A project to encourage the release of art to the public domain

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What is DaVinci Art?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where looking for images to add into your posts took longer than writing the post itself? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where to go where you could find talented artists willing to help you craft high quality images for a reasonable price? The DaVinci.Art project was conceived with a few objectives in mind: from one hand we want to help users avoid copyright infringement by giving them the option of commissioning the image they have in mind, from the other hand we also want to help talented artists to gain exposure and find a place where they can interact with other users. The last and most important point:
We want to incentivize users to create images that will be then released to the public domain


How does it work?

The @davinci.witness created a discord server where members from different projects can interact with one another, you can join using this invite: https://discord.gg/QHY85Vk

Once in the server you will probably be greeted by a moderator that will help you find the room “the art shop”. In this room you can summarize in a few sentences the concept of the design you wish to commission or maybe even upload an example of the concept you have in mind. An artist will interact with you, discuss your idea and take the commission. Here we have two commission tiers:

  1. 4 SBD per drawing if the sponsor (you) accepts to release the image generated to the public domain, this will be done by posting the completed art-work from the account @davinci.art. If the requested drawing is too complex however, the artist could ask a higher fee, we believe this is fair.
  2. If the sponsor (you) decides not to release the image to the public domain we will charge 6 SBD and the artist will send the image directly to the author without releasing it to the public domain. Again, high complexity images may have higher fees

Creative Commons “Balena nel Sacchetto” by @enmaart, used under CC BY 2.0 - Source

Why should you sponsor art-work and release it to the public domain?

Why not? How cool would it be to have a talented person breathing life into your ideas and generate an amazing art-work? Plus, look at this as a service to the whole community. If more people were releasing images to the public domain it would be easier for everyone to create high quality blog posts without infringing copyrights. Plus you can choose which attribution to give to the image and users can credit you when they reuse the art you sponsored. There is no need for a degree in marketing to understand that this is free advertisement for you, especially if your image goes viral.

Schematic of the steps required to commission an image

We are excited for this new project, if you have feedbacks please leave a comment below or feel free to visit us on our server: https://discord.gg/QHY85Vk
We are open to ideas, feedback and collaborations. Is any of the witnesses you voted for supporting any similar project? Probably not... Well, if you want to support us you can vote our witness: @davinci.witness

IMMAGINE CC0 CREATIVE COMMONS, si ringrazia @mrazura per il logo ITASTEM. Click here and vote for @davinci.witness


Great initiative, Find good Images with the proper copyright sometimes is really hard.

Bravissimi! Ottima idea!


spettacolare, ottimo lavoro davvero. un saluto @giornalista

Bellissima iniziativa!
Sono sicuro che avrà un grande successo.

In bocca al lupo!

Grazie mille e crepi il lupo! Un saluto @gornalista

Pronti alla partenza

Spiegato molto bene!

I support witness you sir

The invitation link for the discord server has changed, the new one is https://discord.gg/vMGmDSm

This is amazing i should try once