Abstract Technical Treatment for DAFA: 50 SBD Bounty and More...

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Hi there, another update from the DAFA project.
This time is a bounty to find a great abstract thinker!


Some weeks ago, I announced DAFA (here) and I have received some good feedback and interest from some devs on Discord as well. Then, I had a big upvote by @utopian-io (thanks again and again), and I've stacked up some rewards.

What's better than reinvesting those rewards straightaway? NOTHING!

The bounty for this Abstract Technical Treatment is 50 SBD.


I'd like to start talking with some senior devs about the high-level architecture to use, mainly an abstract technical treatment that will help me understand how to roll out DAFA technically and ideally to find a partner to move things forward, faster.

Here you can find the first breakdown of DAFA's main components.


The treatment should be written and well commented using TLA+ to give everyone a common ground: math.

The TLA file should be very clearly commented.

The deadline is the 15th of July.

PLEASE NOTE: If there will be multiple quality submissios I'll make sure to award a bounty to each.

Everyone who wants to join is highly encouraged to get in touch with me on Discord (venalbe#9432) for any clarification and/or feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mock-ups by Hira Karmachela



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``The treatment should be written and well commented using TLA+ to give everyone a common ground: math.''

100% agreed.

Then developers, once you get them, can read this and start working at once: would be clear what is desired.

For those who don't already know, there's a Java program that can test TLA+ code, run cases and display output. It can mechanically check model work.