
I am thinking of leaving anyway, this has been ridiculous, I could t upvote people publishing once of day of which I liked their content.
Do I earn a lot of rewards ? Nope but still you would like to target me.
All the best dear KGB.

This is a shame what they do

Your pattern is a case for its own. Over 75% of your voting goes towards 6 people, including yourself. You're not doing anything to support the bigger community, so feel free to leave, you won't be missed.


No votes are going to broncnutz and cryptopassion anymore so you can cross this out. I like jrcornel posts so yes I upvote. Then you have my self votes which I think is still okay isn’t it ?
So you have 25% left on 3 people and the rest on other people. 75% of my upvotes away not through autovotes (taking away my own posts) is still not enough?

75% of your upvotes go to 15 people ! What about your split ? And you get Steem from being a witness so you don’t need to upvote yourself.

Do you think it is fair to give 75% of your upvotes and witness rewards to 15 people most of which are your friends or projects such as @curangel ?


Now it makes sense.
Vlemon i agree with you.
I would be ashamed to be part this kind of witness. They only support each other to gain rewards mainly for their circle.
@slowwalker was in their way. Look now where his posts are. They are getting destroyed and nullified by same downvote and censorship lobby.

My upvotes are automated to counter retaliation downvotes, and if those aren't enough I follow curangel (where the major part of my stake is delegated to - it would be everything if I wouldn't need to counter those). So it's up to those retaliating who I vote for. Its also not adding anything to the rewards of these posts.

You can like jrcornel posts without giving him more rewards than 10 other people combined.
I personally consider one self vote a day, 10%, as acceptable. If you change your voting pattern as significantly as you say, i will take care that you won't get any more curangel downvotes. 25-30% for yourself and your friends is the line I draw when figuring if I deny a downvote or not.


I am from Asia too. Are you destroying my posts as well. how can you be proud to destroy @slowwalker posts. That is not right.This is censorship supported by you @azircon
Beware of this member @azircon he might be working for another crypto platform . this should be verified by @steemit owners . He destroyed my posts. He follows big downvote lobby group and destroys best bloggers in steemit because of his non creative and jealously towards good bloggers. He doesn’t even have posts he just follows around and destroy creative bloggers.

You can see link below



This is so funny, you put yourself in the role of the Gods. You ruin the whole Steem because you are the first to vote for the same people, there is no democracy here.

If you dont like @slowwalker post just mute it, dont censor it with your downvote abusive lobby.
Option mute is available.

Do you work for this platform ?
Why to censor this good blogger @slowwalker and zeroed his posts. It doesn't make sense.
What happened here in last two years. Is this steemit we all joined long long time ago.

It's a shame this had to come to this. I hope those flaggers are happy to lose a whale investor like yourself, I suppose you'll be selling your STEEM, let's see how happy they'll be when the price goes down because of it. Last thing we need is whales quitting.

It's a marginal consequence to the overall effect: the price goes down but someone is buying that Steem either way. This "investor" still refers to Steem as Steemit, talk about disregard for the basics, plus they think they are censored.. on here.

Lol. You were fast to call out flaggers but arent so quick to point out how nonsensical and dumb this post is.

He doesnt care about money yet minds a few a flags he gets because he trades votes.
He says he wants to continue posting as if someone is stopping him from doing so.

Instead of just stopping circle jerking he does a hissy fit that makes no sense.

But the flaggers suck thought, right?

The same lobby group do the same and worst things with votes. The same people vote for.the same people, this is totaly against the truth and logic.

If they vote for the same people then they are just as bad as you guys. It doesnt make you right though.

When you invite your child to be a part of Steemit, your wife, brother and family to invest money, then it is normal to support them. There is no logic in voting random for new users unless there are such rules that whales do not post, that voting is restricted - that you can vote the same person once a week, etc.

The very logic of the social network is disturbed because this is a combination of business and social network. But when someone propagates something new and does not do it themselves, or says that it is the only good option to give downvote then it is not good for any user.

