Seasoned With Sult N Papper 03/09/19> Hell’s bells it is Saturday…remember back when it used to be SBI Saturday?

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It seems like...

It seems like a really long time ago but I guess in reality it has only been 4 or 5 months since I stopped giving away shares of Steem Basic Income each Saturday. Those were always some of my favorite Daily Dose columns to write. I always gave away at least three shares of SBI but there were weeks when I would get carried away and just start naming names and before you know it I would be at 6 or 7 people getting shares of SBI.

Normally I would pick three people to receive the shares and I would write a little paragraph about that person or group and encourage folks to go check them out and give them some additional support. I also had a little self imposed rule that I lived by and that was even if a person wasn’t one of the main three picked but had their name mentioned in a Saturday Daily Dose they would also receive a share of SBI that week. So that getting carried away with naming names sometimes got expensive.

I've missed giving...

I’ve missed giving away SBI; in fact I tried to give some away earlier in the week and not one person seemed interested enough to even speak up for it so that is five shares that are no longer available. What do you mean you didn’t see it? Just how long have you been reading and following me?

If you are new here I’ll explain and even if you aren’t new here you might want to read the explanation because obviously you have forgotten how I operate.

Back when this...

Back when this was known as the “Daily Dose of Sultnpapper” I tried to produce quality interesting items every day and let me tell you; for an old man like me that isn’t an easy task. I still do try and produce quality interesting posts but I just can’t do “daily” any longer right now. For the record though, I did go 435 consecutive days without missing a day. That for me was quite a feat; the family betting odds didn’t have me making it on here longer than a month and some had me at less than a week.

Writing at the end of the day is also a challenge in itself, and the more tired you are the more mistakes you are likely to make especially typographical errors. So I encouraged people to let me know when I had posted something with an obvious error that slipped by me so I could get it corrected. It didn’t matter to me if the person called it out in a comment or if they private messaged me on discord I just wanted to know so that I could get it corrected.

To show my...

To show my appreciation I would sometimes transfer some steem or sbd to the person that took time out of their day to help me out by noting the errors. I didn’t do it all the time but I did it enough that the regular Daily Dose readers didn’t hesitate to help me out by pointing out the errors of my two index fingers. Then when I got on the SBI band wagon I started giving shares of SBI to people who took the time to help my clean up my errors.

I never have...

I never have even added up how many shares of SBI I have given away and if I wasn’t so lazy right now I could go look and figure it out, but like I said, I am lazy right now. If I had to guess though; I would guess somewhere around 130 shares or so between SBI Saturday and error bounties.

Well, I was feeling...

Well, I was feeling the itch the other day to give away some SBI, that day was 03/05/19. I had put a bounty of 5 SBI in my mind for an error that I figured would be jumped on right away but as of this moment not one person has brought it to my attention. I also made the error where it could not be corrected so that someone wouldn’t think I would go back and make the error after the fact like when I write this Seasoned With Sult N Papper.

“So, just what is the error and where?”, good question my friends.

That would be the very first category I listed as “daulydose” instead of “dailydose” so it is pretty easy to spot when you see the post. I may not be on here every day but I am still the same old guy that likes to give back to the community in some way, shape or form.

So I still...

So I still have the itch, and I am going to scratch it right now. I have been sitting on 841 followers for quite a while now and earlier today I saw that it dropped to 840. Evidently someone got tired of waiting around on me or just plain got tired of me, either way it is all good.

I also noticed a couple hours later it was back up to 841 so I am going to go take a look and see just who happens to be my most recent follower and if it isn’t the person who dropped me earlier in the day and then re-followed me I am going to give the 5 SBI to my new follower. So hang tight and I’ll be right back.

Okay, I am...

Okay, I am back. Sorry to see you leave @weirdheadaches but I did appreciate the support I received from you in the past. Stop back by here anytime, you are always welcome here.

So, it wasn’t @weirdheadaches dropping me and then re-following me so I do have a winner of the 5 SBI for today and my itch is scratched. I have to admit that I am extremely surprised at who the winner is, I would have sworn that this person was already a follower because she shows up around my blog pretty regularly and is a genuine good person.

Welcome aboard @dswigle and congratulations on winning 5 SBI.

