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Whenever I get frustrated with SteemIt.com (the site, not the token)  It is due to a lack of diversity in stakeholders and curators.  I always want a greater spread of rewards and yet I fully respect the stakeholders using their stake how they want.

Recently I've realized I am supporting about as many people as possible within the constraints of my voting power and time.  I like to vote manually, so my support is sporadic to those I try to support.  I do want to support the growth of the user base, but I do not want to compromise my own ability to grow and earn.

An Experiment I Want To Try

One week and a day from now as an experiment I am going to delegate 1000 steem power to someone who wants to manually curate and grow their account.  I will delegate for one month.  (unless there is obvious abuse)  During this time the selected user is expected to self-vote, Hold and manually curate.  When I say self vote, I mean upvote their own posts and the occasional comment for visibility.  The point is to help the user build stake and encourage them to read and curate content that I may not even see or have any VP left to use on.  The user may use both upvotes and flags in their curation process.  GREAT NEWS @drakos has said he will match this effort, so either one winner will get $2000 or there will be two winners!  Thanks Drakos!  (He runs a witness, check him out)

At the end of the month, in return I would like you to share your experience with me via a post or conversation on Discord.  Did it help you?  Did you feel empowered to help others? etc.  How did it work out?  Why?

I do realize that someone could use the stake and power down after, either on purpose or because "Life Happens".  That's a risk I am willing to take. Aso the selected winner might trick me about manual curation, etc. etc.  That is why I am calling it an experiment.  Let's find out what can go wrong!

Obviously, this small timeframe and SP isn't going to make you a dolphin, but if you are serious about becoming one, it could help a little.  It also gives me something to think about while we wait for SMTs and Communities. 

My intent is to put a little bit of stake in the hands of someone who will use it with eyes on the site and curate.  In exchange they get a bonus on their own content as well.  The amount of stake is small and short lived, so there shouldn't be any lasting damage created.  Actually I have often thought if I held SteemIt, Inc's SP, this is how I would use some of it to spread the wealth without picking favorites.  Small, short term delegations.  So, let's experiment.  (I have no influence on SteemIt Inc., this is just for fun and entertainment)

So, there is the plan.   Let's pick someone as the LabRat in the Experiment:

Obviously if you want to be considered I am going to review your previous content and voting habits.  I only care about engagement not QUALITY.  I am also not inspired by hard luck stories, so if you need money for your dog's surgery my heart goes out to you, but that doesn't enter into this agreement.   What do you have to offer to growing your account and curation?   During the experiment I will likely check in from time-to-time, but I am terrible at micro management, so the concept is that you upvote what YOU like, not what I like.

And Yes, I did say you can and should build your own account also with the stake!  I want to see more stakeholders!!!!

Tell me who I should pick and why below.  It is fine to pitch yourself.  It's a short little experiment, we are not changing lives here.  :)

For those of you involved in Content groups, please consider a resteem!  (I rarely ask)

A good news UPDATE



Good initiative. As a bonus, I'm willing to match your 1000 SP delegation for 1 month to the chosen one. Or perhaps if you find two worthy candidates, I can delegate to the second person. Let's nourish those baby dolphins. What say you? 😀

Hey @whatsup and @drakos, I am also willing to delegate 1000 SP for 1 month. What do you say? 😎

The more the merrier. I have no objections.


Awesome! Are we all delegating to the same person, or do you think it's better to choose 3 people?

Based on the response I think 3 would be great.

It is obviously your call and very generous of you, but I kind of wish it wasn't a 1/3 of your stake. Just because I want you to be a dolphin also. Of course your stake is your stake, but I wonder if maybe 500 sp would be a better amount. I know you are an adult and I am out of line, but I see a lot of people burn out by trying to support more than they can or should. Anyway, hit me up on discord under this name if you want to talk about it.

Yes, I also think that 3 people would be better. As for the amount of Steem Power, I have made up my mind already :) I'll message you on discord tomorrow when I get back home. Have a great weekend!

You guys are legends! I'm only new hear but if I had it, i'd help for sure!

Hey, I can't find you on discord, give me a ping as soon as possible.

Hey, @whatsup, I just logged in :) My nickname is irreverent-dan#4220

Way to go @irreverent-dan 💪

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I say that is awesome. If you are sure, I will update the post! :)

Hmmm, let me think...

Okay nourish me! 😂😂😂😂 Pirate's Dan will be more urghhhh!
Cat Pirate.gif

Yarghhhhh, I want that cat pirate as my new pet.

Sir we have one from GrumpyCat breed would you like to try it. 😂😂

that's amazing @drakos !!! both of you, @drakos and @whatsup, are incredible and generous <3 <3

GOOD LUCK to this project !!!

This got me laughing real hard.

Obviously if you want to be considered I am going to review your previous content and voting habits. I only care about engagement not QUALITY. I am also not inspired by hard luck stories, so if you need money for your dog's surgery my heart goes out to you, but that doesn't enter into this agreement.

Great way to make an @whatsup's idea better!

We're using the same icon lol

That is funny! Thanks pixabay.

Now that is awesome to witness!!!

Aweaome, the experiment is growing! Cheers @drakos 🙏

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I’d love this delegation to not only help myself but give back to the community because my Motto has always been engagement which is the key to success I’ve learned being on steemit for the past 1 year

Hello, @whatsup! I am newbie. I'm only one month on Steemit. I am an artist. I wanted to publish my artworks, but decided not to hurry. I decided to wait a few months and look around better to understand what rules the community functions. And what did I see?

I observe here many artists of more talented, more purposeful, more workable than me. And I see that they get very few votes for their unique content. I think a lot about this injustice.

I did not want to publish my recordings for another month or two. And I will not do it. I will spend the delegated power on the help and promotion of my new friends.

I am ready during this month to look for talented artists daily and help them.

Maybe I will have to publish one post. I will tell in it about my new opportunities, let other artists easier to find me and tell me about their art.

Most of all on Steemit, I do not like when the authors themselves vote for their own comments. I hope I will not do this.

It is known that power is changing people, but I hope to remain myself and spend efforts to help others.

WASSSUP, @whatsup? :D
I have the perfect candidate for you, and speaking of "diversity", SHE is first and foremost a female, graduated from a Minnow Program, is helping me run my MinnowBootCamp and has other diverse things about her.
@eaglespirit is my nominee, and I have not told her about this yet.

