Dance with me #2 : Traditional Chinese 'Xianxia' style folk dance - "Chilly" (凉凉)

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Dear Steemit friends:


It's hard to believe that my last dance with me post was over 9 months ago. Suffice to say, dance with me #2 is long long overdue. Many of you who followed me since my last dance post probably assume I'm a big foodie with a travel bug (and you're not wrong at all!), but when i'm not travelling, one of my favourite activities is dancing. Although not a professional, I've been learning various styles of dance since I was old enough to walk. The styles I've learnt include Ballet, Chinese Folk and more recently Jazz, Hip-Hop, LA, Afro, and Urban.

Today, i'm tackling a Traditional Chinese dance. The movements are inspired by a Xianxia novel called Eternal Love and was recently made into both a TV series and feature length movie. The Xianxia style actually comes from the more popular variant of martial arts novels and movies called Wuxia quite literally meaning "Martial Arts Heroes". The Xianxia variant has greater emphasis on elements of fantasy, including demons, ghosts, heavens, underworld, tying together elements of martial arts story telling with classical Chinese mythology. Whilst Wuxia focuses on Martial arts and less magic and fantasy.

The song I've chosen as the backing to my dance is called Chilly. It is one of the theme songs to the drama and very popular outright in the past year. Sung by Zhang Bichen and Aska Yang, the duet resonates the theme of the novel where two lovers are physically separated, not knowing when they can be together again and despite this dire situation, stay faithful to their "Eternal Love" for each other. The song name, "Chilly", is a metaphorical description of their state of mind as they struggle with being separated, experiencing the chillness of being lonely.

Trying to stay true to the traditional Chinese theme, I spent sometime picking out the right outfit(s) for the dance, and even procured a set of sleeved opera fans for full effect.

I made the trousers more baggy by cutting the sides of them all the way up to the waist. This way, they will drift in the air as I move around. The free flowing fabric will give a much more dreamier effect!

Spot the Steem logo!

Below are some of the moves used in the dance. I practice each of the moves separately many times over before attempting them all at once. It's also quite important to warm the body up with the extremity of some of the moves. Even with such a relaxing form of dance, injuries can still happen!

Presenting my dance cover of "Chilly" from "Eternal Love"

Hope you all enjoyed the dance video, and hopefully the next one won't be another 9 months from now. In any case, I really appreciate your vote if you liked the dance, a follow to stay up to date with my activities, and leave a comment let me know what you thought of it!





amazing dance ;)


I am very impressed! You certainly could be a professional dancer if you wanted to put the time into it.

Choices must be made. The problem with a career in dance is that it is usually so short, and when over you are left with something of a void if you have not had the time and inclination to pursue other activities. I think that your choices and balance have been wise.

Much respect [email protected]!

onceuponatime! I actually thought of you when I decided to do this dance.

I would be devastated if I committed to dancing only to succumb to injury or accelerated wear and tear and then spend the large part of the rest of my life wondering what to do. I do wonder how dancers cope with this and what life after being a dancer really is like?

If i recall correctly, you had a lot of contact with professional dancers right?

I managed a Chinese dance school/company for a while, many years ago. My ex lover, who was born in Hong Kong and lives in Beijing, was one of the top classical Chinese dancers of her time. She went on to study Dance Movement Therapy and Psychology in the US for her career after dance.

So there is a viable route after dance after all! I haven't heard the word lover in a while, but it sounded like a passionate time with a very talented lady!

I hope that Miss Opinionated could have some views on it some day!

You'r Dancers the qualified.

6 mount Ago !! Amazing .. very useful post, inspired, @sweetsssj whether I can translate into Indonesian to share with my friends who want a career in steemit ""

That is fantastic and magical!

Happy Birthday every year and you are fine and ask you a gift by the way .... Thank you

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thanks good informane share

I agree with you. Nice 'Xianxia' style folk dance photos. sweetssj superb dance. I like the photos, gifs, and video.

This is sooo good to see you dancing for the first time @sweetssj thank you for the wonderful post.

Very beautiful dancing.

Thanks for sharing this traditional dance, I especially liked the part with the fans.
Great job!







妳跳的專業。我以前也常跳舞,雖然跳的style跟妳不同 (我是跳搖擺舞Swing dance以及踢踏舞 tap dance),但基本道理相似。

仙气飘飘 好强 自己编排不说 还自己剪裁衣服 哈哈 有人注意到门外那个小男孩吗 一副看呆的样子 太有喜感了 😄




Impressive dance 👏🏻, loved the traditional 扇子舞; you must have practised for many hours just to perform a few minutes of​ this video. Keep it up @sweetsssj

Looking forward to​ your next dance video 😁



Hello from Russia! :) I'm totally shocked by your beauty, your plasticity and a whole dance. I'm rarely catched by a video of dancing, but I watched your video till the end and just sat in admiration for a few more minutes after it ended. I see that you have been working on this dance for a long time and I want to say that your work were not in vain! Thank you very much for the wonderful dance and wonderful music, I got great pleasure!

