Daiesthai War: A 3d PVP game built on Steem Blockchain

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Hello Guys

Have you heard of a new game on the Steem Blockchain, "Daiesthai War???"

Daiesthai war is a PVP war game based on the Steem blockchain where you can buy, collect and trade Arks of power, weapons, and spells.

Note: (The game is still in it's alpha)

The graphics are so awesome as expected from a 3D game, and I can't say that I am not impressed.

There is an early bonus for early adopters in the form of discount on Packs and Arks purchase.


So here I am purchasing my 1st Epic Pack


Let's open it up...


I have got three weapons Magic Eye, Lucifer Curse and Spider Shield.

Plus, I also got a gift Ark from the team.

Commandment Of Pity


All in all, I think Daiesthai War will be a valuable addition to Steem Blockchain...(We saw what happened with Steem Monsters)
So, looking forward to see more of the Daiesthai War.

giphy (67).gif


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I don't really understand the game.
I click on the link and the site showing oops!.

It's still in development... Launching soon.

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