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  Romania is a pretty closed and reserved country. You can live there for ages and still feel kind of distant from the local women. Language and cultural differences make it difficult to build romantic relationships. But with Brilic dating app you can search for a Romanian woman easily and effortlessly!

Rules of dating a Romanian girl 

According to women’s opinion, Western men make a lot of mistakes while dating in Romania. They often take the same approach of dating Romanian and Western women, and fail miserably.  Where to meet a Romanian woman? The easiest and the most convenient option is dating online. Our Brilic mobile application offers great search options for you to find a perfect girl of your dreams. But if you prefer searching locally and spend some time in Bucharest, the cosmopolitan area is fast-paced home to many beautiful women, and the large portion does speak English.  Try your luck, and if you are an older man, don’t worry! It’s not a big deal in Romania. Now that you know where to find a date, let’s go over some basic do’s and don’ts to follow once you get a date. 

1. Do learn to say a few phrases in Romanian. Showing that you can speak the language or at least try, shows your interest in the culture. A simple display of interest will impress a woman for sure. 

2. Don’t be late! Being late is disrespectful and tens to cause stress. If you’re running late, all you have to do is call with an update. 

3. Do tell her about your country. Part of the excitement of dating a foreigner is the cultural exchange. Romanian women have a true hunger for knowledge about other cultures. 

4. Don’t lead with your money. Women from Romania are not gold-diggers, but rather self-sufficient women genuinely looking for love. 

5. Do compliment her. Romanian women put a lot of effort into their appearance. This involves dressing up, make-up and hair, the goal is to impress. So allowing her efforts to go unnoticed is a huge mistake. And you also should make sure to look your best.   


Dating basics for foreigners in Bucharest 

At this point, you probably want to know a few first date basics, like where to go, whether the man should pay and if flowers are a good idea. 

· You can’t go wrong with a romantic dinner date. Romanian women love romance. Don’t hesitate to take the lead, be a gentleman, pay for dinner, and show genuine interest in getting to know her. Listen carefully to what she’s telling about herself. Point out similar interests or hobbies. Tell her something interesting about you and your life, make her laugh. Romanian girls love a good sense of humor, especially when a joke comes spontaneously.

 · Flowers are also a nice touch. In fact, this gesture is highly appreciated. Just make sure to add an odd number of flowers, as even numbers are only given at funerals. 

· When it comes to intimacy on the 1st date, you may get a kiss, but if you do make it a gentle one that leaves her wanting more, let her body language tell you what she wants. Just remember that sex come later. More specifically, after you get to know each other and establish a relationship. 

· As your relationship progresses, keep in mind that most women from Romania are looking for. A vast majority have traditional values in their religions. A large portion is Romanian Orthodox. They value family, have a very spiritual side and seeking men with similar beliefs. They would love to meet a kind, loving partner who is honest, loyal and wants children. 

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 There’re many cool mobile applications that can help you to find true love on the go! One of them is It was created especially for busy people who’re dedicated to their career and finding love is a serious problem for them. If your friends circle hasn’t changed for years and there’s nothing social going on in your life, this app is just for you!  

Here you can find many beautiful ladies all around the world with no boundaries at all. The user-friendly interface will help you to get used to the application quickly and enjoy your romantic adventure. Our support team is available 24/7 in case you have any questions or experiencing any technical issues.  

We do offer a 3-days trial for new users so you can start using Brilic for free! Paid service was made for the sake of our clients who are seeking for serious relationships. It automatically reduces the number of fake accounts down to zero! You don’t have to guess if the person you’re talking to is real of some fantasy non-existing image, all accounts are 100% real and most of the people are in serious search for their soulmate. 

We do support same-sex dating and there’s a special search option that allows you to choose the desirable gender of your partner. You can exchange messages using our convenient messenger, send virtual presents and always be in touch with your potential partners. Trust us and make your romantic dream come true with Brilic!    

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