Chasing Success? Be Curious As Hell

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What is your definition of success in life?


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For this post, I'm staying away from the holidays. I had an interesting conversation with a friend this past weekend about a few interesting topics. One topic was what we each thought was best in life and the second concerned success.

Some would probably mention something in terms of finances such as earning "my first million." Some people may define a successful life as achieving greatness, whether it be in a profession, trade, sport or art. Others may define success as something much less tangible, such as raising intelligent, capable children.

Obviously, there are many definitions that one can consider in terms of being a 'success.' As a mental health counselor oftentimes I will be asked by people (when they discover my professional background), how does one become successful? Environment? Genetics? Plain 'ole grit, determination, and hard work. Yes, all of these factors will play into becoming successful in something.


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However, if I had to name one specific trait that I see successful people demonstrate over and over again it would have to be curiosity. I have as yet come across anyone who led a successful life (in whatever way they defined it) who did not exhibit this trait in some way. Why is this?

Well, a curious person asks questions (lots of questions), of themselves, of subjects they are interested in and will often seek out knowledge on their own, without being told by others to do this research. A curious person constantly asks "why" and "how." A curious person never stops learning.


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A curious person is never satisfied with the attainment of a single goal, completing a goal is just another milestone in his or her quest to edify themselves. A curious person is never just curious about a single thing but applies their curiosity to everything around them. In order to be successful, you need to be curious.

So, it's easy to say that curiosity is the main ingredient for success, at least in my eyes.

If you can think of someone who you feel is a success and completely lacks curiosity, please let me know. I would like to research this person since everyone I can think of who was a success exhibits a curious mindset. Finally, for those who what to know how our first discussion about what is best in life went, you can find my friend's answer here.

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I always think to myself around separating success and $ or just numbers really, social success should not be by how many friends you have or work success for how much you make... It would be easier if lots of people out there had financial freedom or just work because you want rather producing a income. Are you successful on what you do?