We need to find the right and better solutions, everything else is a struggle for power and this is what is discussed here in the post.

There is no censorship, and you are not "prohibited from writing" whatsoever.

You are also not guaranteed rewards. You may get rewards if a consensus of stakeholder voters think your content is worth rewarding. You may get less or no rewards if they don't.

Either way you are welcome to continue posting.

Is this possibly a reason steem will not succeed? People with high SP can just downvote whoever they choose.


Dear Slowwalker, first of all I would like to thank you for supporting me and the steemians who is supporting steemit continually just to keep blogging and commenting! We want to support steemit always, money or no money, we will enjoy the posting, sharing to steemians whatever we can. You are a ‘Great Supporter to Steemit’, you have a big heart for the cause and for the follower and supporters of steemit. Please don’t mind this people who come to steemit who are ‘greedy’, and want only to enrich themselves! They want to destroy steemit, who knows maybe they are supporting another coin and wants to enrich themselves here in steemit and discourage steemians from supporting steemit, and I call the group headed by ‘azircon, nemo435 (his other name), ‘Chronic Envious Personalities’, they couldnt be creative enough, that’s why they want to slowdown the ‘Best Steemian like yourself’ and the rest of the Creative Bloggers in Steemit! I will always be there to enjoy your blogs which is educational to all! I will always support creative bloggers and steemit! All the best Slowwalker!

Hi @slowwalker

I started to follow you because you published an article about your mother and her paintings, this article is very heartwarming and I love it.This should have happened two or three years ago, I started following your post after that. And I especially enjoyed and learned a lot from your series on Buddhism.

I have read almost every article you have written, but since English is not my native language, it is difficult for me to make some comments. But I still think we're good friends, at least I think we are.

I set up automatic upvote to your posts, but I never expected a return, nor did I care about the gain or loss, just because I like it. Although sometimes I'm happy when you upvoted on my posts.

I hope you to stay here, continue to produce excellent work just like before. We can't please everyone, It doesn't matter.

Maybe one day I will be under pressure not to automatically upvote your post, but I hope we will always be friends.

When I can't vote for whom I like, When I can't vote for myself, when bloggers say "don't vote for me, so I don't get flags" that means there is no democracy but dictatorship which is against law. Why some bloggers like vote for himself and don't flag Him? If selfvoting is prohibited than "flag him" also. If You flag him for selfvoting than I will believe You are righteous but if You don't than this is called VIOLENCE. Someone can get health problems because of Your constant pressure...

This what is happening on Steemit is called violence, threatening & is crime.

When You force somebody to do something what You want Him/Her to do ( and He/Her is not doing anything contrary to Steemit policy ) according to law is called violence & violence is against Human rights...

Screenshot_20191103-125246_Samsung Internet.jpg

I just checked. It is correct. This guy votes over and over for his own post. This is going on for long period of time. And every post.How so that he is not on downvote trail.
I guess downvote lobby is playing favours and destroying good honest bloggers like @slowwalker instead.
When I see downvote lobby downvoting this member I will believe in their mission.

I definitely agree with you. If censorship downvote lobby is downvoting @slowwalker I think for this member they should apply the same rule coherently. Good point here.

Because you STILL don't understand self voting is NOT prohibited. It is EXCESSIVE self voting and circle jerking that is what's wrong on this blockchain. Decentralize your voting, simple as that.

Keep on attacking me with your family and friend. Maybe one day you find some arguments.... When you do your research.

I benefited many times from your support. I know you are a good whale and person with integrity. Your blog is consistent and interesting. You should do whatever you deem right with your SP, not what others want. Thanks a million for your kindness, support, and encouragement.

P.S. Don’t stop blogging!

No one should tell you whom to vote.
Keep posting.

Hi there. I think it's great that steem allowed you to keep writing day after day for three years, congratulations on that one, not a lot of people can say that about themselves.

So, you will start powering down instead of staying powered up and voting for other people? After months and years of getting rewards (at what price point did you bought steem by the way?) you decide you no longer want to keep writing just because your rewards are going down?

