Dance with me #1 - Roll Deep (因為紅)

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Introducing Sweetsssj Dance with me #1!

I've always really enjoyed dancing, and actually when I was an ickle girl, I spent a good amount of time learning and practising various styles of dance including Ballet, Traditional Chinese Folk Dance and even ball room! Obviously the modern street, jazz, pop etc. interest me a great deal too.

Perhaps common knowledge to the younger audience, K-POP has taken the world by storm, what with groups like Big Bang, Girls Generation, Super Junior, 2NE1 and more recently EXO, T-ARA leading the pack, K-POP has really made quite an impact globally not just in the music industry but also in orthogonal industries like film, fashion and pop-culture.

One particular artist that has made quite a bit of noise is Hyuna.

Hyuna is the same age as me, but she has already made a significant impact in the k-pop industry both domestically and world wide. She started off her career as an original member of the girl-group, Wonder Girls. (You might know them for their hit song Nobody). She later joined another popular group called 4Minute.

With her multiple talents including a stand out stage presence, dancing and singing abilities, Hyuna eventually transitioned to a solo career where she has also enjoyed incredible success. Some songs you might have heard from her in her solo career are "Troublemaker", "Bubble Pop" and "Red".

Of course, we have all heard Psy's Gangnam Style which to this day is still the most viewed youtube video with over 2.7 Billion views, and she is no less a hot feature in this music video.

Today i'd like to share my little dance video to her other popular song "Roll Deep". This song has been interpreted by virtually all avid dancers in Korea as well as most of Asia.

Here's the music video!

Hope you enjoyed my dance video as much as I enjoyed making it. Do let me know what you think!


I'm so glad that you have entitled this post "#1" because I very much look forward to further entries in this series!

I am very partial to Chinese classical dance, especially court dances. Do you have any of those in your repertoire? To me that represents the absolute epitome of the dance art form. I can certainly enjoy jazz, ballroom, modern street and all the rest, but nothing penetrates to my spirit like Classical Chinese Dance :-)

Thanks onceuponatime, I'm not a professional dancer of course but it's a great means of self-expression and of course good exercise.

I actually have learned some Chinese Classical Dance, and it will be my pleasure to share with Steemit when I get the opportunity to film. It's hard to get exclusive use of the dance studio, and sometimes its hard to find a good location elsewhere to match with the style of dance.

I'm flattered and impressed that you like Classical Chinese Dance though, I'm always very thankful for anyone that enjoys Chinese culture. One of my life missions is to spread the good parts of my culture to the world.

I actually have learned some Chinese Classical Dance, and it will be my pleasure to share with Steemit when I get the opportunity to film.

That would be fantastic! I hope you can work something out to make that happen. I absolutely concur with @onceuponatime. Great photo, by the way!

I would not be able put that any better :D

I am sorry to say but this post is hillerious ( for me) Roll deep guys for #2.
Xie Xie for your wonderful dance though and teaching us Chinese culture. I traveled for 6 weeks all over China and it was quite interesting.
PS :
I might have to change my concept and start a kick box video for Mammasitta's. #justkidding

I produced, in the 1980's, the first demonstration in Canada of Classical Chinese Dance at the Solar Stage, First Canadian Place in the financial district of downtown Toronto. I was also the business manager of the School of Chinadance, Toronto. I am pleased that my comment was able to provide you with a little hilarity.

Thats very interesting to hear about your life experiences and your comments are always inspiring for me! I created my first meme ever and it was super fun. @onceuponatime I did not think your comment was hillerious. I referred to the post in general. The choice of my vocabulary might have been misunderstood.

Can I come to dance with you?

that's the idea!

Wow, a sheer display of dexterity, keep it up and thanks for sharing :)
Please check out my blog and support with a follow back. Thanks

Thank you, strangely i've always been quite flexible which has been a point of jealousy from my ballet peers who many have had quite a difficult time loosening up! I've followed and look forward to good blogs from you soon :)

i love roll deep, but mostly older and more hardcore tracks like:

I'm struggling to think how I would go about choreographing that.. haha

What a gorgeous dancer you are, thanks for sharing with us all! I was really looking forward to that day. Namaste :)

Thanks Eric! Promised the dance video and here it is! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, that was great!
Now I finally know, how you can be so fit, even if you are visiting one good restaurant after another! ;-)

That's a good point actually ! I think I'm still subconsciously taking advantage of my faster metabolism, but I dare not think what will happen a few years later.. best step up the dance game!

Second post today that left me speechless :-) - thanks for this awesomeness @sweetsssj - steemit has the best ladies of the internet!

Aww thanks, I feel very special! I agree , Steemit has such a great and diverse user base, it's really hard to compare !

Nice moves. Seems like you have two cams set down on a fixed positions. I was thinking nobody was controlling the cameras but there's some parts where there is some bit of zoom in out. So, #whysocurious me is wondering was anybody at the cameras?

Aha, actually I had to take many many takes from multiple angles and my mum helped me with some of the filming!

世上只有妈妈好。 Nice dance studio BTW.

Thanks ace!

You're welcome

Whoa! You have so many talents! Is there anything that you can't do?

Aw thanks David, I guess we all have things we're good at but without experimenting and trying things out, we'd never know! Still would love to learn and develop more modern dance skills, it's a bit like a classical pianist trying to pick up Jazz piano. Very hard!

Tell me about it! I actually have a piano and have tried playing for years. It's no easy task when you start as an adult. But good for you for trying new things! That's what it's all about, right?

Oh yeah for sure.. I'm in the same boat with the piano.. learned classical and some how just find it so hard to step out from that melodic world.

I seem to remember you have a knack for trading, now that's something I couldn't see myself ever been good at, that's something you should be proud of!

Yeah, I started out teaching myself classical piano and then began writing some rock and alternative melodies with a friend of mine. Took up guitar and some bass at the same time as well. I've tried my hand with some classical jazz piano, but I only ever learn parts of songs. Being self-taught, it's a little harder to keep up with it. I could probably use a few good lessons. Maybe I'll use some of my STEEM for that?

Yes, I have had some success with trading, so I always have that in my back pocket if I need it. I'm proud of a lot of the things that I've accomplished, but I still have a lot more left to do! And the good news is that I still have plenty of time to do it (I hope)!

Anyway...looking forward to more of these videos. You've already shown so much regarding the variety of interests and talents that you have. And to know that you're very intelligent and tuned into the more philosophical side of government/society and money/crypto is just icing on the cake. You're a very well-rounded individual and I applaud that! It's great to have you on this platform and I think you're going to be a huge factor in its success.

This is awesome.

Thank you goldmatters:)

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