Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer Review // My trainer set-up to keep FIT and LEAN in winter!

in #cycling3 years ago

My review of the Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer. I also talk about my trainer set-up and how it's kept me fit and lean throughout winter.

This is not a sponsored video (but if Wahoo would like to sponsor me that would be sweet haha). You can learn more about the Wahoo Kickr direct-drive trainer and all it's specs here: https://au.wahoofitness.com/devices/bike-trainers/wahoo-kickr-powertrainer

I understand that smart trainers can be quite expensive, but essentially what we have purchased here is a 'winter bike' that has an inbuilt power meter. I'm a softy when it comes to cold weather (I've have some bad experiences that resulted in hospitalization due to hypothermia) so if it's too cold or raining hard, I would rather get a quality session on the trainer than go out and struggle to push watts and get nothing out of my training session because I'm wasting all my energy trying to keep my body warm. I saw this as an investment into my fitness and it didn't disappoint - I came out of winter fitter than I was in summer/autumn, which isn't usually the case for 95% of people. Totally worth it and would recommend! :)

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