You just said rewards are not important for you, but you decide to power down once you see your rewards go down? 🤔

Nobody is prohibiting you from writing on Steem...

Again, it's good to see that after a long time you have decided to vote on other people, that is really the new steem way! Sad that you are powering down but it's good news you are spreading your votes.

Let me know what exchange you'll be using to sell, so I can be there to buy it all.

Dear @anomadsoul

you decide you no longer want to keep writing just because your rewards are going down?

I think you're mistaken here. It has more to do with feeling of being targeted.

It seem to me that most people who will face mass downvotes will feel hopeless and forced to power down.

Yours, Piotr

If you set it this way, anyone with $ 100 will be able to do it, when the Steem value is 0..0001 $

Great offer, since you're so fair and honest then buy my Steem. Just pay me the price I invested, which is an average of $ 1.12.

That is a shame. This is the third whale I know that is leaving Steem this week.
I think the harrassment worked out.
Steemit is looking more and more like Golos imho. All the best slowwalker.

I really don’t understand why anyone would use massive downvote power to nullify post from @slowwalker
@slowwalker I really support you to continue blogging. Don”t be discouraged by downvotes. We are all learning here and we should all support one another for steemit to be real decentralized platform.
I read many many positive comments here. I am proud to be part of steemit.

I have no idea why anyone would downvote you.
When you invested everyone voted around freely for years.
I will not vote because downvoting lobby is putting censorshio on my choice whome I vote.
I am becoming afraid to vote for you because now they will downvote my post
I will resteem your post at least they didn't censored that option.
Resteem your post.

To @slowwalker and anyone else trying to spread big votes down below.

These are two posts past payout that give you some ideas of how to help little fish without spending all day on the chore. Curation is not easy, no matter how you do it.

Whale Tip! How to Curate Contests on STEEM and Help Small Bloggers Grow

Whale Tip! Vote for Pre-Curated STEEM Posts

Unfortunately, on Steem, a post is more appreciated and gets more attention if it gets higher rewards/upvotes and there is a valid reason behind this thinking, most of the people have been mainly attracted towards Steem to get rich or to get handsome pay outs or if we think it not at the extreme but moderately then to earn an average income and it is still possible but that's another discussion.

My point is, other than above mentioned concept, Steem is a place where anyone can write whatever he/she wants within, IMO, ethical limitations and it could be a master piece even if it doesn't get higher rewards.

I read your post, either you are biggest winner or biggest loser on steemit. You can't be both. History of steemit will tell us . So far you have good blogging skills.
But if you say @pharesim and lobby does censorship of your posts.!
Than why downpowering sp. You should stay and help steemit community grow out of this.
Steemit is excellent platform.
I support your blogging.

I love your posts, having been to Korea and actually some of those spots you've picture I can say you do wonders for the silent lurker who is a fan of the art. Your posts will be useful for years to come and I have no idea why anyone is downvoting you, you clearly invested more than most in Steem. Keep doing what you do.

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Hello, I just joined today, what are you talking about ? Is upvote to someone here that valuable?

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, if You are new and don't write what they say to You, and dont upvote whom they say You to upvote, You will be flagged/downvoted...

You voted one of my post and I got downvoted straight to 0. Please stop 🛑 !
And this is the only post you upvoted for the past month.

Shame, this is a totally wrong strategy and way of promotion!!!

This is lovely. Checked out some of your posts and they were pretty awesome. Would love to see many more of you. Resteeming right away.

It's good to hear you are going to keep posting I really enjoy checking out what you post it would be so sad to see you leave. I hope you enjoy your day 👍🏾

You can always earn $TTU crypto coins sharing your Photography on TATATU.... no investment required. I already earned 5,000 TTU ($1,300 USD) This week sharing my photography from Canada. You also earn TTU watching movies...