Denise is very popular on Steemit (as most of you know) and is the founder of a popular weekly challenge known as “Market Fridays”. So if you see posts with that hashtag or header you will know that she is the brain that got that one started. For the record, I even have participated in that one time when I brought my story of a big flea market down on the Texas / Mexico border known as the “MercaDome”.

She also is part of the brain trust behind #steemusa and if I am not mistaken she might be Canadian or at least moved there in the last year or so. Anyway, I couldn’t be happier than I am that she is a follower and today’s winner of 5 SBI.

Ya’ll have a great weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight when you go to bed if you happen to live in a part of the US that still does that nonsense. (Texas).

Until next time,

Note: Thanks for reading this edition of Seasoned with Sultnpapper. Please check out this post by a great friend and curator who just happens to know a whole bunch about astrology named @enchantedspirit ;

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

I totally missed this and I am totally embarrassed! Thank you so much for the SBI and for the most awesome plug that was given to me and my #MarketFriday challenge.

Such a sweet gesture and I totally missed it!!! It doesn't get any worse than that!

Thank you again! And again! I leave you with a !tip 0.30 as this is too late to upvote it!

Happy St. Paddy's Day! 🍀 That is how late I am!!!!

PS... I thought I was a follower and noticed one day that I wasn't following you, so no wonder I didn't get notifications. So I followed.

Yikes! Right? Thank you again, you nice man. What an awesome thing you do.

Just for the record I hate daylight savings time!! I can't say how I really feel -- because I try not to use words like that. So ... I hate daylight savings time will have to suffice.

Congratulations @dswigle! I'd have thought you were already following him, too. Goes to show -- none of us know as much as we think we do.

That is why guzbucked was created; for times when you need a good clean cuss word, or at least one that isn't fully recognized by the masses.

Well, it's not that I'm actually stupid (though that might have a part to play) I just can't find it in me to really get after an error in a post. I've made my fair share...

I KNOW! I thought maybe you were going back to your horse hauling days and announced it as the Dually Dose by way of sneaking up on us! How's that for an excuse? I've got a million of them.

With all that said, I'm really glad you got the itch and found a way to scratch it with dswigle. That is a serious win both ways!

So. Daylight savings time. What a monumental waste. I REALLY like that Arizona doesn't play that silly game but now I'll have a certain period of time questioning actual time (not that time is particularly real in any sense) after you all have messed with your clocks. And Europe and Australia aren't on the same schedule so I have to figure them seperately.

Guzbucked. You might want to include a new item in your dictionary listing: Guzbucked describing the effort to influence day length by changing clocks. Just a suggestion...

Glad to see 'seasoned' again. I'm happy when you are busy, but sad when it costs me the reading of your wisdom.

I seldom ever call out an error in a post in the comments but I go to discord and private message people and let them know so they can fix it if they chose too.
If it is someone I don't know on discord then I go find an expired post of theirs and make a comment on it informing them about the error on their current post and I tell them that I am just trying to help them and that this message comment will be deleted in a couple of days so there won't be any record of my pointing it out where it would be obvious for most to see.
Being involved in groups, especially writing groups, that is part of helping each other improve their quality and there are ways to do it privately or semi-privately so to speak without looking like you are trying to make the poster look like an ass or yourself look like an ass for pointing it out.
Yes, I have hauled plenty of horses up and down the road with the old dually I had when I was a young buck but that error was just fishing bait or rather itching bait.
So glad that Ms. Wigle decided to follow me when she did, she is really a great person and very deserving of the shares for a whole host of reasons but in this case it was pure luck of the timing.
I have given away SBI to latest followers before during the SBI Saturday run but never did I give some to a person where it made me feel as good as this time.
So don't hold back on calling out errors when it comes to my posts, they may not always be worth something but you just never know until you speak up.
Jacking with the time is pure nonsense and screws my body clock up big time for a week or so and the really bad part on this change is Monday morning I have to head to Austin, Texas really early to be there by 10:00 AM so I am not looking forward to that.
Thanks for the support Tom.

