Get free BTC/Satoshis from Faucets!

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When Bitcoin started you could get even 5 BTC from faucets, just by clicking a captcha or so. I remember myself getting 1,5 BTC per Gmail address on the very first faucet made by Gavin Andresen.


Keep in mind those 5 BTC were worth nothing back then, same as currently, some coin may not be worth much or maybe small amount of BTC may not be. You don't know what it can be in future though.

To be clear - i do NOT suggest faucets as a way to make money.
On the other hand it wont hurt you to do 1 click a day on some site (many allow clicks every hour or once 24h) and it may help.

Free BitcoIN

This is the oldest good paying faucet out there. Every 1 hour you are eligible for freeroll + you can deposit BTC and play them in casino. Faucet has loads of options like betting, buying lotery tickets and many bonuses. I remember i was lucky enough to win around 0.03 BTC once in the free-roll.


This is a new faucet that people claim pays good, i did not have payment from it yet so hard to tell. After registration you can some free coins inside the system and can play them to get BTC or watch ads etc. Try if you have time.

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It’s like playing the lottery but it’s free

It is not free.
It costs electricity (energy), time and it poses a risk due to its javascript content.
Relative to its running time it costs more than it costs to mine BTC with the CPU or the GPU, with both of these options were rendered obsolete years ago.

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game on this page but does not require time, or energy, just enter, you make the captcha and but you do not gain almost anything, it's a matter of luck that you get a jackpot and so far I have not been out for more than a year but I'm still trying, even if it comes out would help me a lot because here in my country is living a situation very economically, total, hope is the last thing that is lost

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Cointiply is great. You can play fun little arcade games and take surveys for could which can then be exchanged for satoshis and they build up pretty quick. They also have a fun mining game where you build a mine simulator that you have to do"upkeep" by checking its all for fun and pays out better many other faucets but it is all still pennies worth of BTC but fun none the less

Thanks for the heads up! Free Satoshis!!

I get about 1.5 daily Gridcoins ($0.0533) from two faucets, and I'm doing it for months. Gridcoin is really great as the coins are mined by providing computing power to various research projects, and has a great community her (hastag #gridcoin)!

Trustworthy platfroms?

Faucet shilling! Yassss ;-p hehe

Yes it is working

OK now this sounds like something I would love to try.

Hell of a slow what to make some coin though really to be honest.
I prefer completing studies/surveys through Prolific via:
P.s. that is my referral link if your interested and don't mind adding value for me also. :)

I'll scratch your back jack, will you scratch mine: Its free airdrop of a promising erc20 token.

Golden post. People don't realize what a satoshi will be worth in the future!

I love Freebitco the most cuz they didn't require to install anything on the computer. Good news for everyone, their 5x rewards promotion starts in 19 hours!
And I've a question, during the 5x rewards promotion if I redeem the 50 Rewards Point/Roll, will I get 60 RP or 50?

People recommend, its basically clicking advertisement and get free bitcoin and you just have to register with either your bitcoin address or email address. However they require to install something in Chrome.

I guess if you farm long enough you could get like 0.1$

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Then the value of BTC was very small, it was easy to roll higher and plenty BTC with no much value, but harder to roll, but plenty of it where you can get free BTC every minute, but very little satoshi, once posted it on my blog, few months ago.
Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for this information.

I do faucets for paying transaction fees

I hit faucets some RAI Blocks (now Nano) and one called Nekonium, it's an Eth clone I use for testing wallets and practice.

I missed this, I was crazy about this faucets, especially the first one, but then I had no time to be active and watch my account grow, so I stopped, I guess now that I have more time it makes sense for me to get back to work. Thank you for that!

you can also mine Dash coins!! first step: open a coinpot account link to coinpot and then put you registered coinpot account here in Moondash my referral link of course now, you can mine Dash coins through your web browser passively, please note: you can also mine other currencies like bitcoin, litecoin,etc through Coinpot, but! If you want to extract cryptocurrencies from the coinpot page, your machine will need more resources. and, of course, you can earn instantly!

the golden ticket in our hand, with match fun of lottery to win.

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Nice share, thanks and keep up the good work!

If you are interested in getting hold of some crypto, have a look at, they are a crypto co-creation platform were you can sign in for free and start earning by giving feedback to tasks.

@kingscrown FREE BTC sites , trying my luck on the FREE BTC.

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