Steemit Cypher Sunday #4 - 'Creation' is Officially Underway (3/11/18 - 3/23/18)

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Steemit Cypher Sunday #4 is now underway!

This round's theme is 'Creation'!

Submissions open from 3/11/18 - 3/23/18

The aim with this cypher is to build up our skills and share our unique perspectives. Let’s use this as an opportunity to uplift, inspire, and create a better world. Words are vibration, and these vibrations affect physical matter, so the more we speak truth, the more truth we will see in the world.


For this contest, spit 8 bars of positivity to the beat provided, and at the end of the submission period I will compile all of the valid entries into a cypher video, where we’re all joined together creating a unique song and video!

The final video and song will be uploaded to DTube and DSound on Sunday (3-25-18), and all participants will receive an equal portion of the final SBD payouts!

For our fourth cypher, we will be using a beat from my upcoming album for my song 'A New Way'!

This is an awesome opportunity to create a song which spreads a message of co-creation, manifestation, and positive decision making.


  • 1) Upvote and Resteem this post

  • 2) Create a new post between 3/11/18 - 3/23/18 with #cyphersunday as your first tag and include:

  • 3) Include a video of you performing 8 bars to the track above to YouTube (English only please) (8 bars begins at 0:05 and ends at 0:26)
    Express yourself, but keep it clean with no cursing. The aim with this cypher is to uplift, inspire, and bring more positivity into the world. This week’s theme is “Creation”. Entries that fit this theme and provide a positive message will be considered valid, and will be included in the cypher!

  • 4) Include an acapella version either uploaded to YouTube and included in your post, or a download link in WAV format

  • 5) Include your lyrics and where you're from!

  • 6) A new submission post will be made next Sunday, 3/18/17. Comment on that post with a link to your entry post!

Submissions are open until Friday, March 23rd, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST.

Steemit Cypher Sunday is now officially bi-weekly! After seeing many artists wishing to participate, but strapped on time, I've decided to extend the submission window by an extra week. This means you have a full 12 days to prepare!)

Download below from YouTube or from DSound!

Click here to listen and download on DSound
(8 bars begins at 0:05 and ends at 0:26)


Support each other!
Payouts from the final cypher posts on DTube and DSound will be split equally amongst all emcees in the cypher, once rewards have closed out and have hit my account!

Upvoting and commenting on other emcees' posts and comments is highly encouraged!
Let's build together!
Much love to you all and I can't wait to make this happen!! We're going to create something magical!

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SCS #3 - 'Growth & Expansion'

Thanks for supporting!


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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