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RE: Minnowhelper Technical support

in #customerservice4 years ago (edited)

Well, I used it the last time, at least other bots return the money when they fail to make the user manual clear or can or will not perform service paid for.
Probably also why the other bots are so much bigger than you, honesty in business pays off.
One ribbed off customer will tell at least 5 friends that again will tell 5 friends and so on, some even got many friends, not easy to lose that mark again.


Very adult and professional indeed

Just send me back the money that you scammed me off, is that really too much to ask?

Just the money for this last time, just forget the two others it is weeks ago, just 1 sbd you do not have or it is against company policy

I am very sorry that you have not read the Terms of Use of the Bot.
If you are an intelligent person you should know that offending others for their own mistakes will not get you anywhere.

Please do not reuse our services if you do not agree with the Usage Policies.

We've opened the Slack channel to troubleshoot Minnowhelper issues. The comments you make in our Post are considered Spam.So I kindly ask you to stop typing in the Post. If you want a solution, Use the Slack Channel.

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