哇塞塞 比大幂幂更加仙气飘飘呀~~~


Thanks for the performance. It was like the meditation because dance is so harmonious with music. I hope to see more posts like this :)

Very well done, my friend!!!! I remember watching a dance much like this at the Chinese culture center in San Francisco a few months ago. We, the visitors, were invited to take part, and while it seemed easy, it was far from it.
I noticed one big gap in your dancing that I would encourage you to try--Latin Americans dances especially tango. There are meet up dances for those who travel all over the world.
My favorite type of dancing is the salsa, by the way. I have danced this for a very long time, and have it in most of my novels.
Keep up the great work, my friend, as you dance through life and take in all the world as to offer.

Sir John

great post as always .. thanks

right say you....great post

Superb...You are really multi talented...Always great to view your Blogs....

this is very beautiful -i really liked how the "flags" were used - wish i understood the words - the whole thing the dance the songs - it just looks and sounds so beautiful so romantic - thanks for showing us your dance

YOU'RE AMAZING!!! You always find a way to impress your followers and leave them open-mouthed! You are a great example of inspiration for everyone.

Yeah she is the best!

stea90! you're tooo kind thank you!

This is really nice and Impressive.

I find the Xianxia style quite interesting as a form of art, though I'm a bad dancer I'd still love to try out Xianxia one of these days

most of all it is just really fun, almost like a Chinese style of cosplay getting dress and dance in this style ^^

That'd definitely be a sight to behold.....

You have become a gif MASTER! Nice moves sensei.

traditional bow. well done son.gif

haha thank you avesa, i've been using them for quite some time, but just had quite a few this time round :)

They are so high quality, but loaded so fast and smooth! Do you use photoshop? Or is it all magic spells and enchantments?

beautiful song.....beautiful dance......awesome dancer..... so adorable as always

sonny.dharmawan, thank you!

Dancing is a very beautiful form of art dance video. Your dance cover is indeed beautiful.

Wow you very talanted, nice!!!

Wonderful post its amazing thanks for sharing

thanks machhour, thanks for visiting!

Awesome dancing performance!

hms818, thank you!

nice post

@sweetsssj - OMG - You can dance too? Very impressive!! The music is haunting but more than that, your movements are just mesmerizing,
I see that you have taken a lot of pain to recreate the traditional outfit. The flowing long sleeved dress and the opera fans definitely add panache to your dance.
You have demonstrated that you can really create a masterpiece of performing art with so much hardwork. I am impressed with the split you have performed in the dance too. My groin and hamstrings hurt just from the thought of doing a spilt! LOL
Thank you for sharing this lovely dance performance and Kudos on your skill. Upvoted full

Your graceful movements and beauty reminded me of a lovely peacock that I wrote about. I request you to take a look. I really pray to god that you continue your graceful and happy movement in life forever.



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💕🎄Haha ! I Like Lights Too !!💕🎄

@sweetsssj this post was supposed to be on my momskitchen account but but It didn't log me in properly ! sorry about that I didn't mean to have two comments from the same account ! Im getting tired I guess , and will actually be glad when Chrisrmas is done haha ! 💕👍🎁🎀🎄🎅

🎄🎀🎅 Oh wow this is so awesome @sweetsssj ! You are not only the best food and travel blogger on Steemit and everywhere else , but also a Beautiful Dancer With a awesome presentation as well ! The music you chose was wonderful and a reall heart warming love story told in dance , I loved it !! You always seen to surprise me every time you post something ! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome talent with us all for Christmas ! Hope you don't wait so long until next time !
Im just catching your post now as I have been so busy Christmas shopping , I barely just got a chance to update my #popcontest even that will be paying out on Christmas Day !! But im so glad I caught your post now !! Merry Christmas @sweetsssj ! Upped and Resteemed 🎀🎄🎅

Wow this is solo amazing @sweetssj it's amazing to see you dancing for the first time....I loved it thank you sooo much for sharing and you are always beautiful in any outfit you are my favourite:)

Your posts are always breathtakingly awesome. I really am a fan of urs.

somehow these days we get to know more about the sweet lady of steemit :)

hey pennystockhelp, almost more to share, stay tuned for 2018! :)

Wow, amazing job and truly breath taking! I had no idea that you were able to dance so well. I am very impressed to say the least :)

wow, im very impress on your wonderful and very beautiful dance @sweetsssj..

i love this photo..

you look so mysterious on your photo..

the lights and the background is fantastic

Upvoted and resteem your post.

thanks mrblu, perfect picture choosing as usual!

it's because i love the way you do...your such a beautiful person..and very humble , thats why i like you so much..

I had a feeling as if I was dancing along with you.Heavenly

ahha the 'with me' series is really making people join along !