Hello my friend @slowwalker consider your decision before doing something wrong.. I would like to offer one option to you instead of power down. Delegate your Steem Power to @project.hope this is an incredible community and the founder of this project is @crypto.piotr he can explain more about this and actually you can take your trip traveling in the world while your money is moving every single day in this project.

Consider to visit

And make your smart decision my friend.

The best for you..!!

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Thank you @edgarare1 for your kind words, however I don't think that @slowwalker is in right state of mind to consider supporting any project with his delegations.

It's just so awful what's happening around this user right now :(

Hello my friend @flysky

Yeah, you right, it is. Take your time my friend to check the info and contact the founder @crypto.piotr

Posted using Partiko iOS

hi @flysky

Perhaps I could recommend checking out our project website. I only made desktop version so far (I'm not tech savvy):

I would appreciate if you would share what's your impression and if it's quite clear what we're trying to achieve. Feedback is what I appreciate the most.


Thank you.
I will do. This post now is for @slowwalker blog
Thank you again.

Very interesting

@slowwalker, I am saddened by what appears to be a concerted effort by a few to sabotage anyone or group.
I do not post for the sake of gain, but rather I post for somethings that seem important to me. Yours are one of the few I have read and appreciate and I thank you. I do not have any SP(?) so, I can't up/down vote and make it worthwhile.
I hope that you keep writing as I mentioned I enjoyed reading when I come here. Many thanks and never give up! Mitch

Heya @slowwalker - I was thinking a lot whether I should add a comment or not here - simply because it would maybe get me into flags from both sides (or better three sides) but anyway.

It would be a shame to lose you. Your topics are interesting, the rewards per post might be too high compared to other content creators but this is a community and obviously you create a fanbase of people you exchange help. All the others that downvote benefit from the same attitude.

While I am not a fan at all of the downvote regime towards anyone using a bid bot by @acidyo and also @pharesim I certainly appreciate the point they come from. Both try to do sth for the community, if I like this or not it might help but at least they have a stand now.

I do not need to love all their actions to still have respect towards them - personally I like both of them, also @anomadsoul.

What striked me a bit here was that you get support with spam comments by a certain group I had some discussion nearly two years ago which is the family of shit posters around @dobartim @aidasfg7 and @flysky. When I had some flag engagement with them some good folks warned me to not take it to the next level as these guys are not only spammers and shit poster but also dangerous. Hence I stopped.

Following the comments on that post really shocked me again - no one with a usuall mindset could even consider to take these guys srious no matter how much SP they have now, not asking how. So in a nutshell I like your approach to vote smaller people here but please keep your SP for that and stop voting shit.

Just to ask you something , what is the meaning of this .

just want to understand better your point.

First of all, we don't know, secondly, your comment has nothing to do with the nature of this post, it is clear that you have been indoctrinated by the same people who attack the slower and us. I do not understand who you are to judge whose post is good and which is not. It is clear to me that most people who give minuses speak German, but I do not want to believe that this has anything to do with national backgrounds.

Everyone has the right to talk what he thinks, to write what he wants, to bring his friends and to invest in Steem. I do not vote on a national basis, I honestly do not belong to any lobby group and I respect all those who write something.

If I liked your posts I would certainly vote for them, and I guess it's normal for me to support one post from my wife, my brother and my son? If you don't like my post then don't comment because your inappropriate comments have nothing to do with my posts or this post.

Think more with your head and if you want to tell me something you can find me on discord. I love the slowalker, his posts and he doesn't have to vote on my post for a cent, but I'll always vote for him.

Hiya - so your circle of voting is wife, brother and son? Good to know - all understood, hence I still think anyone else here has the right to comment whatever they want and in terms of voting (I have not downvoted anything of you) anyone has to do what they feel fits to their mind - some do it to protect reward pool, some with other reasons.

I also appreciate slowwalker a lot!

What you mean? By whom?

it is clear that you have been indoctrinated by the same people who attack the slower and us. I do not understand who you are to judge whose post is good and which is not.

