Voiski - The Music Magician from France (music and more inside)

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For @uwelang #danceweekend I contribute and share with you one of my greatest discoveries of two years ago, Voiksi. He is a French techno artist bringing athmospheric-ish, melodic techno through live performances. Laptop, filterbanks, mixers and his magic! That did it for me! First ever exposure to him was at Fusion Festival two years ago. I still remember his act started at 20:30 at one of the nights - I think it was Saturday - so for sure it made an absolute big impression on me!

This year he played at one of Dutch Finest Techno festivals, Dekmantel. Maybe this festival is the best one we have in our country, the programming is absolutely world class, the best in its kind with only quality music! The location is super as well, right in the middle of our woods to the south of Amsterdam. The decorations are minimal-ish, how it supposed to be, but it could be a but more flower power if you want to know :) I simply like hippie style surroundings, with lots of artistic expressions, combined with quality music, preferably techno.

The set I share with you is a recording of Voiski by and with Boiler Room. Boiler Room is one of the leading channels bringing electronic dance music to the world though the internet, live and semi-live style.

  • Artist: Voiski
  • Set: Boiler Room Dekmantel Festival Netherlands
  • Year: 2017

I trust this hour set will get you dancing into a wonderful weekend!

Voiski - Boiler Room Dekmantel Festival Netherlands (2017)

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@qsounds Sharing to have this witnessed far more (and perhaps open up the eyes of some)! Thanks for the properly put up and documented report! Resteemed.