PEDO-POPE To RESIGN! (Q Right Again!) Ex-JAG Prosecutor Prepares to Skewer NXIVM Traffickers!

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The Pope's "Terrible May" predicted by Q is unfolding! Pope Francis announced his possible resignation in coming months and Leo Zagami, ex-Illuminati high degree Italian Mason says Francis is to be replaced by an African Pope. Meanwhile, the appointment of Richard Donoghue, ex-JAG lawyer from Fort Bragg, will be prosecuting the NXIVM case in Brooklyn, NY!

For the most up to date information on Pope Francis' impending resignation and the media black out on the Cardinal Pell pedophilia case being prosecuted in Melbourne, Australia:

Richard Donoghue, ex-JAG Army captain prosecutor out of Fort Bragg will be prosecuting the NXIVM defendants:

For a great update on the Brooklyn based NXIVM prosecution by Ex-JAG lawyer, Richard Donoghue, please watch this video by Mad News Broadcasting, and sub to her excellent YT channel:

To view the indictment against Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, including the dozens of companies owned by NXIVM that are being investigated in the case:

Please support the work of Mad News Broadcasting by subbing to their excellent YT channel and donating!

Thanks so much to Frank Parloto for his excellent reporting on breaking the NXIVM story and providing the initial material that led to the prosecutions of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Please follow Parlotto's ongoing. Frank's reporting in the Niagara Falls Reporter, has been the source for the majority of You Are Free TV's reporting on NXIVM-related crimes.

To read about Irish resistance to the forced housing of African Muslim "migrants" in their homes:

John Heinz, (R-PA), was killed in a plane crash with 5 other people when he plane was struck by a helicopter over an elementary school in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, in 1991. Heinz was a fierce advocate of protecting pensions, regulating insurance companies and nursing home spending policies, and he also was a staunch defender of American Steel production in PA and across the USA. George HW Bush, then President, attending Heinz's funeral. The Bush family has been involved in no less than 5 coup d'etat attempts against the United States of America. John Kerry married John Heinz's widow, Teresa Heinz, heir to the $500 million Heinz fortune, in 1995. Additionally, both Kerry and Heinz were Yale graduates and members of the notorious Skull and Bones society.

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Thanks for viewing this post, Stemians. As Q says, We, the People, FIGHT, TOGETHER, for the Republic and for Freedom everywhere. You Are Free! @dakini5d


I had to stop the video at 4 mins so I can go to your steemit site and start following you. Thank you for the video. 😁

Thanks @elduke! Gonna follow you. I appreciate the Steemit support!

Thanks so much for curation skills, @truthforce!

Awesome video, as usual. Your reporting is always top notch!

Keith Reniere's NXIVM and the Pope's Vatican are both pedo-blackmail slave networks of the Satanic NWO cabal, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. It is all finally coming out! It is all just one big cabal of blackmail slaves, and they are all going down together.

Anyway, thanks for all your great videos! Please check out my latest post on Q:

'Q is DEAD, Long Live Q'

YES, @C-Change and I think we will see some more connections into other orgs more closely connected to the SSP...

LOL. Sometimes my favorite part of your videos is the new age-ie stuff :)

Hee, yea, just sayin'....

Thank you so much You ARe Free are quickly becoming my go-to source for all things Q, health, news, etc. What an awesome spirit you are! Keep up the fight

Thanks for saying so, @ukegal! I will keep it coming. I very much appreciate your kind words and support! Followed you.

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