Witness Update #5 Davinci meet Utopian

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Greetings all from @davinci.witness !

We have decided to follow the announcement made by @utopian-io regarding the Crowdin translations. We are pleased to announce that the @Davinci.Witness will collaborate with @utopian-io for the resumption of the translations. The objective of our collaboration is to improve the quality of the translations of Open Source projects and ensure continuity in the workflow. We will introduce proofreading of translations and a system of pre-approved translators supervised by a team of language moderators.

image made by @pab.ink

How to get involved:

  1. Join discord server Davinci Discord.
  2. Enter the room #welcome chat and introduce yourself specifying your native language, adding it in you nickname (for example: yournickname[Italian] ).
  3. One of our language moderators will assign you a temporary role and ask you some further questions.

The roles available are: DaVinci Translator and Davinci Language Moderator (LM), if you wish to become a translator look for the LM of your language you will be asked to join a specific language room as a translator candidate. If instead you wish to become a Language Manager, let us know and you will be contacted via direct message by one of our Community Language Moderator.

DaVinci Translator - DaVinci Language Moderator


@davinci.witness: This witness was created with the idea of generating high quality projects with the aim of fostering interactions between international communities.

Currently, we have four projects:

  • @davinci.polyglot: This project started to satisfy a need. On the steem blockchain we have multilingual communities, and we want to enable users to broaden their audiences by offering reliable translation services. You can check our introduction post here and see in some translated works on the blog.

  • @davinci.times, DaVinci Times is a scientific report. It offers about 5 weekly posts and a Sunday summary. It brings articles, publications and innovative discoveries to the attention of the common user. Every day, it rewards a user who has distinguished themselves with a high quality post.

  • @davinci.art DaVinci Art is our most recent project. We feel It is extremely interesting and useful to incentivize the creation and release of images/artworks to the public domain. On this team you will find talented artists willing to draw custom images for a discounted price if these images are released to the public domain. However, users may also commission images privately for an exclusive use. You are welcome to read the post. You can also view the work of the artistic team in four languages here on the blog. If you are an artist or interested in asking for a custom artwork or design, DaVinci Art is what you’ve been looking for.

  • @itastem is a weekly column that showcases and summarizes the best scientific posts of the Italian community, supported by the SteemStem group.

To support the posts taken care of by our trail you can join by signing on to steemauto and following davinci.vote. This trail will follow the links posted to the the discord room #curation-itastem; all the voted posts are public. You will be able to modulate the percentage you assign us, leaving you adequate voting power.

Thanks for the support and vote for us as a witness!


Davinci Witness


Utopian Witness


Awesome, i never heard about this till now. Joinging your discord group now maybe i could assist

now is ok.

Great stuff... i love this idea...

WOW! Great news this is indeed.