😊 😋 😎

She is an awesome curator, has (too) High Standards (we argue about this all the time, I have a knack for finding "diamonds in the rough") 😊
She will likely be my first grad from my yet-undisclosed-dolphin-boot-camp program, natural outgrowth from the #minnowbootcamp, Don'tcha Think?


yay! thank you for this and sooo funny because I just applied. 😓😁

Whew, I was worried that you might balk at the
"self voting " requirement


@mbc-meps nooo i just started doing that for the asher thingy and i'm willing to give it up hehe

...anything for a Price...

😊 😋

@mbc-meps oh snap, afraid to know what that means. :p

Wow, that's tempting!
I just woke up to find my Voting Power having decreased to < 0.01 for a reason I don't know about and to find this post resteemed into my feed.
I feel like applying actually since I always get into discussions about political stuff which are avoided by many others from the German community largely but matter so much since the group of right-winged Germans on this platform is ever increasing.
BUT (a big but) 1000 SP is such a great number. I could even do with half of that. And most certainly there would be 3 other people who deserve that delegation.
Another objection: I don't selfvote. Neither on posts nor on comments. This is a German thing maybe but I didn't come to Steemit for money (nor for arguing with the right-winged, that is).
Thanks to @timcliff for the resteem, I will resteem the post myself now, may the delegation find the right user.

If your voting power went down while you were sleeping you should go to steemd and check why. Someone might have accessed your account.

It is important to me that the person I delegate to builds their own account. So let me know if you are interested Self voting is a requirement.

I made up my mind. I won't apply myself but I'd like to suggest three German language accounts:

  • @asperger-kids who is doing a lot of curation work right since the start and is undergoing a transgender process now
  • @limesoda, an Austria-based company investing a lot of time and soul into development of the German community
    @steemarity, a charity project co-initiated by @limesoda and run by a group of university students

As for my voting power, nothing has changed but the exchange rate SBD <> USD, I think. Other users confirmed that.

I love how honest this post is. No sugar coating. As much as I'd like to pitch for myself, because who doesn't want the 1000SP delegation right? Haha. But I'd like to pitch for mermaidvampire.

In terms of engagement, she has been very active in Steemit. She runs different contests and distributing all the SBD reward to those who joined. Its always an "everybody wins" kind of contest.

She's very smart and generous with what she has learned. She actively answers the questions of the newbies in our group chat. Some of the things I learned about this platform, is because of her.

She always tells us to love Steemit so it loves us back.

She's on Steemit day in, day out. Interacting, creating posts, reading and learning. Even when she's on dialysis. She has kidney problem by the way, so she spends half of her time in the hospital, but that doesn't hinder her from being active in this community.

I know she would do a lot with that 1000SP delegation. Please do check her account and discover how awesome she is.

Thanks for reading. This is what I saw upon waking up. Good morning from the Philippines 🇵🇭☺️


Wow! I am so speechless upon seeing this. First of all, thank you, I am so grateful of everyone's thoughts on me and wow I am excited about this opportunity. I have seen delegation stuff like this but never did I think I will be nominated and I will always be shy to nominate myself in one. But since this is happening, let me gather my thoughts for a bit and make an introduction. Thank you all so much.

Excellent, I will check her out! Love the suggestion.

@mermaidvampire is a perfect one to be delegated with 1000SP. Sir you may check her profile if you have doubt why we suggest her.

Yup she is a solid bet that also does a lot of contests and engagement in the platform.

I also [email protected] for this category..She has a big heart to everyone..❤hope you willconsider her too.

I am also @underground's older bot account ;)

Awesome, @mermaidvampire deserves it sooo much! Awesome friend & fellow steemian!

Helping @mermaidvampire is like helping an entire community because she shares everything with everyone. She has a big heart. I hope she wins this.

@mermaidvampire is a wholehearted steemit users, I agree that she deserve the 1k sp delegations, She can help a lot of minnows redfish and inspired them to keep going. She's brave, good steemians, talented and a fighter for life.

Yeah, I know for a fact she helps a lot of red fishes like herself and it's not just red fishes from a certain country, she helps anyone. A little boost and extra SP can help her in her cause. If I have much, she will be the first person I'd delegate it to. Please help her. Thanks for this opportunity.

Please do check her account...

@mermaidvampire is indeed highly recommended for that 1k delegation. I hope you will consider her.

Her awesomeness truly inspire others. I also nominate @mermaidvampire for that 1k delegation.

Our community, Steemit Achievers will be full support behind @mermaidvampire. She simply rocks it, selflessly. She believes in the platform and its beauty and she is out to share and help despite the limited resources she has. She helps even if she needs help herself. A tough cookie she is, despite her chronic illness of kidney failure, she is all positive and a ball of sunshine. 1k SP will not only help her but will help a number of red fishes that rallies behind her, including the hundred heads in our SA family. Thank you and more power to you @whatsup and @drakos.

@mermaidvampire really deserve it, even she's also a plankton she really wants to boost other planktons by hosting a contest. She has this daily,weekly and monthly contest check her profile and some blogs how deserving mermaidvampire to win this delegation.

@mermaidvampire is one of the smartest persons I have ever encountered on Steemit... a super duper active lady that has a good heart helping newbies thru her witty contests for all users to interact and she´s very successful on this niche. She deserves the 1K SP delegation, give those to her and she will prove to you how she´s helping the community. I trust she can do it for she has the capacity to move steemians to get out of their hiding and join the fun.

I support and agree with you @meetmysuperego @mermaidvampire deserve this delegation so she could extend more help to minnows.I hope @drakos and @whatsup check more about @mermaidvampire.She is so awesome.

Hey whatsup!

Just wanted to let you know that we manually curate everything on the @informationwar account. It is stevescoins/openparadigm/wakeupnd/truthforce that go through #informationwar #politics #news and some other tags looking for content that fits our mission of fighting the Information War.

If you were looking for someone to delegate to or follow our curation trail that would really help us build our effort :)

*raises hand.

I can tell you for sure I'm very serious about becoming a dolphin. With the resources I have, I'm doing my best to make it happen and a 1k SP boost would definitely help.
I know you said quality wasn't your biggest concern, but excuse my self horn tooting just this once and I can say in general the quality of content I create is high. It's not particularly diverse, but the quality is high.
I've also brought several other high quality users on the site and plan to continue to do this in the future.
I'm proud of my curation record and I'd love to be able to do even more to help others grow as I help myself as well. I think I have a nice balance of these two efforts.
Regardless, I think it's super awesome that you're doing this, and it's one of those things that I think makes this whole system awesome.

