Successful Steem Projects You Should Know #2: Curie

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When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves. - William Arthur Ward

The Community Curation Project "Curie" proves that every single day.

Discovering exceptional content is the mission of @curie, and that's only half of the truth. Curie doesn't only discover outstanding pieces of content on the Steem blockchain - these shiny pearls that are somehow unique and different from the average -, they furthermore provide their authors with a considerable portion of attention and they help us - the Steem community - to find them.

The primary goal of Curie is to discover and reward undiscovered but exceptional content published by persistent creators with limited success. - Carl Nash @carlgnash, Curie Community Representative

For a reason more than 20,000 users are following the official @curie account on Steem, more than 4,000 are part of their discord channel, and their witness is currently ranked 15. Congratulations on these outstanding numbers, Team Curie!

Curie stands for curation, and in the ambient of content creation that implies... correct: a lot of work. If manually implemented - and that is the case here - curation does require a lot of time, dedication and commitment.

Good for us that back in September 2016 the Curie team decided to invest their valuable time in order to provide the Steem community with such a valuable service.

Curie is one of Steem's primary rocks, having a considerable stake in its success story!


You gotta appreciate what they do

In times of flourishing bid bot businesses and an increasing demand for automated voting tools, manual curation has become a scarce good.

More than 1 million accounts are created on Steem, currently submitting more than 30,000 posts daily to its blockchain (Source: @penguinpablo).

How would we - as single curators - even be able to discover the exceptional among the average? Filters are needed, and preferably represented by human beings who know well what we all mean when we're talking about quality content.

And I swear Curie knows what's best for Steem. Only by following their upvotes you'd be able to browse through the really great content on our platform!

If not quality, then what should be the main purpose in our community?


The passion thing: When commitment meats meritocracy

Whenever you get in contact with one of the Curie members, you notice that they're fully committed to the idea.

Listening to @carlgnash, for instance, makes you even feel comfortable. He's not only a great steemian but also a very nice guy one always enjoyes talking to. If you want to verify that fact, I kindly invite you to watch his video What is Curie?.

Curie proves full commitment to meritocracy and transparency with an aspiration towards zero corruption. - Curie Whitepaper

There is no doubt about the fact that Curie is absolutely living up the promises given in their whitepaper.

Curie empowers quality curators to find and reward undiscovered but exceptional pieces of content. A team of reviewers checks the suggested entries and decides on whether to allocate an upvote on these posts or not.

The curators receive a Curie internal weekly score depending on how many of their suggested posts were approved by reviewers the week before. The higher their score, the more posts they're allowed to submit. Also the top curators of the week are the only ones allowed to recommend new curators to the team.

Those curators who show a constantly high curation score over a period of 6 months can become reviewers.

This is a great incentivation system that could perfectly serve as an example to other community projects on Steem.

Currently around ~130 posts are upvoted weekly through the main curator/reviewer operation, plus hundreds more "small" Curies handed out by direct curators and thousands more posts upvoted weekly through the Curie support of various regional and interest specific communities. - @carlgnash

Thank you to the team of current curators/reviewers in the Curie team: @carlgnash, @liberosist, @alcibiades, @milosm2302, @teofilex11 and @markangeltrueman - as well as all other operational members of Curie.

Did someone say commitment? Amazing!


These steemy legends truly live up the decentralized idea on the Steem blockchain!

Positions or responsabilities in the team are not set in stone and can be challenged if necessary.

The constant commitment to the idea and an according set of rules is part of the Curie philosophy and contributes to its professionality and reliability.

Furthermore, any changes made in Curie's organization or operation require consensus. Once consensus is reached among top curators, reviewers and operators, the corresponding changes get top priority and will be implemented as soon as possible.

As you can see, Curie is a great role model in many senses!


If you still didn't know where to delegate your valuable Steem Power, now you have one more address to consider.

Hopefully @misterdelegation (ehm, hi @ned !) is reading this :-)

Only by flying over this little write-up you may discover a hundred reasons to support @curie. Let me repeat the headline of the Curie Manifesto which can be found in their whitepaper:

Curie believes in absolute meritocracy with no comprimises or scope for bias and corruption.

I told you: You gonna appreciate what they do.

