Tips for having a better memory

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I think many of us often have memory problems. While I was learning about ''Memory'' for the exam I thought it would be great to share with you some tips that we can use in order to train our memory to become better. I hope you will like it :D

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Good organization

People can retain much more information if they organize them very well. For exemple, can you retain these letters? ASANVTMNNCCBBOBH
Yes, you can keep them, but extremely hard. Please look at the end to see how to keep them very simple.


When we learn new things it is recommended to imagine those things, especially imagine them in a very creative way. For example, you can do this when you learn foreign languages. You can imagine some new words in gigantic shapes and you can remember them more easily.

Ask yourself as many questions as possible

If you want to remember and understand some things easier, it is very good to ask as many questions about that subject and answer them. If you understand the subject very good and very detailed, you will remember more about that subject.

Make associations

As you probably know, it is very good to make associations when we learn something or when you want to remember that for a longer period of time. If you met a person named Camboodigu, a rather complicated name, you can associate it with Cambodia and it will be easier for you to retain it.

That's how you can retain those letters much easier. Reverse them.


I hope you have a beautiful week!


That's really true , I've used some of them in my school days to remember geographical places :) . Thanks for sharing the full list .worth content which would help many people in improving their memory by using just small techniques.

Thank you!

You right and other one is: Try to relieve daily stress.

Yes, you are right

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