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My journey in the cycling universe continued with another review - The Brompton Foldable cycle!!

My first experience with a foldie was an eye opener!! When folded, it was small and convenient to carry around. When opened, it was surprisingly quick, despite the small wheel size, and not to mention built to handle rugged urban terrain.
To impress on the convenience of it I made the video in my dads office - in the conference room, located on the second floor.

By this time, my subscribers were growing and also my friends on facebook (yeah a lot of my subs were adding me on FB) and I got a fair share of messages on FB asking about me ... so I made an Introductory video on myself!! It was a simple video which I made in a different style to my usual videos. It became my channel intro on my youtube channel

This Intro video was followed by a new segment - Cycling essentials
I defined cycling essentials as those things every cyclist should know. I started off with a basic - Hydration. I had met quite a few people commute cycling in summer and not carrying a water bottle.

By this time, I was part of quite a few cycling groups on FB and on one of the groups, I saw an ad for the Track n Trail GranFondo. I got in touch with the organiser - Mac of the Track N Trail Livenup concepts store in Nagarbhavi. He was happy to have me cover his event. I met lots of nice people, made a cycling vlog and had the added benefit of getting connected to Sheriyar of Track n Trail HO at the event.

These event coverages were great as it exposed my channel to the cycling community.
I followed this up with a video explaining the proper use of the quick release levers. As the name says, they allow one to quickly remove the wheels and seats for repairs or adjustment. Most people while putting it back would not tighten it properly thereby endangering themselves in case it came loose.

This video was a precursor the the next couple of cycling essential videos. The first being how to put the cycle in a car.
I made this video as most of the videos I saw showed larger cars and I wanted to show how to fit it into a typical Indian small car. For this purpose I used my wife's car a Suzuki Ignis. She realised I had used her car only when the video came out!!! (yes yes I got hell for it - Slept on the couch for a week - and had to clean the car ... twice)

The video was appreciated and once again got messages on FB.

The journey continues later ....

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