Q is DEAD, Long Live Q!

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It is likely true that Q started as a Cicada 3301 operation, which then got co-opted. Possibly by CIA, Mossad, MI6, or any of a number of intelligence agencies. It is also likely that custody has changed hands more than once. It could be changing hands right now.

While there was obviously an original Q, the phenomenon has since snowballed into an alternative information channel. ‘Q’ has grown deep roots and become an entrenched seat of power, a central channel of patriotic propaganda for the masses. Q has become an office, a role, rather than an identity, like ‘Minister of Patriot Propaganda.’ Whoever controls Q’s tripcode IS Q. The vital question, however, is who has taken control now? It is not wether Q is real or fake (it has always been a PSYOP) but more importantly: is Q Alliance, or cabal?

Q is especially valuable as a tool of disclosure, a weapon of Light. For this reason, the dark forces of the cabal want to control it to throttle, pervert, and divert the Light it shines. The Light forces of the Alliance, conversely, want to control it to unveil the most powerful truths, to take down the corrupt deep state cabal.

It is currently impossible to know for sure which side is currently behind Q.

As Q grows increasingly more popular, however, the probability that Q is under the direct control of military intelligence, and the commander in chief, approaches 100%. The reason for this is that the bigger it becomes, the more it becomes an undeniable matter of national security.

Q has become the world’s most successful organic PSYOP, and it shows no sign of slowing. Indeed, the more the MSM writes about it, calling it a conspiracy theory, the more it spreads. Now that the controlled opposition media figures Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi have declared Q to be dead—Q rises even further in popularity. Jones and Corsi are known shills, with suspected ties to CIA and Mossad, and the fact that they have now broken with Q only further supports the popularity, and apparent independence, of Q.

You can say what you want about the quality and provenance of the Q narrative over time, and lament the pedestrian shift, the reduced quality of the cryptography, the crass military propaganda videos or Trump campaign videos—or fear it has passed into the control of a nefarious cabal agency that wants to use it to promote war—but it is undeniable that Q has become a vital, entrenched information channel, as well as an alternative narrative. It is the narrative of ‘The Storm.’

Q has also become inextricably intertwined with the reputation of our billionaire president (whose fortune is based almost entirely on his reputation, the Trump brand). This reputation factor combines with the national security factor, to further ensure that Q can’t help but find its way into the hands of military intelligence, if it is not already there.

So, we can all rejoice now that Alex Jones and Corsi have declared Q to be compromised, for that only indicates that Q has reliably transitioned, yet again, and is no longer a controlled opposition mouthpiece of covert Zionists (like Jones and Corsi). Again, with every change of the guard—with every ‘Q coup’ if you will—the probability of Q being controlled by military intelligence approaches 100%. There should be a new mathematical law created to describe this, like Moore’s Law, or Campbell’s Law. Shall we call it ‘Q’s Law’?

Q’s Law: As Q grows increasingly more popular, and influential, the probability that it is under the direct control of military intelligence, and ultimately the commander in chief, approaches 100%.

So, let’s celebrate the most recent declaration of Q’s death, for the position only becomes more powerful, and closer to the true seat of power. The true power behind Trump’s ascent to the highest office will inevitably become increasingly in control of Q. This is not the Zionists (despite Kushner), nor the Deep State (despite nearly all of D.C.), and it is definitely not Putin (despite the MSM’s gaslit delusions)—it is the scientific/military elite ‘Alliance’ behind Trump. Military intelligence, the woke patriots of the chans, the Sons of Liberty, We the People, the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn. Q is our Trump, and Trump is our Q.

So let us rejoice! ‘Q is Dead, Long Live Q!’

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I find the narrative very interesting. Definitely a tool being used. Have only met one single person offline that has heard of q. Will be interesting when it goes mainstream

Great run down on Q. It resonates with how I have been tracking the situation in real time ever since Pizzagate broke and the MSM/online truther info war heated up. I agree with your assessment, and get tired of the truther community failing to pay attention to each other when so many like you help us synthesize the broad picture. Thank you for your prophetic leadership, I'm glad AIM pointed you out to me.