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in #dating4 years ago (edited) is a popular site among those people who look to hookup. Its main page with naughty GIFs leaves no doubts about its purpose. 

Judging from the responses, it contains real profiles and the members are usually ready to quickly meet. The majority of profiles belong to nice-looking women and a bit too frank men living in the USA. The ratio of men and women is more or less equal.  

After a deeper analysis of reviews, it’s easy to notice that Getiton did use some tricks in the first years of its existence to catch new members, such as bots and fake users, but later when the database grew a lot, they stopped. Today it’s a reliable hookup site of decent quality, although a bit too simple in comparison with modern dating platforms.  

Getiton offers such advanced options as video chat, detailed search, and profile videos. All of that for 18.99$ a month or cheaper if you go for 3 months or 12 months option. In fact, you’re getting 1 month for free in the first case or 6 months for free in the last case! If your life choice is a constant day game and pick-up, this site is definitely your tool number one.  

There are bigger and more famous sites for casual meetings but Getiton is worthy of one’s attention and surely very effective. There are probably fewer women in its database but most of them are ready to jump to the nearest cab and have a hot night with you. It’s obviously not easy to attract a big number of qualitative women and to make them trust their needs to one particular platform, but regularly closed deals is a fact that cannot be denied so the site is rather successful and totally legit. It got the 9th place in Top-10 of all adult dating sites which is not bad.

  The site is completely sex-focused and offers a sexual compatibility test, along with such search options as group sex or couples in need of the 3rd player. It’s easy to sort your potential matches’ videos by their quality, hotness or closeness to your area, and watch the most matching ones accordingly. It’s absolutely the site of your dreams as you can even navigate the users by their sexual appetite! 

Getiton doesn’t have any particular cons. It has slight imperfections that could be improved if the site owners cared more. For example: 

· It’s really funny that they guarantee to every user he’ll get laid within 3 months. No one is joining such sites with prolonged perspectives – impatience is the main reason for their virtual search! A partner for one night is usually needed “right now”. Moreover, there’s no day gamer or no site with real users that wouldn’t reach good results in 1-2 weeks maximum. 

· Getiton doesn’t check or verify the users’ identity. It’s understood that all of casual sex seekers prefer to stay anonymous but others want to make sure they are speaking with real persons. So it’s rather a disadvantage for a solid site.  

· There’s no mobile app so you cannot stay in touch 24/7 from any place you go to or monitor your new contacts in the most effective way. 

· The quantity of members is considerably less than on other popular sites for adult dating but the owners do nothing to attract new users more intensively. No extra services are invented and the site isn’t updated often.  

General recommendations: 

· Although the is a frank and naughty dating site, it’s not recommended to just post your intimate parts and leave the profile rows empty. Short, dumb and vulgar letters aren’t recommended either. Even those women who are theoretically ready for a casual sex, need at least an imitation of courtship. Be classy and tell them compliments.  

· Discussing your likes in a bed and your sexual demands, be honest. It’s not fair if you advertise only your “serving” skills and then demand hours of blowjob during the real meeting. Ask her first whether she likes pleasing her partner in this or that way.  

· Discuss all “tabooed” things in advance too. If both of you are after classical sex then it’s fine but any experiments should be accepted by all participants.  

· Always have an intimate video chat with a girl before meeting her in real so you won’t be disappointed by her figure or body language.  

People are in general satisfied with Getiton and there’s nothing severely annoying: no ads, no bots attacking you with automatic messages, no abusing porno. It’s a typical adult dating site, helpful and easy to use. It’s somewhat cheaper than its main competitors but the results aren’t any worse. The site seems to be attractive for the women too so they readily join it and meet most of the men’s expectations.     

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