Well, isn't this a free zone without censorship, why you call me out as inappropriate? And you consider Germans or German speaking guys to be the downvoters - I certainly can tell Germans are not very top on that.

If you don't like my post then don't comment because your inappropriate comments have nothing to do with my posts or this post.

I am not god but everyone can judge what they like, agree? No matter which deals and cooperations they have with big boys and girls! I could become a whale here within a minute immediately - but I still have this naive mindset of the platform become a good community by itself - this requires great members, great Apps and on the platform side also good content (while I am not sure this is the deciding factor of the steem blockchain to become successful).

I do not understand who you are to judge whose post is good and which is not.

Quality bloggers, users, investors and applications should be supported. Unfortunately, in practice, this does not happen. Also, I did not give you a downvote, everyone has the right to express their opinion but not in the way of offending anyone. The point is positive and good communication as a basis for the development of society.

Schön @uwelang das du dich doch ( d.d.d.d. ) entschlossen hast deine Meinung und Ansichten hier auszudrücken. Denn jeder hat das recht zu Sprechen….. nun ja auch auf die Gefahr hier unter die Räder der 2 oder auch 3 Seiten zu kommen. Ich hatte die gleichen Gedanken…. Soll ich oder soll ich lieber nicht schreiben…… Aber du kennst das Ja


My experience with @slowwalker or how @Art-venture project came to live


And one more thing .... @dobartim I can not hear anymore that the Germans are always responsible for everything, or are behind every conspiracy in this world. I live in Scotland with my family and no ...we are not responsible for the Brexit :-)

I wish you all a nice week ....really
@stef1 @art-venture @myskye

I love you, I have a lot of German friend - See you on the top.

I love your posts, please continue to share your history!

This makes me sad! You should continue to blog if that is your desire. I am on Steemit still to comment when I can. A lot of days I am too busy to do that. I only have time to upvote on those days. Good luck and sending you hope for peace and healing in your life. God Bless You!

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One thing we think is the way of newsteem movement.
If we force someone to stop writing blogs for the reward with mass downvote,
it is not different from the strongest censorship, in my guess.

It really is totally different from the strongest (form of) censorship. The strongest form of censorship is preventing someone from publishing anything. That is the strongest form of censorship in existence. Steem has nothing of the kind.

Disagreement on rewards has always been an officially sanctioned reason for downvoting. Stakeholders collectively decide how much any given post should be worth in rewards. The #newsteem movement that was given rise following the adoption of the Economic Improvement Proposal two months ago has made use of the free 2.5 full downvotes available to each account. In my opinion, the result has been a drastic improvement of content quality in Trending.

That said, I have seen cases retaliatory auto-downvoting that has totally wiped out the earnings of some Dolphin-sized upstanding bloggers on Steem. That is reprehensible. The community should step up and heal those accounts immediately. Your situation is completely different as your rewards are still in the tens of dollars per post.

You say your rewards are proportional to your stake. Your rewards are still pretty good even after the downvotes. Another way to earn content rewards in addition to author rewards is curation rewards. Your stake is so large that you have a good chance of earning good curation rewards under EIP that introduced the 50/50 split between authors and curators. Because you're a whale, you will be able to earn several dollars with the click of a button if you have liked a post you have just read.

Do go on posting about Korean history and Korean temples. There absolutely nothing wrong with your posts per se. Because they have been exceptionally well rewarded, they have regularly appeared in Trending for years. That has drawn some downvoting simply because people have differing opinions on how rewards should be distributed, large ones in particular. In spite of the downvotes, your author rewards have still been very good. By curating content you find valuable, you have an excellent opportunity to do your part in making the whole platform more valuable while making pretty good money doing so. Your stand a lot to gain from that since your stake is still very large. Good luck!

That is nicely said. Censorship in fact. The reason why it is , is the fact that downvote lobby specifically go after people of their choice. You can see for example how they destroyed oldest bloggers post of @slowwalker if you check his post it was abused by negative mentions and massive sp downvotes months and months by same group of lobby group.