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Have you ever tried to play the piano by feet?



Here is my new job of dance performance – play the piano by feet! Today, Fashion Walk, a famous shopping mall in Hong Kong, announced it’s Christmas Program and we are invited for dance performance!

This Christmas, the theme of Fashion Walk in the “BIG Piano”. You may have seen it before. It’s a very very big piano and you need to play it by feet. Fashion Walk invited the Mr. Remo Saraceni - the inventor of BIG Piano, Mr Wyman Wong – famous lyricist and Ms Hilary Tsui, Fashion Icon of Hong Kong to the opening ceremony.

這是我最新接洽的舞蹈演出工作 – 用腳彈琴! 今天,位於香港銅鑼灣的大牌商場Fashion Walk,進行了聖誕活動的開幕禮,而我們則成為了唯一的表演嘉賓!

今天Fashion Walk聖誕活動的主題是「BIG Piano」,你可能已經在其他地方見過這鋼琴了,這是一部很大很的琴,你需要用腳來彈琴。Fashion Walk邀請了BIG Piano的創辦人Remo Saraceni、填詞人黃偉文及陳奕迅的老婆,潮流教主徐濠縈出席開幕禮。

Stage set up started at midnight, after the close of Fashion Walk
場地佈置在深夜Fashion Walk關門後開始

As well as the stage rehearsal, also started at midnight…
同樣,我們的綵排也在深夜,Fashion Walk關門後開始…

The opening ceremony started with the opening dance by our dancers, then came to the interview of guests. Finally, we came to the BIG Piano and our dancers started the BIG Piano dance performance! From the description of the MC, it was the world’s first 6-dancers performance on the 6-octive BIG Piano, which is also the world longest BIG Piano to be displayed outdoor for people to play.

節目由我們的開場舞帶出,然後是主持訪問各位嘉賓,最後,大家一齊來的BIG Piano的面前開始我們的表演。據主持人稱,這次的BIG Piano橫跨六個八度,是世上公開展示及讓遊人試玩最長的BIG Piano,而我們亦是史上第一個在這世上最長的BIG Piano的六人舞蹈演出,哈哈,這樣也可以說成是世上之最,強。

Opening Dance 開場舞蹈

Remo Saraceni – inventor of BIG Piano 創辦人

Wyman Wong and Hilary Tsui 黃偉文及徐濠縈

Full of media and audiences 無數的記者和觀眾

And Of Course, Our Performance 當然還有最重要的舞蹈表演

I can say the performance is really difficult. Dancers need to memorize all the notes of the song and dance. Actually, we don’t want to see the BIG Piano anymore XD. But we will still have 6 days’ performance on the BIG Piano.

我可以說這次演出真的很困難!舞者們要記熟整首歌如何彈,還要跳舞,我都不知他們現在是彈琴還是跳舞了!其實,我們已不想再見到那部BIG Piano,但是我們在未來還有六天要在這裡表演….

Group Photo 最後來個大合照

The BIG Piano will be placed at the Fashion Walk until Christmas. If you pass by Fashion Walk, come and try the BIG Piano!

這部BIG Piano將會在Fashion Walk擺放到聖誕節,經過的朋友,記得來玩一玩,踩一踩吧!

Fashion Walk 名店坊

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 11.26.58 PM.jpg

Address: Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Opening Hour: 10:00 – 23:00

開放時間:10:00 – 23:00

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Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!

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Very good post


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Beautiful street art!

Such coordination obviously comes from lots of practice. These dancers are to be commended for their commitment to their art.

Have they considered going for a Guinness World Book of Records title? If not, they should. I can see BIG Piano growing to include more dancers, and more keyboards to put on truly stunning performances. Good luck with it. Love it! I upvote you.


Thank you! haha it's not easy to apply the Guinness World Book of Record~

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That looks like so much fun!!! A very talented group of dancers who make it look much easier than it really is, I'm sure :) Rehearsals must have been epic... BRAVO!



Dude, you're awesome!

Remind me to meet you up next time my family and I are in Hong Kong 😁 would love an autograph (and a picture or two) 😁


Sure~ Let me know when you arrive~




OMG! The video looks really great.. I think playing the piano by foot is hard enough... How much more if you dance on it... xD Great job to all the dancers and everyone in your group! ^^




You're welcome... ^^

Really good. I copied the url to my Facebook page for others that are not on Steemit to enjoy.


Thanks~ Of course it's ok to share~

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great post, nice photos, very artictic piano player!


Thank you~



很累的舞蹈 XD

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Wow! That must be hard to play a song and dance at the same time. Amazing work!


It's really really hard XD Thanks~

Such a wonderful performance I know it is not easy since you all should be in the right timing or else no good music will be produced.

Soar High Be An Inspiration

that looks so amazing! And the girls are very pretty ...

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