I am using this platform because @midlet coerced me. He was insistent with his persuasive argument about the benefits, and the opportunities. @midlet is multi-talented with additional skills if he chooses to share them on this platform. He loves art as well as illustration, but he is just as gifted as a martial artist having competed and won at a young age in an international competition. I believe that @midlet would make excellent use of your contribution, in my humble and accurate opinion. 😁

Yes! I would like to show my support here as I think @midlet is both knowledgeable about the platform and genuine in their content and recommendations. He is an active and thoughtful voter who also consistently generates fun, engaging and informative content, sharing his art expertise and creative ideas with the rest of us. As someone new to Steemit I can say he has done a lot to help me get acquainted with the platform and find my community. I think he is exactly the kind of user that would promote maturity and growth in this environment, given the opportunity.

One of the reasons that @midlet would be a great choice as a future dolphin is because he is a walking breathing billboard for Steemit. He took the time to assist me with learning much of the platform and gives great honest feedback when commenting on various blogs.

He is not just concerned with getting upvotes but also establishing quality relationships and sharing his technical expertise. He would certainly bring the diversity that you are looking for and is someone who understands how to build and retain the community.

Glad to hear it, I will be checking out applicants as the post makes the rounds. :)

i wannaa also vouch for @midlet :D he's very friendly, VERY talented and very engaged with the platform. a great steemian !!

i also wanna say that this is an awesome initiative you are doing <3 very generous and i look forward to the reports and blog entries about this drive in the future :>

I definitely wouldn't be on Steemit without lots of coaxing by @midlet myself. I highly recommend him.

What a fantastic initiative, and great way to give back to the community. Eager to hear how your experiment goes, and all the luck to the baby dolphin!

Thank you @whatsup for such an awesome initiative and for @drakos for your addition to the 'prize pool', but more importantly, for finding value in it!

I'm going to throw my hat in the ring here, which is something I don't normally do, but before I tell you my reasons, I would like to vouch for @fullcoverbetting as well. He would be very deserving of such an offer as yours.

I'm a firm believer in manual curation, of finding those quality, unnoticed posts that deserve a little extra recognition and upvoting love :) That is one of the reasons why I curate for @asapers, because they value unnoticed quality; in fact, the posts I find gets put in an almost daily newsletter that @insideoutlet posts to support the 'little guys' (I'm obviously not their only curator). I'm also one of the judges in @thedarkhorse's Pay it Forward Curation Contest where I upvote the entries, but also their two curated posts showcased in their entry. As an aside, I see that the actual contest was suggested as a recipient for you, and that in my oh so humble opinion, would be another very deserving choice. I also am a member of @newbieresteemday and @greetersguild and am constantly on the lookout to help "newbies" out as well as pass quality posts on to our curation teams there. I have also been a part of @abh12345's Curation League for months now and have always been in the top ten for commenting, and more than not, the top 5. My numbers there can show you the extent of my commenting and upvoting. In Asher's League, we are 'penalized' for self upvoting, and truthfully, this was the one thing that caused me to question my application here, because I value my "spot" in that league, and I value the reputation I have made there as well. I realize your rationale behind self upvoting, but I wonder if it's something you might reconsider? Far be it from me to set your rules though :) Finally, I do a lot of wandering and upvoting on my own, as well as countless comments and the truth of the matter is, I'm always running out of voting power and can't seem to do what I "need" to.

I have been fortunate to have been delegated to by @abh12345, @hitmeasap, won a contest some time ago and received delegation from @inquiringtimes,recently supported by @particleman, which is the creation of @tcpolymath; an outgoing support initiative as well, but my intention is to grow and to continue doing what I'm doing, so your delegation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for the offer, and whether or not I 'make the cut', it's people like you and initiatives such as this, that confirm for me the generosity of this platform.


I will vouch heartily for @lynncoyle1's contribution to helping newer and smaller posters get a foothold here.

Thank you so much for that @tcpolymath! I appreciate you taking the time to do that :)

I certainly throw my full support behind @lynncoyle1 here @whatsup... She is a star that shines brighter than any in my class. We have a lot of good ones too. Lynn is amazing in so many ways. I won't even get into her toughness in her personal life and how she always finds a way to be positive. Instead, I will focus on what she does here. She is literally all over the place. She is always helping out others, giving a bright cheerful message, or participating in ways that make people just feel good. I try to do the same myself, but Lynn is far superior to me and everyone that knows her here will say the same.

On top of that she is not selfish at all and spreads her good fortune to others. She is always giving votes away to encourage good behavior and good content, and on top of that she donates to many great projects. As she said, she is a part of 2 of my projects @newbieresteemday and also @friendsofgondor (which @drakos is familiar with), and she is always giving both time and donations to everything she does.

I hope that she "makes the cut", because if she does then you will see a star that really does shine brighter than any other out there!

awww @davemccoy, this right here tells me that I've already made "the cut" in so many ways! Thank you my friend :)

@lynncoyle1 ... Lynn you deserve every word... I know that many people tend to say nice things and sometimes those words come easy... but in your case they are an understatement... I am so impressed with the quality of person you are and amazed at how you have such energy and drive on a daily basis!

Thank you Dave! I could say the exact same thing about you!

:) ... see... that is why you are so terrific! Always looking to spread your charm and cheer!

Oh definitely Lynn would be an awesome person as she is constantly in the top 3 of Asher's league of engagement andyou'll know majority of people that she supports are also massive engagers inthe platform.

Thank you for that @maverickinvictus! So nice of you to take the time to show your support :)

If you don't pick @pifc then one of the amazing judges would be a great fit! But seriously I have stated many times over that @lynncoyle1 is one of the most undervalued steemians out there. She probably is sick of me saying this as I feel like it's weekly if not more.

Her efforts to help others, most notably the smallest members of steemit would make your delegation go towards many worthy plankton. Knowing Lynn it would mean she would spend even more time and effort to make sure that the added voting power was put to good use.

awww @thedarkhorse, I will never tire of hearing you say such lovely things :) Thanks for taking the time to write this. I believe your @pifc account would also be an awesome place for such a delegation too...and I'm not just patting your back because you did mine haha

Well you cant gow wrong with either @lynncoyle1 or me!
Both would be great because we are both very engaged and together we cover almost the complete blockchain!


haha Peter, what a team we could be :) Thank you!

