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Now as a daily commuter, I have met lots of fellow cycling commuters on the road. One of the most common mistakes I have seen people make is setting the seat height wrong.
Most people would set their seat height in such a way that they could keep their feet comfortably on the ground!! The question I would ask them was are you cycling or walking your cycle???
The wrong seat height will lead to knee pain, there was a cyclist I met who was commuting about 20 kms every day, when I informed him (I usually do that) about his seat height being set wrong, he politely asked me to set it for him. As I was setting the seat, he asked me about the adverse effects of wrong seat height when I told him that he will have knee pain in the wrong term, he responded with an 'ohh', and the tone was that of 'now I know!!'
He had been cycling for about 6-7 months and was experiencing knee pain!!!
I met him again after about 3-4 weeks - He thanked me for setting the seat height for him and he told me that he is not experiencing knee pain anymore.

The other video was a basic safety issue - visibility at night!! Once again during my commutes, I have met cyclists who did not have any lights on their cycle and this was despite cycling late in the evening. Their justification was that they were held up on that day and normally they would not be riding after dark, I have met these people quite a few times usually after dusk!!
It has always amazed me that people buying cycles for a few thousands do not want to spend a couple of hundreds on a couple of lights.

The organisers of the BBCh races were actively involved with helping other cycling races and events. One of the events they were involved was - Pedal for the planet. BBCh put me in touch with the organisers of this event - the result - I was welcomed as the cycling Vlogger to cover the event!!
This video had a bunch of firsts for me - I did not do the voice over, I used the MC's talks in my video (with his explicit permission ofcourse). Also the Raghu Dixit Project performed here after the races. Once again I took permission from them and included a part of their performance in my vlog. Raghu Dixit has an infectious energy and the crowd was on their feet in no time.

My next video was the top 5 cyclist essentials. These in my opinion were 5 items every cyclist should carry with him or her. It was a simple list - Helmet, Glasses, Gloves, Water bottle and Windcheater.

I had realised and was wondering why my FB friends list was keeping pace with my YT subscriber count!!

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