One for the Fellow Dancers - (Alternate Routes: Out July 19th)[Tryezz]

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Yes yes y'all. Laid down a small popping set for the upcoming newness dropping soon. For those that don't know, I have a new release dropping July 19th called "Alternate Routes". And this will be my first crypto-music release over the 15+yrs I've been pursing this path of music and artistry. I made this video because I wanted to make sure I connect with the fellow dancers out there. From one dancer to the next. I hope y'all can dig it. If not's all good. No sweat. Much Love. 😎

Video via Youtube:

"Alternate Routes" - Dropping July 19th
Music and Artistry to Ride, Vibe, Dance, and Get your Mind Right to.

Always a Student. Bless Up. Stay cool.

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Good stuff! Keep sharing these. We have to build up the dance community here on STEEM & Dtube!

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Yes indeed. Much more to come. Big thanks for tuning in. Always much appreciated. - ✊🏾✊🏾

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You're welcome @tryezz

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