Muy interesante la cultura de tu país, realmente esta llena de sorpresas, espero un día poder ir y así mirar con mis propios ojos ese espectáculo gracias por compartir

Wow! I don't even remember your first dance. You even have the Sweetsssj light board! Very cool!

haha it was such a long time ago.. but it's impractical for me to do these regularly because i'm always travelling !

hi Dear,
this is my 1st time to see you dance...your moves is very awesome.. i like the way you dance..

Upvoted and resteem your post..

Hope you will visit on my page if you have time..its my pleasure to follow you and support your post..

I would love to follow you for your efforts and quality of work, but I'm disappointed to see your constant heavy self-voting, when it's completely unnecessary. It ruins the post for me personally by setting the wrong tone.

Everyone knows that it doesn't reflect well on reputation, but I'm most bothered that it's a bad example for other Steemians given your high visibility. Leading by example is something I appreciate most with the leaders at the top of Steemit's feeds for marketing and demonstration of best practice.

In your position of delegated power, I'd hope that using the delegation gift would be primarily for awarding people for their content/engagement, not selling votes or using it on yourself. :(

@sweetsssj what a graceful dance,beautifully executed!

I love you @swetsssj ... I deliberately painted your picture, a sign I always miss you. image image


You are the best Miss of steemit in the world. Your post can be Motivate to other steemians

agrojaya, thank you, hopefully we can all be happy and celebrate a fantastic end to the year

Thank you very much, who would help someone new in steemit. I keep abreast of your posts. and always I resteem. may be this is a good step for me in learning steemit.

This is beautiful and impressive!

art-universe, thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed :)

oh my gut.

i really like you channel

i hope you follow me

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wow it is certainly a great job that you do @sweetjsss is a beautiful and fine dance, I love their movements are as graceful as those of a gazelle, has made a beautiful video dear, I love, thank you for sharing your great talent and show the world its beauty, you are a true piece of art. I invite you to take a look at my recent post, i will love know your opinion about them, safely, Reesteem, cheers!

thanks for the lovely comment hector! will do :)

you are so lovely, I love your elegance 😍 😘@sweetjsss you are like an angel, wearing white wings and as peaceful as a dove ❤️

Another advantage of dancing is that you lose weight when you are regular

This is so cute :')


thanks stefaniya!

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you

wbayderda, thank you that's very encouraging to hear!

@sweetsssj lol! Dancing is fun. It is also therapeutic and I think most of Chinese dances are good to tackle emotional problems.

That's quite an interesting insight there. I didn't realise it helped with emotional problems, but you might be right! :)

beautiful dance ,beautiful costume,looking very beautiful.


灵魂之美来自舞蹈运动,但灵魂之舞比出现的舞蹈更美。 舞蹈和灵魂美只有少数出现和出现。

绝对完美的运动。 我真的很喜欢它。

谢谢啦 : )

Your content has always such an amazing aesthetic!

I am delighted to meet you on steemit you are artist is beautiful dance

As always I look forward to reading your articles You took some amazing photographs I didn't know you were a dancer I appreciate you sharing and I am wishing you a very happy and joyful holiday season upvoted & resteem

mannyfig1956! thank you ! I am actually not a pro dancer, just an amateur who has enjoyed it since I was young. You have a happy holiday !

Whaaaaaa?? Amazing! You are talented in so many different ways!! Look for my upcoming dance dedicated to gold:). - Goldy

Yes , its wonderful

goldie, i wonder what kind of dance involves the theme of gold.. you're making me think of some Indian styles.. hmmm

It’s mostly me running around like a crazy chicken, I’m sure you will find it very entertaining:)

I love folk dance, nice post.

thanks mabhedal

This new journey through dance is wonderful. I think you've wanted to give a little of the know to the community, those is very well. Congratulations.

thanks koer :)

o my dear your dance is very beautiful and u r very gorgeous girl and your triditional dance is amazing

shafiq too kind, thank you!

Such a great dancer!

thanks tinyan!

I see your dance steps and moves its really amazing and wish to have more interested dance tips from and I will say just loveChinese tradition.

really have to thank you for liking Chinese tradition :)

is a beautiful and fine dance :) awesome dancer... :)

araidc! so kind of you!

Beautifully dancer @sweetssj

thank you atika!

Please help me to follow and vote on my first publication so that I can join you in this beautiful community.
this is my first publication:

Amazing... That's really awesome. I Love u dear

wow.. thank you :D

:) i came across your all dancing. its just wow . Amazing dance . its reflecting the chines culture . i really liked it . keep it up :)

my pleasure my dear, i'm always proud to share Chinese culture with everyone :)

Thanks for sharing such awesome material is really helpful for those who wishing to study about different cultures. I will wait for another articles like this from your side. Stay blessed.

This is so captivating. I am always fascinated by dance from other cultures.

stanleemike, i don't know which is your first name hah!

Your post is allways so nice. Your introduce us and spread a beauty of China culture.

Thank You very much @sweetsssj follow you ;)

mantanini, it is my pleasure. Any opportunity share my culture is worth it!