@dswigle is well deserving of the SBi Shares she is such a kind person and give back a lot to the community with her generous tips to so many, Plus host the very popular Market Friday Challenge, but is Jenny one of the other founders of Steemusa that is Canadian :)

Your post makes me wonder how many SBI shares I have given away on my Wednesday Walk posts, but I am just to lazy to try and look through my transfers and work that oout

She really is a kind soul and very deserving. I hate to admit this but I am not active enough over at #steemusa to know for sure about Jenny or who Jenny is.
Take a look at the comment from @abitcoinskeptic he showed me a trick that I didn't know about on looking up how much SBI a person has. It shows me with 228 shares so I might have under estimated how much I gave away on the SBI Saturday posts.
I did some "rough " math in my head as I was writing the post and I knew I had gone 35 weeks @ 3 a week to get to 105 and then figured about another 25 for weeks I went over the 3 to get 130 as a number.
I probably under estimated by another 25.
But if you know how many weeks you have been doing the Wednesday Walk and how many shares on average you give you can get in the ball park.
That was really a great tip he gave, I had no idea it was that easy to see where you stand with shares and what the SBI upvote you receive is worth.

Sorry I though you know about the !sbi status comment to find out how many shares you have, I think I did it last week and have 500 shares at the moment, but some of those were before I started the Wednesday walk

Hi @tattoodjay!

  • you have 500 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 682391334283 or 0.465 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.093 $

    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

No, I didn't have a clue until it was mentioned in that other comment. I haven't been on here much since SBI automated their system and I haven't had any time to investigate things like that. It is a great feature for sure.

It is handy to be able to quickly check your status with just a comment
Now that is the kind of bot I like on here

I did notice the daulydose error - but I thought there was no point mentioning it, as you can't change the main tag, so I knew you wouldn't be able to correct it!
Also I was wondering if it was a new word you'd invented for the not-quite-daily-dose.
I say that in jest really. I've been spending very little time on Steemit in the last few weeks, because I've been so busy with my ML course, finding a new tenant for the flat I rent... just general craziness. Maybe it's something astrological, as our birthdays are quite close I think. Sometimes life just speeds up. I hope the new job is going well.

I'm glad the new job is going well. Good jobs without all the corporate BS seem to be a rare thing these days - in Scotland at least. When you find something like that, hold onto it!

Yes, I probably should have picked a different error to make as you are correct, that is one that can't be changed. I also have been known to create words so I'll give you that one too.
The job is going well and I couldn't have asked for better people to be working with and not a bunch a corporate BS which suits me perfectly.
Taking on that part time gig of doing drawings is what really eats away at my free time, but it is good, I make way more drawing than I do blogging that is for sure, but I really enjoy the interaction with people when blogging.

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This isn't one of those adds or plugs, and I know you are busy... just glad that you are ok my friend. don't think you aren't missed... Do check out @appics if you see this, and get a chance. It has helped me somewhat dealing with my can do a real quick post... Not like your usual, or mine, but...just wanted to mention is all... :)

Thanks Wes. I haven't looked at it ... always thought it was just for posting pictures with a few words.
I just have been busy, and when I do have some free time I sneak in a game or two of poker. Just haven't carved enough time out to write a post that is worth the time to write and more importantly ; worth someone's time to read it.

I do understand. If...and only if you are interested, let me know on here or via DM through the @steemusa discord. If you are on Android, the process is easy to get going for @appics; I have a link for the community on Telegram and contact with someone who can get you started. Like I said...if you don't have a lot of time, you can just add a photo, say a few words, grab a couple of default tags...boom. Just trying to help brother... let me know. Either way...very good to hear from you!

SBI is great. Sometimes I give them away to people who engage me on my posts. Usually I don't make it obvious, but recently I even added a bounty to my post to celebrate getting to 60 rep.
I am glad youbare writing daily again. Your topics see usually thought provoking.

Here is a little trick:

!sbi status

Hi @abitcoinskeptic!

  • you have 55 units and 50 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 1395783826908 or 0.941 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.188 $

    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

That is quite the trick, I'd say. I guess they have done some major upgrading now that they have gotten SBI automated. I had no idea about that

!sbi status

Hi @sultnpapper!

  • you have 228 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 2336629054940 or 1.602 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.320 $

    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

Itch’s must be scratched. Glad miss wiggle was the scratching poster.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yes they must, it is the law of nature. I too was really glad to find her as my scratching post.