Indeed Lynn together we could really leave a mark!

3 people I think should get it.

the account @steembay could use a helping hand. I feel it is an undervalued asset to steemit and could really use the 1000 SP

@alaskahippie and @alaskatactical are a great team in Alaska. They have been diligently posting about life in Alaska the land of the last... reality tv show. They are a great team who is doing well in the steemit hustle one or both would do great with some more SP.

agreed! @steembay is truly undervalued

Wow! A lovely opportunity for me to prove how good of a curator I am, i will really be happy if you use me for the experiment, you can check my voting record. I'm always active I hardly miss contents, you said you only care about engagement ? What if I give you both? Engagement and quality? Please please consider me, I'd be happy if you give me this power/opportunity to prove my worth.

I think you underestimate how hard this platform is. I think if someone really wants to be a dolphin on here they would probably normally have to buy Steem.
On the bright side I think a normal person that "works" hard on here can earn a Steem or maybe even 2 Steem a day.

haha, you are talking to someone who made 95 posts that didn't earn a payout, and hundreds that earned less than a dime. I know how hard it is to grow.

I think it's even harder now although the bots do help I think as long as you can get the money for them and can actually find out about @dustsweeper somehow.

Hi there @whatsup & @drakos. Pretty awesome of ya to do this! As a user who has only been on here for a few months but has grown a nice amount, I’d ask that you kindly take a peek at my account. I’ve been powering up and buying more Steem to help add to my influence here, engage with new users, and I’m trying to grow the community here as much as I can. I’m active and manually curate as well. I could use the extra push as I’m about halfway to dolphin status already in just a few months. I’d also be glad to help out in whatever capacity you need in providing information or updates. I’d be honored if you guys at least took a peek to see what I’ve been up to. Regardless, thanks. Things like this are why I believe in this platform.

Thanks for your awesome initiative, and thanks to all the people commenting! After reading through the comments for maybe 30 minutes, I'm following a bunch of new people, am now aware of many more amazing projects that others are working on in this platform! Honestly, the best part of your post is this opportunity to find out what ways people are finding to contribute to the community, to support others. It's great inspiration and helps to get a clearer picture of what I can do myself.

Seeing all these great initiatives, and people sharing their reasons why they would love that extra SP, and then being seconded by other Steemit members knowing that they'll be doing an amazing job... It makes me feel your experiment will support someone who'll use it well, for sure. And it makes me feel that putting myself forward might be a bit futile. I'd definitely love the extra SP, always curate manually, find fellow Steemian who I consistently upvote because I want to see them grow, choose to upvote and sometimes follow newcomers just to give them that initial support. The extra SP would be great for leaving more of a lasting impression. And I know I'll stick around here and make dolphin hood happen sooner or later, no matter what, but rather sooner of course! All that said, lot of great potential lab rats out there.

Good luck with the continuation of this experiment! Good luck to ALL the people here, looking to grow their accounts and be part of a more decent Steemit middle class. Hope to see you all there!

Hi, this is a generous endeavor and I applaud you for it. I only recently began following you based on a comment you made elsewhere. I am unable to pitch myself due to my upcoming move and being away for a bit, nor am I probably the best candidate even if that wasn't so.

I would however like to pitch an idea to you that is outside the parameters of what you are interested in, hoping it might intrigue you nonetheless. @thedarkhorse has been running an initiative called Pay It Forward Curation Contest. It encourages with prizes for people to find a couple accounts that are newer that post quality content to help them find their place here. It has so many positive ripples as it helps with retention as well as helping people of like mind find one another and build communities.

He has just created a new account to oversee the contest after months of running it and it is in need of SP. He is trying to slowly build it with upvotes, and a delegation such as this would make it happen so much quicker. The account he is growing for this awesome initiative is @pifc.

Thank you for any consideration you may give to them amidst the other worthy submissions.

Cool, I will check it out! I thought about that approach also. :) I hope others will notice his project here! I love that many people are looking for ways to grow the community.

Not to twist your arm in anyway, but delegations would be a very welcome boost to the Pay It Forward movement I'm trying to push here on steemit. Just a few days ago I purchased the @pifc account and right now am planning on doing a few power up type posts each week to help the account grow and build up some SBD to use for leasing SP.

Have also found someone that will give a matching 500SP delegation to @pifc if we find unpaid delegations. His way of motivating me to actually ask for help....which isn't my strong suit and I tend to try and figure things out on my own. So if you did delegate some SP it would actually trigger an extra 500SP so the benefit would be even larger.

With that account for right now it's purely about growth of the account for the next month or so. Would still use the VP to reward comments and entries to the contest but will be self voting at a much higher rate then my normal which runs around 5-8% most of the time.

If you have any questions about the vision of what I want to accomplish with @pifc feel free to message me on discord. thedarkhorse #6765. Have plans well beyond the curation contest that I feel can really help onboard new members in a fun engaging way and hopefully get more of them past the 60 day mark and over 50SP. Both I feel are very critical points in someones steemit journey.

Pay It Forward is a good thing for Steemit and I’m curious about your next plan. Good luck :).

Feel free to follow the @pifc account as I want to make a roadmap post at some point in the next few weeks as more of the PIF contest people follow the account. If you are super curious feel free to message me on discord. I'm not going to be around the next couple days, but I will reply when possible.

That's a very great inititative @whatsup! I am also very very serious in becoming dolphin. It's my dream and am doing my best to achieve it every day. Since I joined steemit, I cashed out my earning only once to purchase my first laptop. After that, I've invested all of my sbd earnings into powering up SP. I am also keeping my curation rewards above 1 steem. And I am here to hold for very long period of time, coz, I can't cashout my earnings due to crypto ban from RBI (Reserve Bank of India) in my country. So, I am intending to keep powering up and become a dophine that's when I will be able to effectively help new planktons and minnows to grow on this platform. Thank you! ☺

This is an awesome initiative mate. And well done to @drakos for jumping in with a delegation of his own.

