Dance Weekend | Rotterdam Rave 7th Anniversary

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At the last Friday, 29th March 2019, all eyes of the global techno community were again focused on Rotterdam, NL. In the modern harbor city with a long traditions of the edgy electronic music, locals knows how to gain attention of the crowd as well as the world class artists. At this time, all four rooms of the legendary venue Maassilo, the club with a total
capacity reaching over 5000 people, has opened their gates for the 11 hours long marathon, completely filling up the dancefloors with the strongest and the most demanding ravers from all around the world. Behind thick walls of a former grain silo, which approximately 15 years ago has changed its destination and became a musical slaughterhouse club, at the last Friday we could hear a lot of languages like English, Dutch, German, French, Polish, Turkish, Swedish and most likely many more but the bleeding eardrums are not the best tool for the recognizing voices in the extremely loud surrounding. And in fact, without good earplugs
chances for staying unscratched were minimal, because Maassilo's soundsystem is known as one of the strongest ones in the hood. In the whole country there are only few clubs with the better audio, so better keep it in your mind before booking your first visit there. The whole place inside is also very acoustic, increasing the sonical experiences on the many levels and what is the most interesting, very often it was more pleasant to rave in the earplugs than without them. We have no doubts that listening music through the whole body is the only proper way of enjoying this form of art. Focusing on the only one from the senses
sometimes can be pointless. Especially that it was even suggested by the hosts. We can just have a lot of hope for all the nasty nihilistic ravers, their devotion to the ear damages and constant noises in head. Every new doomed and jilted generation must obviously reach the nirvana before the time of crash. Hope for them to fly as high and long as possible, having a nice life, away from the daily routine.


With just one door protected by only few guys from the security, four folks on the lockers and four on the coin-exchange cantor, we were expecting typical Berlin queues for the kilometers. Surprisingly for everybody, we didn't spend there even more than ten minutes,
which in my opinion is an absolute shock for the Dutch standards and many clubs suppose to get few lessons from them. Speaking about lessons, beside door-check and booking hints, design of the whole club is also very interesting and stimulating. A lot of long corridors, massage rooms, darker corners, ladders, upper and lower floors, very industrial interior and even a car hanging just few meters above the heads can steal a lot of time for the ravers, keeping them away from dancing on the one of the four different dance floors filled with the brain-smashing sounds, odor of the narcotic sweat and hundreds of bodies waving in the hypnosis' state. Long list of artists equipped in the toughest, rawest, finest and most unique tracks, supported by the lasers, lights, smokes, flames and fireworks
were there to make that night unforgettable. And they definitely did it, turning this 7th Anniversary Party into the legendary event. Talking about musical experiences, I was expecting something bit different from Paula Temple so at the end, in my opinion it was the weakest show of the night. The rest was just perfect, especially Amelie Lens and Kobosil. This guy is just simply worth your attention. Closing one and half hour of pounding madness from I Hate Models was just like a cherry on the evil-pie. Below you can check the full timetable, official aftermovie and my short footages from the main stage, where we were drifting away with the sounds served by the first division of techno kings and queens. Special credits for the Floris Scheplitz - author of the photos of the Maassilo used in the article.
Radiation AreaExposure AreaAll Night Long AreaPowerhouse Area
23.00-01.00 Remco Beekwilder23.00-01.30 Karim Soliman00.00-06.00 Speedy J00.00-02.00 Jesse Maas
01.00-03.00 Stranger01.30-03.30 Benny Rodrigues b2b De Sluwe Vos 02.00-05.00 Prunk b2b Chris Stussy 3HR Set
03.00-05.00 Amelie Lens03.30-05.00 Bart Skils 05.00-06.00 Dusk Till Dawn
05.00-07.00 Kobosil05.00-06.30 Joyhauser
07.00-08.30 Paula Temple Hybrid Live06.30-08.00 Secret Cinema
08.30-10.00 I Hate Models







And that is how the battlefield looks like after all the dust goes down.

Monday Trance by @andyjaypowell
Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek
Wednesday House by @andyjaypowell
Rap Thursday by @flipstar
Techno Friday by @neutronenkind
Dance Weekends by @uwelang



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WOW, that are some fine artists playing at the same party! A shame Paula did not do her best. Haven't been to Maassilo for more then a decade, I think, but the photo, even though it is tiny, makes me want to come back to the place again. Next time when a super lineup is there, I'll shall come down to the most industrial city of our little country :)

It was a great party !

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