You all good mr. Papper?
Uncharacteristic silence.
Wishing you the best!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I am good Mr. Buttcoins, thanks for asking. The lack of time to get on here has been the only reason you haven't seen or heard from me. I am so damn busy with the new job and the part time drawing stuff, but you have to make hay while the sun is shining so they say.
How are you doing? The wife & kids all good as well?

Pennsylvania is discussing dropping the outdated Daylight Savings Time. Oh how I wish they would. I normally rise around 5 am EST. I am dead on my feet for a week after with awful sleep disturbances for the abrupt change and loss of sleep. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend. Congratulations to @dswigle!

🎁 Hi @sultnpapper! You have received 0.3 SBD tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Oh! To Be Irish And Dream! Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

I hope all is well @sultnpapper. I wanted to let you know that I just caught Ken Burns' Prohibition documentary and learned that the federal government originally, and proactively, proposed federal income tax to help recapture revenue that they feared would be lost from alcohol tax when the temperance moment got their way and alcohol was outlawed. At the time the feds got a third of their operating revenue from taxing alcohol. The Volstead Act wasn't passed until six years later so I'm sure they were able to build a nice nest egg. I bet you already were aware of this but I thought it was fascinating.

Eric all is well except for the fact I am so damn busy I haven't had any, and I mean ANY time, to even get on here and read let alone write.
I haven't seen that documentary but I was aware of that angle the government took.
It is always good to get refreshers on subjects so I will see if I can catch that KB film.
You would have won that bet.
Hope all is well with you. My youngest boy will be visiting your state this summer for a church youth group function in Minneapolis. I am sure he will enjoy the weather there as it is probably 15 or 20 degrees cooler than here at that time of year normally from what I can tell.

I was starting to get worried! : ) I'm glad all is well. Things are good here, we're getting ready for a trip to England in early May. This will be our first time there and with my ancestors on my father's side originating from the Warwickshire area I'm especially psyched about it. Great to hear your son will be up this way! If he has any spare time have him reach out and we can grab lunch or something if our schedules synch up. It was good to hear from you!

That sounds like an exciting trip you have coming up, I hope all goes well with it.
Don't worry about me being missing from here. If anything serious ever happens, the wife has all the pass word keys and such and she would make a post informing ya'll. Hopefully that won't happen for a long, long time but you just never know.
I will get with you closer to when the boy's trip is and see, they have a pretty full schedule as best I can tell but it would be great if he can meet you.

I was just on here snooping wondering what was going on with @sultnpapper! It just hit me I havent seen a post by you or got a comment from you in forever! I hope all is still alright with you! I know life gets busy and things like social media take a backseat to real life things. Blessing to you sir!

I been missing in action and thanks for the blessings.
I made a change in employment back in the winter and things have been non-stop since then but life could not be going any better for me than it is right now.
The only thing that has suffered is being able to make time to read, write and post on steemit. Hopefully that will change soon but for right now I just don't have a stitch of time to commit to here like I did in the past. Thanks.

Oh I understand! Just glad everything is a-okay! :D

Things are super busy here as well. I am trying to keep up with Steemit but it is hard to make time for that right now for sure.

Glad to hear from ya!

I thought you would be posting by now! Hope all is well and that you have settled into your new job.

Bring back that Daily Dose of goodness!


🎁 Hi @sultnpapper! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Beautiful Sunday, Sublimely So Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

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i miss you. i hope you are well!

Howdy sir sultnpapper! I think you're doing pretty darn good at posting since you work full time and that 435 day consecutive posts is a record that not many can match! Did any of your family admit that they were wrong about you blogging?

They did admit they were wrong, and back in Sept I made it a point to let them know I had made it a full year without missing a day and that I had over 800 followers. Both of those things blew their minds. Of course I didn't tell them that probably 780 of the followers were more than likely bots or not even around any longer but the way I saw it was ; if they wanted to know the ins and outs of this place they could join and find out for themselves. It isn't my job to let all the cats out the bags, only the ones that I determine need to be freed get let out by me.

haha! howdy again sir sultnpapper! lol. that is so funny about letting the cats out of the bag! Darn right, I agree. It's also hilarious that you blew everyone's minds by posting everyday for so long! That's just priceless. And none of them have ever shown any interest in Steemit? Even with your sales ability? lol.

  ·  6 months ago Reveal Comment