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RE: Minnowhelper Technical support

You are shooting yourself in the foot with this "no refunds" politics. I didn't know that you are not voting on posts older than 5 days (by the way - why?) and I send you bid today for an older post - it will be lost. You just lost one person using your bot my friend. I hope there will be more people seeing that you are not completely honest with other users.


Dear imperfect-one,
Why 7,200 minutes (5 days). This avoids situations, for example, where someone bids 13 hours away from payout but the window is 11 hours away from payout, thus locked during the window.

These rules are for users to use the Bot correctly and do not overload the server with proposals that can not be voted on.

If your bid complies with the rules, but did not receive your vote, contact us by Slack to identify the problem and refund your investment.

We are aware that some users will stop using minnowhelper because of these conditions. But we also know that this way we will give a better service to users who use the Bot correctly.

Sorry that you have lost your bid. We write this post precisely to inform users of the Conditions of Use and to maintain transparency in communication. Similar conditions were written in the blog since the beginning of Minnowhelper, so no one can argue that he did not know this.

Best regards.

Thank you for your reply. I understand your arguments, but still - comparing to other voting bots, no refunds politics doesn't seem to be right and honest.

You do not have to thank me, I understand your point of view. We try to do what is best for everyone, even if not everyone agrees.
I wish you all the best and maybe you will meet us again sometime.

I strongly believe you do. We will see what future will bring ;)


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