The Daily Dose Challenge, Phase 6 Is Now Live!

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Photo by: @andyfishman

The Daily Dose Challenge, Phase 6 Is Now Live!

For those that have not read the previous DD contest posts:

Everyone loves a photo challenge, and I am down with that. And it is time for a new kind photo challenge, starting right now. Let's call it The Daily Dose Challenge, and here be what ya gotta do... when you go outside make use of that cellphone or tablet, and post up some photos of geoengineering going on above your head. And the rewards for taking part in this challenge are? Every phase the prize will be 10 Steem(possibly more), to the best photo series of the insanity we call Chemtrails.

Phase 6 is now live.

1st Place - 5 Steem & the Chemmy Award!
2nd Place - 3 Steem
3rd Place - 2 Steem

There will be a Best of Phase photo award this phase, receiving a 3 SBD Prize.

So for this phase, the days are: May 4th - June 6th 2018 with the winners announced on June 7th 2018. You can submit multiple entries, and not be limited to just one set of photos! We need your submissions, and we are looking for some quality photos with as much details as you can get. The following post schedule should help with submitting:

May 11th Phase 6A Update
May 18th Phase 6B Update
May 25th Phase 6C Update
June 1st Phase 6D Update
June 7th Phase 6 Winners

The rules of engagement:

Use the tag dailydose and make a new post to submit your photos, add the date and a title like: The Daily Dose - May 10 2018 by @yoursteemhandle. Then...

Resteem the contest post, or the current update post, and make a comment in the current post with a link to your submission post.

Feel free to also include other tags such as: geoengineering chemtrails poison weather skyart, and etc. New photos would be greatly appreciated, and goes a long way toward winning! ;-)

Submissions for this round:

Let's get some mass awareness and documentation going! Have your chemtrail shots etched in blockchain for all time, who doesn't love that?

Our Phase Five Winners were @wizardave @cshera @anouk.nox :-)

See our previous winners post for an example of what we are looking for.

Are you not tired of being experimented upon? I am, so there is no time like the ever present now, to take action.

So are you game?

Do us all a favor, go outside and point those cameras into the sky, and start clicking!

This photo challenge is sponsored by:


If you are interested in being a sponsor of this challenge, hit me up on Discord: CC Discord
A Big Thank You to all who have shown support for this contest, with submissions, upvotes, resteems and comments! It is appreciated, and it helps spread the word. :-)

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Hi @inthenow
could not resist to post a few new lovely pictures to lighten up your day.
Isn't it good to know that the government is watching out for us?


Hi! :-D Yeah always good ta know they got our back and look out for our best interests! :-D Have a good day my friend.

Here is another one for your viewing pleasure. 5/8/18 Los Angeles, 1PM


Thanks once again my friend, entry added above. :-D


Thanks again my friend... added in. :-D

Good luck to everyone for this next contest! @inthenow sorry for not being as plugged in during the latter stages of the last contest. Life kinda came at me hard and didn't spend much time online at all. I am looking forward to getting some of my own entries up for this next contest and will also be searching out others that may want to join.

UV & RS!


Hi :-) No problem at all, glad you are back and hopefully things are working themselves out for you. If you got a few minutes, pick your fav photo from phase 5 and let me know which one it is. Then we can get the winner notified and prize sent. Thank my friend, have a great day.


Thanks! :-D

Here is my entry for this phase- DailyDose 5/7/18 FBF
Love to know if Dtube is streaming the time-lapse sufficiently. I have had some issues with videos loading in the past. Good luck to everyone!


Thanks for your submission. :-) And yeah Dtube can be a lil slow at times. Have a great day.

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Hello good article friend, if you want to go through my profile and check it and I'll follow you.


Thanks for entering, you have been added into the list. Have a great day.


Submission added, thanks! :-D

Hey, that's a great initiative and incentive for spreading the word and opening our collective eyes. Congratulations!

Full upvote and resteem. I am joining the party, of course.


Hello & Welcome to the Party! :-D I am looking forward to seeing your photos. Thanks for the R&U as well, have a great night.

Hullo @inthenow. Here I am again. My entry for this phase. 😉


Thanks! If you could, kindly resteem the update post for us. I am adding your entry into that post.