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador

PS: For more information and updates visit the official website, join Curie on discord and of course follow the official Steem account @curie. Last but not least, you may consider voting Curie as a witness.

In case you missed the first part of the series "Successful Steem projects you should know: Part #1: El Proyecto Witness Cervantes

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You nailed this! You did a great job presenting what Curie does in an easily digestible format - you obviously did your research :) So appreciative of this post. I agree that now more than ever, manual curation is valuable and seemingly growing rare and more valuable by the day. Cheers - Carl


Thank you so much, Carl! Hearing this from someone who's been part of the project ever since means a lot :-) I'm glad if I can contribute a bit to your amazing success story, your team is definitely a great inspiration for all of us on this wonderful blockchain!

Steem on! :-)
Marly -

I have nothing to add to that other than Curie changed my life and the lives of many others who have benefitted from their upvotes and their ability to empower minnows and encourage the creation of great content.


I can totally relate, @markangeltrueman! Thanks for your great contribution to this wonderful project :-)


I should also mention the dozens of curators who tirelessly search for posts around here. Without them, curie is nothing. (i think you just mentioned the reviewers)


Yes, they definitely need to be mentioned and celebrated! :-)

Huh, I always learn from you. This is new to me but then again I don't blog much as you know but I'm def. gonna check out Carl's vid on curie. I think this'll be a must for everyone who runs across it that doesn't already know about it. Thanks for, yet again, pointing me in the right direction SF! Always enjoy what you do!


Thank you so much and you're more than welcome! Doing this type of research on already existing and successfully implemented projects also helps me to better undertand our community and blockchain. So it's a win-win in any sense :-)


Yes ma'am and I'm happy to learn from you as my lil' one's keep me busy, busy................ so many things soooooooooo lil' time! But I LOVE it! Thank you, you!

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Awesome, thanks for the love :-)

I love curie community! Their continuous support has helped me so much! Curie motivates me to work harder and keep providing quality content. Thank you for this article. It was nice to learn a little bit more about the project.

great post keep it up

You know what, you are right and sincerely after spending some months on steemit, I have to wait and research for some things and people on steemit, I was excited when I found out @curie blog and the value he has created to fellow steemians. And also thanks for sharing this. My steemit journey so far as been wonderful with you guys. I love you all

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You know what, you are right and sincerely after spending some months on steemit, I have to wait and research for some things and people on steemit, I was excited when I found out @curie blog and the value he has created to fellow steemians. And also thanks for sharing this. My steemit journey so far as been wonderful with you guys. I love you all

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  • Excellent information @surfermarly thank you for all the valuable information @curie you explained to us and that is of great help when we are starting out. I will look for the videos that you recommend to us to find out how they work. Wonderful publishing each line is more important than the other. Good explanation.

  • Thank you for guiding us in the right direction and for showing us the best tools to meet the objectives set out in the platform to achieve good results.Excellent day.

I love @curie, please @surfermarly tell @curie not to be such an "ice-queen"! =)

I love Curie! As a minnow, I've been building up my SP at what sometimes feels like an agonisingly slow pace. I'm very much committed to staying on Steemit for the long haul, and I know that gaining more influence on the platform is a slow and steady process (unless you have a lot of money to invest in buying more SP/Steem/crypto, I guess). That is okay - I'm willing to stick it out and keep building myself up, little by little, but whenever Curie supports one of my posts, my reputation jumps up and I get a much-needed infusion of SP that inspires me to keep going: that lets me know I'm on the right track. I am incredibly grateful for Curie's role on Steemit.

It was a struggle when i started writng post for steemit and curie was the one who show the appreciation for the hard work I have done. That kept me believe in this platform and still after all this bidbot massacare i believe in steemit as curie exist here.


Oh my goodness - the bidbot situation has become ridiculous at this point, but I agree wholeheartedly with you, @rifkan: Curie gives us all a reason to be hopeful, in the midst of whatever nonsense might be going on elsewhere on Steemit.

You are very right, we should appreciate your work. They have remained in time and despite the obstacles they continue to cure in the best way

Nice one. When i saw the word curie i was thinking differently but after reading through it i understand everything bit by bit.

Great job, keep it up!