[EN/中文]DailyPetPhotography submissions | "每天寵物攝影" 圖片 Day 391

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【dPet wants to acknowledge the hardwork going into the chosen photos in DailyPetPhotograhy! Could you give me a hand? Just click on the chosen photo(s), give any of them some comments or an upvote! dPet is so thankful for your support, together you and us will give rapport to pet owners and enthusiasts. Together, @dPet we are closely bonded to each other!】

【dPet 想給予每天被挑選中的照片更多的鼓勵! 你能幫dPet 一下嗎? 只需要點擊被選中的照片,給他們一個評論或點贊! dPet 很高興有些參加者已經在進行這個行動,它會創造出所有寵物愛好者互動的巨大力量!】

【Here is a dog contest started by @supernovastaffy! You also can use this tag #dogsofsteemit!】

【這裡也有也一個由@supernovastaffy舉辦的狗狗的比賽,你同樣也可以使用 #dogsofsteemit這個標籤!】

We read all posts tagged #dailypetphotography everyday and look forward to knowing more about your pets! However, if your photo is not selected today, don't be discouraged! Have another try next time. Meanwhile, you might as well follow other steemians in #dailypetphotograhy, share anything with them about pets, mix and mingle and make friends! Break the ice, let them know you and your pets!

如果你的照片今天並沒有被選中,請不要放棄! 嘗試關注參加此次活動的其他steemians,其中一個目的就是製造更多機會與其他人互動!
dPet 每天都會瀏覽寵物攝影的全部帖子,跟dPet 說多點關於你的寵物吧!

Please note that only original photos are accepted and selected in #dailypetphotography, plagiarised photos or content will result in disqualification @dPet!

【At the end of each month, there will be a month-end DailyPetPhotography election at dPet! We are grateful if you could sponsor the DailyPetPhotography monthly election in SBD and grow a bigger prize pool! Thanks!】

【Also, to encourage long-term participation in DailyPetPhotography, we expect that all monthly winners will receive a certain amount of dPet Smart Media Token (SMT) in 2019.】

注意!DailyPetPhotograhy 這個活動必需使用原創照片,假如你的作品是抄襲的,將會被 dPet 取消資格!

【我們預計所有月選優勝者將會在2019年得到一定數量的dPet Smart Media Token (SMT)】

Today's three picks are as follows: 今天的挑選作品如下:

【Top 3: 頭三位】

@sketch.and.jam - A chilean rose hair tarantula. She is about 6 years old and can live up to 30. They are one of the most docile tarantulas available they don't mind being handled at all!

一頭智利玫瑰色的頭髮狼蛛。 她大約6歲,可以活到30歲。他們是最溫順的狼蛛之一,他們根本不介意被整理!

@animal-shelter - If other puppies behave like ... like puppies, then Toffa is a real future model!


@cicisaja - Lemon doesn't like the flash light from camera!


【Consolation prizes: 安慰獎】

@d00k13 - Nothing Scares The ScaredyBear Now!


@bigsambucca - This is the new member of the horse family called Jack!


@harveythedog - Deep Flight - Tiefflug!

深度飛行 - Tiefflug!

@bricat - Me with one of my girlfriends. I had a lot!

我和我的一個女朋友。 我有很多!

@eii - During the walk saw this dog!


Thank you for all the submissions. If you have some pet photos to share, grab a camera, aim, press the shutter and partake in DailyPetPhotograhy at dPet!

dPet 謝謝所有參加者,如果你有寵物,快拿起相機來拍張照片及參加 DailyPetPhotograhy!

You can delegate your Steem Power to support us, here are the delegation links by steemconnect:


20SP| 30SP| 50SP | 100SP

A dPet discord server is at your service, come on over to say hi and make new friends there. Here is the link. https://discord.gg/GYrnsNm
Come join us on discord, together we are building a strong force protecting pets' well-being!


dPet welcomes all pet owners and enthusiasts to sponsor, upvote, resteem and follow this event! If you love and care about pets, let’s join forces to promote and protect welfare of pets on Steemit!

dPet 歡迎贊助、點讚、轉發及關注此活動! 如果你喜歡寵物,來一起想想怎樣可以在 Steemit 為它們做更多的事情!

The event details are Here! 活動詳情在!

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Thanks for the mention @dpet 😊 I know nothing about dpet or #dailypetphotography 😉 I just use it because I saw it from @hangin post before, I thought that it just a common tags as other tags on steemit.


And now you know @cicisaja congrats Lemon looks cute now you can start photographing your friends pets and animals around the neighborhood and enter them into this contest good luck with it all...Cheers :)


well done~


Thank you @kona and @dpet :)


good job...welcome to take more photo~


Thank you @kona 😊 I'll try to get more pictures later..

Right on thanks for the mention, helping to boost Jerry’s confidence one post at a time 😅

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Welcome, let us know more about Jerry👍👍