5 interesting things about our live

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In my opinion, people are very curious and want to find out a lot of things. However, I'm sure you do not know these things about our live.

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1. All the bacteria that live in our body weigh about 2kg.

This is normal, you do not have to worry about it.

2.On the skin we have more living organisms than the whole earth. All his life a person loses about 16 kg of dead skin.

3. This is why 15% of the air we inhale in the metro station is human skin.

These are very small molecules.

4. Only one person of 2 billion people can live 116 years

I'm glad I'm 117 :))

5. In one year the tectonic plates are moving at the same speed as our new fingernails

A fairly high speed I think.

You can check my last post if you want to have a better memory

Smile! :D


Great information my friend
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Thank you man


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Very interesting topic, Thank you for the share:)

Thank you too

Nicely selected facts, I don't think you are 117 tho! :P

Thank you! Now you know :))

Very good information for me.

Interesting :-)

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