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RE: How to join SteemIt Cycling Community aka Thank You Bicycle :)

in #cycling3 years ago

Great project!

Bikes are so awesome especially because they are so sustainable. I hope a lot more people start to ride bikes and I think the electric bike revolution will help that!

I see you have no responses to the poll yet but I say YES resteem for SURE if its an original and quality post! Nudity is as natural as it gets and just like we need a LOT MORE PEOPLE RIDING BIKES we also need a LOT MORE PEOPLE BEING OK WITH NUDITY!


Thank you very much for your kind word. We know that opinions related to electric bikes are somehow opposite among cyclists, but we find them quite amusing and useful. More than few cyclists who are regularly using e-bikes have medical issues which could prevent them from enjoying cycling. As we are concerned, as long as there is no additional polluting, every little help is allowed ;)

Yes obviously man powered is healthier and MORE sustainable but its far better to ride an E bike than anything else. It will catch on and there will be FAR more e bikers than regular bikers in 10 years.