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David Seaman is a Bullshit Artist and Got Completely PWND!

This image says all you need to know about the below livestream during which Mr. David Spluge Seaman got completely destroyed by a bunch of youtubers including myself on a New Word Agenda google hangout. We were analyzing his videos live ripping on his obvious diehard devotion to Trump and his promotion of Zionism, and during that they all were removed. We believe that our criticism of his bullshit scam artist tactics, is why Seaman likely made all his videos "private" or deleted them, we don't know which from his YouTube Channel. Seaman constantly claims "victim" status with no proof, and pushes bullshit lies about #PizzaGate, constantly saying stuff like "arrests are coming today because a random FBI person said so".

Don't believe Seaman anymore when he "claims censorship" without proof. I can prove everything I have said with screen shots like this, showing YouTube demonetizes my videos for being controversial, when you see a yellow $ sign next to a video it has been deemed "non advertiser friendly", a green money sign means monetized by me, and a $ with a / through it means "not eligible for monetization":

This is how you back up what you say, I can provide more examples. Not every single video of mine about PizzaGate is "demonetized" as you can see, but a large amount of them are. Honestly I don't care how much Seaman makes on his YouTube Videos or on Patreon and I don't think it's our business to know. He is entitled to make money, however the problem I have with him is the lying about censorship and about other things related to PizzaGate that I can't put up with anymore.

Google Hangout on "New World Agenda", Enjoy!

(I enter the chat at about 2hr 30mins)

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What happen to the lawsuit David? LOL. I watch his live streams from time to time for laughs this guy is not a journalist let alone an investigator. I watched his live stream for a minute earlier and he brought up again the girl who was killed and implied it was because of his research? His ground breaking research which is really just him repeating what others found out and repeating Podesta is a pedo like 100 times per live stream. Its fucking disgusting to me that someone will use someones murder to make themselves more credible but with his AstroTurfing skills, he literally wrote a book on it, I don't think hes going away anytime soon.

His lawsuit got shoved up his own ass. He was never gonna file shit because he would get counter sued for his entire bag of shekel coins hung around his neck.

In all fairness to David Seaman, finding a radical Zionist that is willing to an open (fair) debate are extremely rare! It is pretty much the last thing they want

I've been following David for a couple of months, and I've always been a little suspicious. He started by talking about Hillary, and her poor health, then just like Alex Jones went full boar MAGA.

Saw this video last night, exposing his history with Goldmoney.

Can't say I'm surprised. I've heard him mention it a whole lot, but I don't recall him saying he was making money off it. I could be wrong, but I think I remember him saying specifically that he wasn't making money off of advertising for Goldmoney. I can't go back and check, though...

Oh I posted on one of his videos about Goldmoney which I think is BS- you want gold and silver you buy it and hold it yourself. The Rothschilds got started in this very same sort of scheme- they would hold your one once of gold for safe keeping and then sell two one ounce certificates. That was the start of fractional banking.

I hold physical as well. However, if I had a lot of wealth I don't think it would be a terrible idea to have some stored in a vault outside your country of residence in case you had to flee, or there was another confiscation.

Everything comes with some risk, so DYODD. That being said, Goldmoney looks sketchy and David has been less than up front about his connection to them.

How about Bitcoin, a passport, and gasoline?

would you rather have guns and ammo or gold when the shit goes down?

Agreed but note 25 pounds of gold- easy to hide or carry= $500,000 so the weight/volume thing isn't a problem for most of us. Wish it was my problem I'd bury it in a National Forest (low probability of ever being excavated due to construction) .

I wish to point out that everybody... and I do mean EVERYBODY involved in this work is a bit, OFF, to one degree or another. Seaman is a Media guy, trying to make a living as an independent journalist and researcher, trying to grow an audience. I think Titus is being harsh but then again, I like harsh. Let's just be sure not to turn on one another in open scandalizing...
Seaman, like Frost and others, brings a LOT of attention to some major aspects of NWO Agendas and Satanist in the Government ranks. Sure he's a Trumper and likes his Gold Money, but until I see something like the following, I'm not going to judge him so harshly. Let him do his research and step out of his audience for now. He would still be a welcome addition to SteemIt in my opinion.

I don't have a problem with Seaman trying to make money, and be an independent journalist.

My problem is is scam artisty and zionist bullshit.

I am continuing to listen to the video now, it's a little long. Having trouble understanding how it is that some people have become convinced LGBT is being pushed to depopulate, that makes no sense. It's easier to poison us into being sterile than making us believe we like the other sex, because even if that's the case it doesn't mean we can't reproduce at all or don't want to. The banks are pushing for diversity only to give people the impression that something is being pushed on them, to provoke, to divide, not to depopulate haha...to distract.

Thanks for looking out! He's definitely a strange guy and I appreciate the head's up.

How do you feel about the pizzagategear guy?

He seems legit, see part two of my documentary:

Never been a fan of this one

What if he's entirely right, and you all are wrong? Trust me his coverage is real, and you will soon be eating your words regarding him. Perhaps he can be burned for his links to goldmoney, but Trump is not a zionist. The zionists are the ones trying to DESTROY Trump. Trump is literally fighting the zionists on your behalf. Wake up.

If he wanted credibility why does he continue to throw the 666 sign and try to tell us it means ok? You know who else does that everyone connected to infowars and the rebel. You know why? cause they are all part of the global plutocracy that controls the world not zionist not jesuits but the corporations and the government of all nations. What we see in the news is a scripted drama to pacify and control us. Obviously its working on you.

And why would that be?

to fuck us over. to confuse people, like myself. as we can see now, they play quite the long game.

I've seen this guy on you tube he does play the victim alot just before asks for a handout. I don't really buy into alot of his bullshit.

This is actually pretty perfect, my first act on Steemit is to Mute the pro pedophilia crowd on steemit.

We're in the oval office now, I almost respect you for keeping up your efforts now that things has shifted against you, especially since the Dec. 20'th 2017 Executive Order, I'm actually amazed you still want to be on the record for protecting the pedophiles.

You must be truly frightened inside, that the good times are coming.

I think these will divide the researchers instead uniting them, child sex trafficing and religious abuse rituals are real...tread carefully everyone!

I thought you needed to be well versed in research skills to be a journalist😏

Lulz, only if you are an investigative journalist like me, if you are a self promoting douche like Seaman, you just need to repeat catch phrases.

Let's come together.

I'm starting to think Seaman is more about building his little media empire and less about actually seeing the satanic pedophiles arrested. Perhaps I'm wrong but that's the sense I'm starting to get.

You have a good instinct.

Probably wanna check out @becki_p20 on Twitter. He "interviewed" this "abuse" victim. Her name is Becky Percy on Youtube. Interesting she has a gofundme on her Twitter page. She is, right now, posting "their" text back and forth to each other. Something not right about her Twitter conversation to "Ann and Lee", he biological parents. Something fishy about her relationship with David Seaman.

"Really Graceful" interviewed her first, Becky is a victim of SRA, satanic ritual abuse. Her case is unrelated to PizzaGate, but in the Seaman interview he claims she is.

Pizzagate is completely real. If you are trying to discredit him, via that you are making a huge mistake.

Not at all denying Pizzagate. Pizzagate is VERY real but David Seaman is not.

I do not disagree with that.

David Seaman is a straight up whining thug. This is great piece of investigative work on David Seaman.

I am so disappointed in our amateur "investigators". They spend all this time going through emails, checking out addresses and pushing for "truth" but yet they do NO background investigative work on those "leading" the march. SMDH

It's surprisingly easy to identify trolls and disinfo agents, they spend more time on the people talking about the subject, than they do on the subject matter.

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