I can’t wait to see who you pick. I’d love some delegation myself but I feel like someone newer to the platform will benefit more than me. :)

HI! I would like to nomitnate myself. Sorry if it seems selfish, but I really do put in some work on steemit. My voting power is never at a 100%, heck its not even at 60% most of the time. I really just cant help to upvote all the people that i interact with, and especially for the ones who interact with me. The last couple of days i am trying to recharge my voting power, so that way my upvote is worth more to spread the love!

Let me briefly say how I can put in the serious work to spread the love if i was chosen to get the delegated SP. I work at a storage facility and have lots of down time, which you guessed it i spend that time here on steem it.

Also im a true be-leaver of interaction here on steem it is the first rule to achieve success. Second rule is to have interesting content, not perfect content, but just interesting. The kind that gets people to engage. I would rather see more comments then upvotes on my post.

Also I want everyone to be included in the steem atmosphere, i really hate those attitudes of "post should be perfect. Like an article on a news site" If i wanted a post like that i would google something. Not everyone can do post like that, but those people who cant can show you love by asking you questions, showing love to you, and giving you there one penny upvote. Every penny counts!!!!

Sometimes I day dream of having millions of SP just so i can go find a new person here to boost there spirits. Also go find someone who tries really hard with there post, but dont get the credit they deserve, due to spelling, the format, etc etc. I just want say hey we are all the same and nobody is better then you just because they went a fancy college and know how to lay out a nice post.

But one thing for sure I will always keep steemin. Not just because I want to make money, but because I want to become a better person. I steem to grow, and I grow to steem!!! Thank you for this opportunity.

Am certain you already have someone in mind. I've seen some really interesting causes your generosity could go to from the comments I've read So far.

Be that as it may, I nominate myself. I usually don't upvote myself but if given I'll probably do it 8 times a day. Selfish? I know. Am sick of having little influence on this platform to help myself and others.

I won't pretend this is all for a completely selfless cause, I want to grow my SP and support my communities for myself.

End of rant.

That said, bless your heart for the initiative

Don't pick me, I'm too lazy.

Hi @whatsup. You are surprising and that is really awesome. I'm not sure if your plan is to produce a dolphin within a month or just supercharge someone and see how much impact it has. I have been visiting you to read your posts and make occasional comments because you are responsive and supportive and interesting. Thank you. It does concern me when you say you might be compromising yourself, I want to grow and connect with others like you but certainly, I don't want to be a burden.

I have only been here three months and have a lot of swimming to do before I get far enough up the food chain to become a dolphin. I put $50 dollars into steemit to get started and see how it works and quite honestly I currently just aspire to have 15 SP or even become a minnow. I don't think a 100 SP could have more impact than on someone of my status. But as I really do enjoy this and plan on being successful at it, I am going to invest more, in time and dollars.

Currently, I mostly vote for others and in support of my comments to them. My votes aren't worth anything yet but it's the polite thing to do. I'm not sure if I'm a candidate for this but I'd like the chance to grow here. I really do enjoy the idea of steemit and it is my goal is to become successful at it and integrate it more into my life. I really do have a lot of interesting things going on or to say or to share.

That being said, with 1000 sp I really would try to maximize my time with it and I'm sure I would have to allocate more time to do so. My goal would be to build my own value and network as quickly as I could while voting and resteeming others. I would love to know how it feels to bestow pennies upon other for their good works. I know how good it feels to receive.

Whether now or in the future I would "pay it forward."

If you look at my past posts consider them an experiment in what others might react to. However, some of them really do reflect my interests. If I had to say it, I think I like to be politely provocative and point to our collective follies. If I made a themed blog it would revolve around urban life, the streets and the lessons learned there. I like content with a larger meaning. A greater value.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned will whether it's a burden or a blessing.

Can I get a miracle !?!?

Thank you,

I don't have the ability to create a dolphin in a month. :) It's a long haul. I do want to find some that are interested in being dolphins, because what we need is more people with stake.

some think the dolphin and whales are selfish, I'm thinking there are not enough of us to go around.

I don't feel compromised to give back to the community that helped me grow. That is why I picked 10% of my undelegated stake. Seems like a nice amount to put straight back into the community. (besides my own voting)

Anyways, I am glad you are interested and I will be waiting a bit before reviewing anything to give people a change to see the post!

I would love to do this but not with the intent to upvote myself, I am more concerned with getting smaller channels built up in order that so many would not lose hope and leave here, we have a wonderful future community here that truly is borderless but in order to get folks to stay they need the hand up (not a hand out).
I am not nor have I ever been here for the money, I am here for the long term future and in order for that to be a reality we need the content builders (people). Reputation is nice but it is what you can build and do with it that results in the future...
I also manually curate (it feels right).

I had to restreem this to get the word out to others!

Wow, a lot of participation here! 252 comments. You got my support. :)

This, coupled with the previous post about investment responsibility, makes me think that the initiative to take matters into our own hands is probably the best for the ecosystem.

I'm not sure if I would be the best candidate for curating stuff? I do curate a lot but it's mostly tiny stuff that I like. Little poems, cute stories, stuff that goes under the radar because it's not considered "high effort" but does carry a lot of the soul of the creator.

I once described it to a girl whom I brought back to Steemit as little drops of beauty lying around, like a honeybee hunting down the pollem and creating a sweet honey home that is not an Egyptian marvel like the pyramids or the Sphynx, but it's cool and sweet.

So if you'd like that, I'm available, but I'm sure there are other curators who could find those who make more "noteworthy" and magnetic content that could bring more people to Steemit. I'm guilty of not paying attention to that.

I like to be part of experiment. I don't have much to say about why you should choose me but i can give you some hard numbers.

I will use 3 out of 10 votes on myself. Post or comment. I have 100 SP so my 10 votes are equal to 1, 1000 SP vote so essentially I will only use 2 vote on myself from the rewarded SP. I will curate 7 posts (100% power) with the remaining votes either by running some contest or some good post from someone new.

My reward will mostly come from curation.

Criteria for good post includes but not limited to: Well written content in english. If photographs, they should be professional. Or someone who has been here long but still doesn't make much in his posts.

I really cannot nominate anyone. The names that come to mind are busy with other projects. Most minnows like myself are power hungry so I doubt if they would use this power well. Chances are if chosen, I might abuse this power and upvote based on favoritism and not merit.
However, if you're going to choose I hope you consider minnows in third-world countries because they really need it. There very few influencers in our sphere and we currently hold 1% of the steemit wealth. I'm don't saying minnows in other spheres do not deserve this opportunity, but for me its easier for some of them because most seteemit influencers are from Europe and North America.
This is a tough task you've taken upon yourself. I will love to see how this pans out.

