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There is a saying that goes - If you want to try your luck, go to Las Vegas. This is 2019, Las Vegas is right here on the steem blockchain.


According to my research, one of the many reasons more people are yet to adopt the technology of cryptocurrency is based on its property of volatility. For some it is a get rich quick scheme, while for others it is a loose money fast system, interestingly, both are correct. Imagine the scenario whereby someone bought bitcoin in 2013 with $50, in few years, rose to $20,000 in 2017 and another person bought in 2018 for $14,000, right now it's worth $3,851. For me that doesn't sound like a get rich quick, but a get rich in the right time, with the right project and it's no scheme, it just tech.

The idea of cryptocurrency as a store of value thrives on many factors and one is its unpredictability, and depending on the path you are, you shall surely get your result and/or repercussion.

During the advent of crypto into our world, the early adopters who understood the vision and prospect of the revolution did themselves a remarkable favour by accumulating what they could in various manners, there was not very much knowledge about the technology available as there is now, and just as the illustration made above, some lost, some still gained massively. Some had to employ high grade system components and software to enable them achieve a process called mining. This mining involved solving complex mathematical algorithms with those systems which in turn get rewarded with these cryptos as incentives.

The process of mining has changed drastically ever since, there are two notable ways of making crypto, mining and trading(buy low-sell high) and today with Steem cryptocurrency, mining of crypto has never been made more accessible. Moreso, the Steem blockchain is a house to many innovative platforms also known as Dapps built on the blockchain which rewards users in steem for their activity. And just like the old days of crypto, money can still both be gained or lost, this time only easier, with a P.C, internet connection and a couple of mouse clicks.

Online Casino

One of the Dapps responsible for the revolutionizing of the traditional casino system is called the Steem Slot Game. There is a saying that goes If you want to try your luck, go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas, is right here on the steem blockchain.


At the moment, according to the State of the Dapps of steem, the SteemSlot game is ranked number 438, highly underrated if you must ask me, but one of the best gambling dapp on the steem blockchain. Now let me share my experience with you.

Concerning investment, one thing the steem blockchain has taught me over the years is to only invest what you can afford to loose, not like I have the intention of loosing any money at all, but I stood a chance of making more and this is where I focused all my energy, my chakra as some will say, on making more.

So when I started, it was pretty a simple interface to figure out, all you need to do is login with your steem connect and deposit some steem you would like to bet with and just like in a traditional casino, the shuffles begin to roll according to your clicks and the amount of steem you win depends on the amount you placed with each spin starting from 0.1 steem, each roll either deducts or adds to/from your deposit depending on the result of the outcome, winning adds, loosing deducts . So assuming a user deposits 5 steem, he has the option to pick the amount he wants to invest in the roll, out of the initial deposit. When this is done,every other thing and results is totally dependent on automated complex programmed algorithms and luck.



My first time playing the Steemslot game was quite captivating, my plan was to wager 5steem for better for worse, ready to deal with whatever the outcome was, but alas, I gained an extra 2 steem, I was stoked it was merely a beginners luck or so I thought, so I cashed it out immediately and promised to go back. After about a week, I came back again, I visited the site and made a new decision to play again, who am I to reject the instruction of the universe, so this time, I put 10 steem, willing to lose all, broke person like me, making such decision. But to my utmost surprise I made 9 steem more, making a whooping withdrawal of almost 20 steem in return. Guess what I did not end there, after a couple of days again, I put 9 steem and got almost 17steem back. it's sad that I don't have a screenshot of the withdrawals to show you.

I haven't placed any bet since then, I have a feeling that it will be this time I will loose all I've gained, and I'm sorry those kind of things get me extremely emotional and heartbroken, but who doesn't it for? But that's only the outcome of a thought of derived by fear, and trust me, gambling takes a lot of wit and courage, luck as well. It's a crazy world out there, I'm sure the profit I've made compared to some others is almost nothing likewise what some people have lost. I usually go in with the mindset of loosing everything I deposited but end up with profits, oh how I love these dapps.

Steemslot games is quite different from most other game dapps like Steem Monsters, and comparing them would not do much justice, Steem monsters is a card collecting and playing game, it involves strategy and quite some technicality especially at the top levels. In Steemmonsters, to thrive, you need to have a high level of playing cards, which means investing a huge amount on owning these collection of cards, the higher the ranking of the users entire collection, the better the chances of winning. Whereas for Steemslot, all the user needs is deposit money, roll, cross fingers and within minutes or even seconds they know their fate.

Steemslot dapp is definitely one to try, with a daily active users of 21 people generating 528 steem transactions, steemslotgame is definitely not one to sleep on. There's some cool cash rewards in that game.


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This is not a financial advice, do well to DYOR.

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