Tricks Powerful Men Use to Attract Hot Women

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Powerful men always seem to attract the hottest women. You too can get the same results by making a few tweaks to your approach. Learn all the tricks you need to know now. 

Powerful men have a special way of attracting the women they want and they always tend to succeed. The question is how? What is it about them and the way they interact with women that always results in success? Well, the men best described as ‘bosses’ are also very intelligent and in addition to their power and confidence, they use psychological methods to get the girl. If you have your sights on hot women like Russian women, you have to come to play because they really are some of the best.   

Always Exude Positivity

When you’re around women you’re romantically interested in, always exude positivity no matter what happens. On a date the service could be slow, you could get a flat, etc. but take it all in stride because if you’re positive, she will enjoy being around you. Better yet, she will want even more time with you. In fact, Russian women have a habit of clinging to men who radiate positive energy since it is so attractive.   

Present Yourself as a Man with Status

Russian women are drawn to men of status. Tie that in with a good attitude and you will be seen as an incredibly desirable man. To do this, simply exude leadership. Take control of the situation and steer them in a direction works for you, be prepared for anything, always have an answer and simply be in charge.    

Maintaining Eye Contact When Talking to Her

Eye contact makes women feel more connected to a man which is always a good thing. Additionally, eye contact promotes comfort and shows openness which is why powerful men maintain eye contact with those they are talking to. It says, “I’m here, we’re talking, you have my undivided attention and I’m demanding yours”. When you think about it, all are very appealing messages from a woman’s perspective. To do this just right, mix up your eye contact. A combination of quick gazes to deeper more intimate looks tend to have a positive effect on women.    

Playfully Touch Her

When her body language opens up to you, playfully touch her to get her to like you more. Doing so will activate her oxytocin hormones which are responsible for facilitating bonding. With Russian women, you want to play it safe with playful touches that don’t go beyond light arm touches or perhaps a hug.    

Be Open About Your Feelings for Her

This is something powerful men do because they can, and they know the effect it has on women. Less powerful guys play it safe and play games which makes them appear weak and afraid of their feelings. Powerful men aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Russian women or any women for that matter do not like men who feign disinterest because they take it as a sign that you’ll hurt them down the line. In turn, they stay away. A confident man who openly speaks his mind and shows interest, on the other hand, is the one who gets the girl.    

Don’t Always Make Yourself Available

In addition to being open about feelings for a woman, powerful men attract women by creating healthy distances between themselves and the women they like to make them want more. By combining this trick with the above (being open about your feelings) you secure the woman by letting her know that you’re interested and then leave them wanting more by not making yourself completely available. Along with making her want more, it shows that you aren’t making your life all about her which establishes a healthy dynamic from the start. Any man worth dating should have substance and leave love interests with some mystery to ponder.  

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