Utopian-Davinci Duo - Application form for Indonesian Translator

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Introduction to English

My name is Baihaqi (@boyasyie), Lhokseumawe, November 10, 1989, Aceh, Indonesia. I am an amateur writer and have shared various writing contents in steemit, especially Integrated Farm issues. In the last few months, I have been trading and continue to review the various markets of cryptocurrency treding.

Reasons to sign up

I think, as a beginner in contributing to open source projects, I would like to participate, because, many of the users in my city, very confused with the language in some applications, especially applications that have decentralized access.

Experience in @utopian-io

I have not had any experience in @utopian-io. I keep studying it and will do my best.

Pengantar Bahasa Indonesia

Nama saya Baihaqi (@boyasyie), Lhokseumawe, 10 November 1989, Aceh, Indonesia. Saya seorang penulis amatir dan telah berbagi berbagai konten di steemit, terutama masalah Integrated Farm. Dalam beberapa bulan terakhir, saya telah berdagang dan terus meninjau di berbagai pasar treding cryptocurrency.

Alasan untuk mendaftar

Saya pikir, sebagai pemula dalam memberikan kontribusi kepada proyek open source, saya berkeinginan untuk ikut berpartisipasi, karena, banyak dari pengguna di kota saya, sangat bingung dengan bahasa pada sebagian aplikasi, terutama aplikasi yang memiliki akses terdesentralisasi.

Pengalaman di @utopian-io

Saya belum memiliki pengalaman apa-apa di @utopian-io. Saya akan mencoba yang terbaik.

Proof of Translation

Translating the post steemhouse Project into Indonesian language that is promoting the sale of token.

English voice

Indonesia Voice

Good Luck

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