Humans are humans. I don't expect anyone to be fair. I have far greater respect for those who admit and acknowledge the unfairness in life than those who pretend they are fair. It is one of my unpopular opinions. :)

For me it isn't about the need, it is about the site. The better the site works the more people have an opportunity. I am not stuck on everyone getting results. I would rather focus on giving people opportunity.

What they do with the opportunity is up to them.

Well if that's the case, I nominate my selfish self.

I own the @myhuntingfishing account and I would be very inspired by a delegation. I have been curating and writing hunting and fishing content for a few months now. I would really like to be able to provide greater rewards to those that post with the #myhuntingfishing tag. Please see the @myhuntingfishing blog for the content I have been curating there.

Thanks for offering this!

Here is an example of a post I have written with the account:


Here is my intro post:


With a voting value of $0.01 I'm doing whatever I can to maintain the steemit ecosystem fair. It would be a big boost to me if I get a 1000 SP delegation. I'm trying my best to produce quality contents and engaging with community for thr last 5 months but I'm yet to catch the 100SP mark. I understand your actual concerns. Although you have the good intentions of curating as much people as possible, in the end of the day it turns out to be sporadic.

During this 5 months period, I have obviously learned to differentiate the chaff from the grains. So the voting power won't spread across unnecessarily I assure. If I can build atleast 150 SP myself and curate others good contents, I would be more than glad then! Please do analyse my profile to see if I fit for this delegation.

Hi @whatsup. This is a great incentive offer.
I have been manually curating, since i joined steemit, just over 4 months ago. I have even vlogged a few times about the importance of curation, in particular, Part 4, of my beginners LUCK series (A 9 part guide for newbies).
Beginners LUCK - Labouring Under Correct Knowledge - Part 4 - Curation, The Community of Quality
In addition to daily curation of my own, I also curate for @comedyopenmic. I have nearly 800 SP of my own. I delegate 200 of that to 2 other manual curation communities and as soon as i reach 800 SP I will delegate another 100 SP. I will be doing that, all the way to 1000SP, keeping 500 of my own and delegating the other 500, as described.
I have pretty much created daily, since joining steemit.
Please consider this my application for your endeavour.

Hi. Glad to have found this post.
After thinking a few minutes on who to nominate for your 1000 SP delegation I could find only one answer: ME.
Why me? Because I love myself, I am very passionate about my activity on the platform and am just a piece of plankton for the moment, but always dreamed becoming a dolphin. Even if it's just for a small period of time. Don't want to be a whale...just a playful dolphin casting votes to good working steemians.
To check me out for eligibility fee free to read any of my posts, comments, wallet and whatever you feel like.
I will have to mention that I used bit bots in the past, but I quit them so if you are against them I don't want to hide anything from my past. It's the clear waters that I like the most :)
Currently my voting power is at about 0.01 when "fully charged" so these 1000 SP would mean alot for me. I will mention that I will upvote my posts also, but I would cast other votes more carefully considering that these 1000 SP would be borrowed.
So, consider me also for your SP delegation test.

I am not opposed to bidbots. I want people to invest in their stake. I am not saying people have to or even should use them, but I just see it as investing.

@whatsup and @drakos

Disclaimer - I was already powering down before I saw this for "hard luck" reasons 😂😂😂


I'm a writer in a niche that seems to be unpopular on steemit. Rap/hiphop/lyrical poetry.
It's really sad that it gets so little exposure and many good writers are forced to resort to half-assed performances on dsound or dtube to see any good valuation. Not every writer is a good performer.
I would like to contribute to that community.
I believe steemit is for everyone. Not for a select few genres.
I'm also a member of the @reachout community. It's a predominantly Nigerian community for welcoming new Africans into steemit. (insert hard luck reasons) have forced many to try to find new platforms where they can get some sort of monetary compensation for their diverse talents and I think it would be very nice to support that.

I would be honoured to be selected for your delegation.

It feels nice to know about this... The feeling it gives when I think of it like; "Oh someone still think of we minnows out there, gives me hope and a reason to keep pushing...." Although I have never been a curator for any community, but i have been a curator for my blog....
And to testify about that you can check out my blog....

For months now I don't curate myself not because its little or because I don't want to get the little I can, No! ... Its just so I can help others and make them see reasons to keep pushing. I have been on steemit for couple of months now, and I have been a manual curator ever since...

I curate posts that deserves to be curated, at times I use to wonder why I dont have enough steem-power, but Thank god this is another great opportunity... This feels like a step closer to helping people and myself at the same time...

With due respect @whatsup I'm declaring myself very worthy for this post and I'll be delighted to be the lucky one.... Thanks for the incent in anticipation....

I’m down... I like rewarding good content!!

Awesome initiative, congrats. Actually, the times here are not easy, but I do not give up. I stay active and put every day and several times a day. 😁🔥 Let's go forward hoping we can have better days at Steemit.🙏👍

I want to apply and i am requesting you to view my profile and Voting habits because I've never analyse myself as an curator but i can say that my self voting percentage is below 20%, and definitely want to build my account while giving self upvote to my post, and i post once day and proactively work on comments.

So i am looking forward for this opportunity or want to congratulate whoever will get this opportunity, and want to say that one month is super effective time and we can utilise this 1000/2000 Steem Power super effectively.

Thanks for this opportunity and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

hi @whatsup i want to aply for the delegation, i have never been a curator before, but as this is a experiment, i want to experiment too being a curator!

if you choose me i will "sleep" my account until it gets back to 100% vp to curate with the maximun efficiency. And compromise myself to not self vote during the delegation period!

i want to curate some posts that i think arent getting enought attention from curators like #art #castellano #spanish #venezuela and find on them post with quality to vote.

i know curating post/finding good cuality content takes time, and i do have these free time to engage with the curation and do my best!

You should upvote yourself. Please reread. :)

I'm pitching myself for the bit. I'm very dedicated to growing my stake in the Steemit community. I post entertaining and inspirational artwork (all original content) and am very active in supporting the veteran community on Steemit and those who are also devoted to posting quality original content. Other individuals to consider should you pass on myself: @socent and @derangedvisions

Totally winning account name there.

