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Between 2017 and 2018, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) skyrocketed into mainstream prominence. Although research by Statis Group revealed that 80% of those ICO's projects failed after launch despite the best of intentions of developers, while others turned out to be scams and the developers simply disappeared with their users money. 

But irrespective of the outcome, an ICO starts from developers creating their token and allowing investors to purchase them, after which the tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges for users to buy and sell them. At times, it takes ages for the token to be listed on crytpo exchanges even when there is increased demand for them. Now, imagine having a platform where investors could still purchase an ICO token at a good rate after it's public sales had long ended even before it get listed on an exchange. 

The platform that does this is none other than Vertex.market.

What is Vertex.market?

Vertex.market, the first market of its kind and the world's  first ICO aftermarket which provide a strong opportunities for investors to be able to acquire/buy popular ICO tokens at preferential rates even after their public token sales and before they are listed on exchanges.

It is important to note that not all tokens are allowed on Vertex.market, but only those which their experts had absolutely vetted  and tested to be reliable and transparent so as to eliminate any potential ICO scams. Thus when an ICO token is vetted, Vertex will buy those tokens and sell on its platform market preferential rates.

The goal of Vertex.market is to bring more fiat into cryptocurrency markets and also create enough liquidity to tokens that are not yet listed on exchanges.


How Does Vertex.market works? 

  • Visit Vertex.market website here and create account as shown below. 

  • Sign up with your email address and your personalized password.

  •  A confirmation mail will be sent to you for confirmation and subsequently sign into your account.

  • When you successfully sign in, you will be taken to the home page  which is also Vertex Market that has lists of cryptos such as BTC, ETH, BNB and other tokens which their specialist had vetted and users can buy or sell them on the vertex market platform. Click on the BUY icon at the bottom left.

  • You will be shown the Token section of the site that has the complete list of tokens offering thats ongoing, their pricing type, payment method and and how much of those token is available on vertex market. For the sake of this post, let assume am buying CyClean (CCL) . So, click on the buy icon of CyClean (CCL) as shown below.

  • Then, the image below will pop up with all the informations regarding CyClean and for you read more before you click on YES icon to confirm you want to buy the token and make payment instantly by transferring BTC or eth for the token which will be sent to your prefered wallet.

That is all, you now have the token which you could buy during the public sales.

 What is good about Vertex.market?

  •  Vertex users can feel a bit more secure because tokens on Vertex passed through quality checks and evaluations by specialist.
  •  The platform enable the users to  easily convert fiat into crypto so as to invest in ICOs
  •  Provide users with strong opportunities to get returns with lower risk.
  • The user interface of the site is simple and easy to understand.

 I really do love the project and the concept, and it is something that will benefit both investors and ICOs creators that need more exposure and liquidity for these reasons, I give them 4 out of 5stars.



Vertex.market on State of the DApps

Vertex.market Website


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Vertex is undoubtedly a pleasant finding for me this month. I have a deep interest in cryptocurrency. I buy this stuff for investment needs or simply use it as an alternative to modern electronic payment systems. Certainly, when buying digital coins, I try to save as much as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to paying with a credit card, many crypto exchanges tend to rip me off. Their scary fees made me look for a decent alternative and I found it! With Vertex, I pay no more than 0,5% for each transaction. That suits me.
Last time I stayed on the platform I somehow failed to find Venmo in the list of supported payment methods. I want to make it clear. Do you support Venmo for buying and selling offers?

There’s no doubt the platform’s layout deserves praise. Vertex Market has gathered all the necessary elements on one page: available digital coins, payment methods, prices and how many of them are currently available for exchange. One doesn’t need to follow extra links to learn more about a trade because everything is shown in one place.

What is the size of the cashback in Vertex Market?

Do you consider this service safe?
Are there any difficulties here?

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