BREAKING: Chuck Schumer, Democrat Senate Minority Leader, Accused of Raping His Daughter's 16 Year Old Friend: Friend Then "Committed Suicide"

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December 9: Lisa Schumer exposed her father's ongoing sexual relationship with her 16 year old high school best friend, Rebecca, which resulted in two abortions and led the girl to "commit suicide" three years later. Caitlin Schumer, Chuck Schumer's wife, confirmed the story. Lisa Schumer said she was informed by the girl's mother of the "affair" and that her mother, Caitlin Schumer reportedly paid Rebecaa to "go away." Three years later, the young woman was dead.

Sex with a minor is rape. According to Lisa and Caitlin Schumer, Chuck Schumer repeatedly "had sex" with Rebecca, impregnating her twice.

Although the young woman is no longer alive to testify, records from Planned Parenthood could be the key in proving the abortions did occur. Additionally, Rebecca left behind very detailed diaries during the time period of the "affair".

This news comes on the heals of Schumer's recent vehement condemnation of Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the Alabama state Senate, for similar allegations that have since proven to be false.

Lisa Schumer said that she came forward because she could not stand for the blatant hypocritical behavior her father was guilty of in his calling for Roy Moore to remove himself from the Senate race.

Thank you to TOP NEWS HEADLINES DAILY and Natasha's Trump News Youtube channels for the informative news and commentary.

Operation Roto-Rooter continues!! Pedophiles are on the run and we are #UNRIG-ging the system!

On a side note of @dakini5d 's opinion, Amy Schumer is Chuck Schumer's niece. Her career is built on cringe-worthy, sexually explicit, crude "comedy" that often borders on obscene. Will there be more skeletons leaping from Chuck Schumer's closet of perversion in the months to come? As someone who has studied sexual abuse and supported survivors of abuse for over three decades, I have often wondered if Amy Schumer is a sexual abuse survivor, as sexual exhibitionism is sometimes a trait that survivors adopt in order to cope with their abuse and turn it into a self-empowering mechanism. This is false power, but it is a survival skill that our brains employ to help us get through otherwise unacceptable traumatic experiences. for more info on how we can unrig Congress in 2018! Thanks for reading my post! @dakini5d

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Oh how the mighty shall fall.

" sexual exhibitionism is sometimes a trait that survivors adopt in order to cope with their abuse and turn it into a self-empowering mechanism. This is false power, but it is a survival skill that our brains employ to help us get through otherwise unacceptable traumatic experiences"

You couldn't be more right on your premise regarding exhibitionism. is what it is.
Great blog post. Very insightful. Resteemed

Thanks for the support and resteem, Chelsea! I always appreciate your keen attention to my posts and engagement. There is definitely a social engineering agenda at work with #metoo and we will watch it unfold in the months to come. Activists, social workers and survivor support networks have been speaking out against violence against women and children for five decades. The social institutions that were championed by such good-hearted people have been co-opted very purposefully in order to socially engineer a tightly controlled big brother society where public officials will decide what is right and wrong and how we are to behave. And public-private partnerships disguised as progressive social programs figured out how to prey on the vulnerable in order to make billions and control law-making to benefit their own corporations. The CPS is a prime example of this-- the pay-for-play foster care system, for instance. Thanks for your comment! Have a great night, my Steemian friend.

Not a problem, I know good material when i see it. I was planning to do a personal opinion post based off two sides to this emergence of confessions very soon, probably tomorrow. Have a good evening my friend waves

Looking forward to reading your post!

Great job getting this on steemit. I am using steemit for more and more of my news and you are doing a great job bring it. It is a shame a damn shame these people are in the drivers seat.

Thanks, @spacetrucker! I am a fan of your work. As Catherine Austin Fitts, says, "The United States is being run as a criminal enterprise," and people like us are making sure the criminals get as much sunlight shown on them as possible! Truck on!

I agree!! keep it up. not to turn this into a commercial got some new posts up and a new mini-series I would like some input on. thanks again!

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Sure! I will check them out! Ditto. I would like your opinion on my "CONNECTED" postwhen you have the time. Talk soon!

Many will label this as conjecture. Personally, I think it is true.

Time and again, Trump's most vocal critics get exposed as compromised miscreants.

And Chuck Schumer is one of President Trump's most vocal critics!

Caveat Emptor.

@dakini5d do you have anymore sources for this story?

This is the first I've heard of this anywhere. Can't say I'm familiar with conservativestamp or Natasha.

But this isn't real, is it? But it's on the blockchain?

Why are the names wrong? Caitlin is not his wife and Lisa is not his daughter. I don't know how anything can be taken as seriously vetted in this article if absolute basics are wrong.

Please explain how Caitlin and Lisa are tied to Chuck Schumer.