It works on several levels that are probably apparent to no one but myself =D

Thanks for the shout out! You are so awesome! I agree with @derangedvisions that you would be an awesome candidate for this because you are so helpful to others and such an active Steemian! I love reading your posts and your inspirational outreaches to others that may be struggling mentally. I would encourage anyone to vote for you for this because there are so many that could be touched by your generosity. Thank you again for thinking of me :)

I would love the opportunity to vote with 1,000 SP. I post as often as I can, and now with all my children moved out on their own I'm finding my groove again! I spend more time reading other posts than I do actually posting, but I get so wrapped up in them, that I often lose track of time and don't get my own post written...

Yoh @whatsup awesome initiative! I say this knowing the motivation that comes with someone else's Steem delegation. Recently, a man I can only term as a great friend, delegated 200 plus Steem to me to help me build on the current 200 plus. Mine here has been a journey of earn and take because yes 'life happens'.

With what my old friend @erodedthoughts and the current pressure in my life to get myself out of a bubble I have been stuck in for the longest time you can imagine, I am going to drag myself to the moon if I have to. I am also interested in engagement and with my current 0.06 vote worth, I intend to do just that. Those coming up are appreciating my 50% vote as I would too.

It also feels good to see some awesome work and be able to upvote it. That said, you are changing a life whether you feel like you are or not. I follow @irreverent-dan (got this post from his timeline too :D) and he has touched my life in a very beautiful way so it doesn't shock me to see him and @drakos (who is among my witnesses and someone I respect for what he does on Steemit chat) join in, in this awesomeness!

People like you are the reason some of us stay and in this community... hoping to follow in your footsteps or do better! Goodluck to who gets this... and thank you to all of you for putting this up. Longest comment ever! :D

First off, thanks to both of you (@whatsup and @drakos) for continuing to work towards building and developing Steemit into into a viable, long-term platform for content creators.

I, admittedly, do not have much of a track record here on Steemit yet; I came here with the hopes that I would find an outlet to build my catalog of works and grow my name as a writer.

My experience making records and working in the music industry has given me a hard-earned appreciation for distribution outlets that are capable of successfully and profitably reaching the popular masses.

That being said, I have a vested interest in the platform because I have a vested interest in my work; just yesterday I made my first "Purchase" of cryptocurrency ever for the sole sake of converting it to STEEM. It was a modest sum, but it's what I had available to invest at the time.

I sincerely believe that "Content Is King"—if our platform makes a name for itself as being a library of unique and valuable works from unique content creators, the value of the work will engage the 'marketplace' and support Steem's growth onto the main stage.

Inversely, if the Trending page remains overwhelmed by low-quality, get-something-for-nothing, cash-grab posts—the adoption of Steemit by the masses is going to be a struggle.

Given the opportunity, I would certainly use my "Steem-Backed Month" to bolster quality works and build my library of work on Steem to the best of my ability.

If you are motivated to look into the writing I have contributed to the Steem library so far, I am confident that you will find it to be valuable, high-quality content.

Thank you for your consideration—best of luck with your experiment!

I would love to be considered. I am part of the promo-mentors group is mentors and promotes others within the Steemit Community. Lately, I have been spending my time working with them, but I am also an underwater archaeologist, travel writer, prepper writer, and photographer. I do my best to try and provide as much value as I can. It has been slow going since I joined in Feb but I am convinced that Steem is one of the best blockchain ecosystems out there. If you want to fully understand how I feel, please read this old post. Don't worry, it is well past the 7 days but I feel it is a good representation related to what I think about Steem and Steemit - https://steemit.com/life/@liquidtravel/coming-for-circle-on-steemit-thanks-to-the-mentors-and-supporter-who-got-me-here

A great initiative, thanks @whatsup and @drakos, I have been here from Sept 2017 and everyday is new day here. It's like a zombie land where you go passing cheaters and spammers and helps to the one who is original and authentic. I have been doing same experiment from last month where I took lease sp delegation to check the results. And the results are way better than expected. It's nice to help everyone and encourage them to go up and help others. And profit is x2 so this experiment will be going to give far better results. Now the question is why I need 1000sp? Answer is simple my lease is going to end within 2-3 days or so and I am thinking for the second phase and to extend this experiment. So 1000sp will give me more time and power to study the profit of individual and community. That's it!

Hey @whatsup and @drakos what a great Initiative. Listen, I think this is really a great idea.
And I definitely want to take that next step into "Dolphin-hood" :)

I know I have developed a Manuel Curation Trail over the last 6 months. And I have a lot Passion in doing it. And NOT just "curation" per say but also "Commenting" on everyone I Curate ( feel free to check out my Comments, Replies, and things like VP stats) I think I have right around 110 Steemians ( you're included ;) ) on my List that I try to visit at least once a week and preferably twice. I have not gotten my VP over 50% in many, many months. Which is probably not a good thing but I cannot help it as I love to find great Content and reward it accordingly ;)

I just purchased some more Steem a couple of nights ago to get my Stake up to a respectable level as far as SP.

As far as me ever Powering Down ?? It's not going to happen. Iam here for Steemit for many, many years to come...as long as they will have me lol I have saved my money to get the SP I have now. And I highly covet it.
And any money I do plan to cash out will be only SBD turned into dollars. And I won't do that for at least another few months.

I will NOT lie as I would love to be a part of this experiment. But if I did have the honor of getting selected by you and @drakos...well I will NOT be able to do it until August. As I am leaving for a Summer Road trip/vacation from end of June to end of July.

Anyway, even if Iam not selected it will be very interesting to see how those who do get selected fair in this Experiment.

I know a fellow @thealliance member named @c0ff33a who is quite the Curator/Commentor. Much like myself he also has an extensive "Manuel Trail" that he puts a lot of time and commitment into.

You might just want to take a look at him.

Thanks for the post and appreciate what you two Steemians are doing. Excellent stuff going on here:)

Resteemed !!

Hey! Nice job on powering up! Well if this goes well, we are talking about making it a month to month idea! So, we might grab you on the next round. Enjoy your vacation, and I will take a look at your suggestions.

Hi @whatsup ... I'm a fairly regular contributor and curate manually even on days when I'm not posting. Below is a synopsis of why I may be a good candidate for your experiment.

I'm interesting in the (good) growth of Steemit through positive initiatives to attract, and 'keep' users here. Recognition and a decent curator reward always brings a smile; that is my main mission here...to deliver a smile wherever and whenever I am able.

