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In the corner of Bongeunsa Temple, there is a stone statue of Mireuk(Maitreya) Buddha, which is about 2-30 meters high.
It doesn’t seem old, but it already has become famous.



What I first noticed was that people praying in front of that statue.
On the stone floor, people were bowing down and praying.


Each culture has a slightly different perspective on religion.
Korean religion seeks the blessings of life rather than the salvation of the afterlife.
In particular, people often wish for good luck in their families.
Many Korean Christian often wish for happiness in life rather than salvation in the afterlife.

Mireuk(Maitreya) Buddha has a unique meaning in Buddhism.
Mireuk(Maitreya) is believed to be born Buddha in the future and save the world.
Therefore, Mireuk is sometimes called Future Buddha.
Although Mireuk is called the Buddha of the future, the world he will save is not the afterlife, but living life.
Mireuk is believed to solve our life difficulties.
So faith in Mireuk was especially active when the world was in trouble.

It was recently made, so there wasn't much to see from an artistic point of view.
In the past, the stone statue was made by hand, so the mason's skill and artistry were important.

Now they are all very cut neatly by machine.
The surface of the stone was smooth, but there was not something in it that touches the soul.

Underneath the Mireuk statue, there were warriors on the eight sides to prevent bad energy.



Usually, the four heavenly kings are well known, but it was the first time to see warriors engraved on eight sides.
I don’t know what warriors mean correctly.



Around Mireuk Buddha, various Buddha statues were put up in a semicircle.
There were many small statues among them.

It is for sure that the world is better to live than in the past.
However, the large size of the Mireuk statue implies that our lives are still difficult.
Perhaps our lives are mentally harder than materially.


@slowwalkernim, aniong haseyo!
2nd pic isangeyeo ..

aniong haseyo!! Thank you for your comment! :)

Good post, very interesting I liked. Of course a little is not clear, but it's nothing. And thanks to the author. Now I will follow his posts. like and repost

Thank you so much! I'll try to be better! :)

Super photo click and good post dear @slowwalker

Thank you so much!! :)

That was a new thing I learnt that Mireuk(Maitreya) Buddha is a Buddha for future, I believe many would probably seek for the blessing before doing any important steps in their life. I can imagine that many parents will pray for their children to get them blessed too.

The statue is huge and also you are there are some people praying, nice that they can have their moment for themselves, to gather their thoughts and to be for a moment one to one with that heavenly moment to get that feeling of blessing and relief.

Beautiful view.thanks for represent.

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Hi slowwalker
Very nice picture
Greetings from Germany
🙂😇 😇🙂
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Hola @slowwalker, excelente post… Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de disfrutar de tus experiencias, Feliz día…

Hello @slowwalker, excellent post... Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your experiences, Happy day...

Thank you so much! Have a great day :)

Great to see that statue of buddha and the work done there way before incredible stuff

Thank you for coming by :)

beautiful all dear

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Thank you! Have a nice day :)

Greetings @slowwalker,

When I started reading your post, I was wondering about the significance of the name Buddha Mireuk (Maitreya). It should not surprise you that Christians expect the return of Christ and Jews the appearance of the messiah. It seems as if these religions will point to the same person who has to come to solve the problems of humanity.

The truth is that art represents such beliefs giving it a visible expression of its god or gods. Something of importance must have.

In particular, I believe in a God invisible to the human eye and impossible to represent. How can the finite conceive the infinite and eternal? We can only intuit it if the same divinity allows it. The rest are fables that man has invented from his remote past.

Thank you for sharing your posts, they are quite interesting.

Each religion has a messiah. People in each culture have found a savior to save them from suffering.
As you mentioned, God is invisible. I guess that people made visible statue to rely more on God. Thank you for your comment! Have a nice day :)

Handmade art has always artistic value and beautiful to watch which touch the heart. We are missing something due to modernisation and dependency on machine. However, nice pictures like always.

Thank you! Handmade art takes a lot of time and effort, so the artist's soul is in the art piece. I think we should treasure those arts!

Rightly said. Thanks.

Beautiful temple.

@slowwalker, Maitreya Buddha Statue In Bongeunsa most tremendous statue with height. Seems like newly built on. Yeah. I believe each religion has various perspective on religion. Korean Buddhism has various thing than Sri Lankan Buddhism. Here's prospective is he salvation of the afterlife. Also hope to be happiness sometimes. But we believe Maitreya Buddha will be born in the future. Those warriors seems very roud and dangerous look. That was very deserve. But here's no heaven kings as you said.

Sri Lanka and Korean Buddhism have a common concept in Maitreya! In Korean Buddhism, Maitreya is believed to be born in the future and save the world.

Thank you always :) Have a nice day!!

Oh they got a lot!

There were so many Buddha statues :)

What good content and good photographs, I would like to know the name of the camera friend.?

I use olympus pen-f !! :)

@slowwalker Hey, thanks for sharing the info regarding Buddha statue!!! It was really nice reading it all!!! Thanks good luck =)

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I gave you upvote 💯 and resteem your posting

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Thank you so much! Have a nice day :)

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