Translations are coming back to Utopian. Get involved today!

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The team is happy to announce the relaunch of the translations category! We’re looking forward to incentivizing the localization of Open Source projects via Crowdin by our international community of contributors who’ve been patiently (but eagerly) waiting for the translations category to be made available.


From its inception, the translations category was the most active category on This is unsurprising considering the global and multinational nature of the Steem blockchain. The sheer volume and diversity in contributions made it impossible to moderate while maintaining a standard of quality to be of value to FOSS projects. For that reason, we were forced to pause activity in that category.

After months of intensive planning, negotiating, and reiterating the guidelines and procedures for the category, we are finally ready to resume incentivizing top quality translations submitted to FOSS projects via the CrowdIn translation platform. We hope this will help engage the diverse and multinational community of professional translations already on, as well as attract new translation professionals to the Steem blockchain and

Collaboration with The Davinci Initiative

Part of the mission is supporting initiatives that bring value to innovation on the Steem blockchain and beyond it. We do so by using the power entrusted with us by our sponsors to grow the number of curators committed to our mission.

With that in mind, and with the need for a professional and scalable solution to the issue of the translation category moderation, has entered a collaboration with the DaVinci Localization Curation Initiative.

Meet DaVinci

DaVinci is a curation initiative (and Steem community witness) aimed to provide quality translations to valuable content posted to the Steem blockchain. Comprised of a team of professional translations, and managed with well structured organizational hierarchy, the DaVinci team will have full ownership of the management of the translations category of This includes on-boarding verified translators, managing moderation and scoring the translations made via the CrowdIn platform by contributors.

The team at DaVinci are being onboarded and guided on workflows and policies, and are being equipped with all the tools and resources necessary to make this collaboration a success on all fronts.

Want to become a translator with Utopian & DaVinci? Here’s How!

Unlike the previous translations workflow on, the new workflow will require whitelisting and pre-approval of all translators whose contributions may be considered for reward.

To ensure everyone is rewarded fairly, DaVinci employs a unique rewarding system that splits the beneficiary rewards between (5%) and the DaVinci initiative (10%).

To get whitelisted with and DaVinci as a pre-approved translator, you should apply on the DaVinci Discord server.

Languages Accepted (more languages will be added in the next weeks):

Greek Category Rewards

Valid translations submitted via CrowdIn and posted on, will enter the queue to receive an upvote from @utopian-io according to the score assigned by DaVinci moderators. The maximum voting cap for the category is set at 25%.

To ensure the reviews are transparent, fair and the reward is proportional to effort and quality, the DaVinci team were provided a customized scoring system developed by Utopian in coordination with the core team at DaVinci.

Submissions Opening!

The DaVinci team will start reviewing your applications immediately. Actual contributions in the category are scheduled to be started on 17th of June 2018!

Get Translating!

As soon as your application is accepted by the DaVinci initiative team, you can start translating your favorite FOSS projects with CrowdIn and submitting them to for potential reward. To enable that, we’ve published, an editor based on the awesome one, that will allow you to do just that.

Get in touch with DaVinci Discord server right now and let’s localize some awesome Open Source projects!


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We are happy to be able to work with the @utopian-io organization, it is an honor for us to have received the trust of @elear and his team. We are waiting on our server discord to organize the start of the project, you are many and this gives us great pleasure. A short presentation post will also be out soon.

This is great news! I might apply for translating some open source projects once you add Norwegian to the list :)

I hope Indonesia language will be added as soon as possible :)

I'm happy to see this category online once more! It got closed when i tried to contribute for the first time ( how lucky i'm, no? haha ). But i wish to see my language ( persian ) in the list to start what i do best :)

Best regards utopian

We are happy as well. We look forward seeing much more languages on the list so that more contributors can join.

Mosr awaited catagory. Nice to hear.Longing for




Hope to see URDU in the list of accepted languages soon.

After months, finally @utopian-io returned with translation category.
We will try to learn it.

I love translate, it's a hobby for me, thank you Utopian for reward the persons than contribute to the Open Source proyects ^^

Finally! Good news for all translators.
Waiting to see Russian and Ukrainian language in the list;-)

Great!! :D I've been waiting for this. Thank you @utopian-io!!

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