Also, I have already been entrusted by two other individuals here with delegations from them that I think are being used wisely.

Have a happy day.

Thank you @whatsup @irreverent-dan and @drakos (whose account I just discovered) .
I don't know if I can be considered a dolphin, however I'm already doing what you wrote: self-vote, hold and manually curate plenty of posts on a daily basis!

Why should you delegate steem power to me?
I might not be an intellectual, a writer, an artist or a developer, but I'm producing original content on a large variety of topics and curating even more. I'm working on building a steem-committing micro-community, that engages in adding value to steem with our daily work. We are just simple people, who likes the fun, participate to contests, initiate new ones and debating on everything without the support of bots and no matter if the value of steem is high or low.
If I would have more steem it would be very helpful in my steem daily work.
Plus, I talk from my guts - Always! I'm true to myself and to you all and nobody can buy me! You can see it from the posts I have been writing and to some of the people who have been following the most.
Hope you consider my pitch.
However it goes, cheers to this idea and to more democracy into steem community.

@whatsup, hi. I am applying to be a labrat. I'm a passionate writer and I'm a somewhat whimsicle upvoter. If I like what I see, I vote for it. If it expands my mind, I vote for it.

I check for plagiarism. I check for reputation. I vote for strangers and for friends.

I am also applying because I would like some feedback. How could I improve my account on Steemit? Where are my deficits? What are my strengths?

I also want to be a dolphin.

And Yes, I did say you can and should build your own account also with the stake! I want to see more stakeholders!!!! << That's awesome! When is the deadline?

Does it have to be me?

There is a user I wish to nominate.

@ganjafrmer is a solid user. He has original content and spreads the gospel of steemit everywhere he goes. He is currently at a Rainbow Family gathering promoting this platform. He constantly engages others here. Yes his main tag is cannabis related but he is still out there hustlin' for the good of all of us.

He is polite and human. He deserves it for all the hard work he does.


Hi @whatsup and @drakos,

I appreciate your initiative and I thank you for this opportunity. I’ve been on this platform nearing 7 months and was a test of Taskmaster’s adoption program to make it to 1k and I recently graduated. I was given a 100 sp delegation and my posts were upvoted at 100 for 2 posts a day. Up until 3-4 weeks ago i had been upvoting my own posts but got caught up in Ashers weekly engagement project. ive been in the top 5 due to not self upvoting, the funds im not using on myself are given to noobs and groups that are growing their accounts too. I’m a part of @thealliance, @minnowbootcamp (to assist planks and minnows), @dynamicsteemians, @helpie, @steemitbloggers, @steembasicincome, and @thesteemengine. I do not go around promoting my own work much but i write 2-4 posts a day (not just post photos), research and engage the community.
Ive never applied for a delegation before, but when you say dolphin this peaks my interest. Im here for the long haul and I support this platform 100 percent. I always have manually curated from day 1 as I actually enjoy reading. As its been stated before, there are more writers than readers on this platform and Im both.
I take the time to be a part of many different contests, meet people, share information and engage. Simply, thats who I am. Ive built a solid reputation for helping others, good content, encouraging this platform, and engaging.
With a delegation this size Id look to assisting many others that engage others too. Im in another amazing group of people @ifc that I would support. Im in the top Sweet 16 playoffs and Id share the wealth. Im also writing for Steem Monsters in a contest to assist in the setting creation for the white cards. ive put together a team and Id share the wealth with my co creators. additionally, im in the last 12 days of a contest with the @freewritehouse and thats a daily contest that id share more if i had more to upvote and engage my fellow contestants posts.
Along with the work I do on steemit daily, I delegate quite a bit of my sp to help communities grow and engage.

Im a hard working person that would love to have your support, if only for a month in order to help this platform grow, engage, and of course continue working towards being a dolphin!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Eagle Spirit

PS. Ive never powered down/cashed out and have no plans too anytime soon.

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist, Pricasso would love this honor as he is honest as the day is long and as hard working as they get, as well as bringing fun, humor, laughs and most wonderful art and a little something 'different' serendipitous, scintillating, scrumptious and spectacular to this stellar community. Pricasso also would like to thank you both @whatsup and @drakos for your support and love for Pricasso and his most genius talent in the past. Thanks to you and other Super Steemians and Fabulous Pricasso fans, the visual decadent dessert, delights shall continue

Be blessed

Yours Always

I really like experiments in general. And also this one. And you actually came up with a brilliant idea. Is Steemit Inc does this with a few millions that could really impact growth of Steemit as well as retention rates and the whales have a bit less impact. So who will bring this idea under @ned his attention?

I suggest to pick @fullcoverbetting for the delegation experiment. This is a very hard working and honest Steemonian. And via @abh12345 league you can easily keep an eye on him.

And what you can't see on Steemit is that he also helps people via Discord. So if someone deserves to become Dolphin in 2022 it is him.

I wish I had 1000 SP delegation to both grow my account and help others minnows to grow by giving them curation like I did before when I recieved 200 SP delegation from @paulag on her curation league. You may check my existence on curation league from @paulag's weekly league results. Here is the newest link from her week 9th of the league :

Awesome Mate!
Great to see the community giving back. I think it would be great if we could it some tips for the smaller fish on the do's and not's, can be a bit confusing, I would know, I just started lol

I will do a post for you tomorrow! Also... check out the FAQ and the white paper. You can find them both under the hamburger menu on SteemIt.com. Welcome and buckle up.

I'm looking forward to it !

I'll take that 1,000 SP delegation. Yes, I already have about 1.7k SP but who doesn't want more? Right now I use steemauto to autovote content of people that I like, and for that month I'll stop it so I can manually grow. I find best growth comes from finding good posts made onto other front ends, especially utopian. Some development posts there are very good and when I voted for them, I got 0.6 SP in curation. Doing that 20x a day will get me a ton. 12 SP a day if I'm right. Thats 360 SP a month. (Don't trust my math). If I could have that 1k SP to experiment with, I would grow for sure.

So yeah, simply put, I would use that 1,000 SP Delegation to try and make curation so I can get more SP, and hey, maybe I'll beat you in my SP holdings some day.

I can't tell you how excited I will be if you beat me in SP! However, I'm not slowing down for anyone. :)

You got 25k USD to spare? I'll beat you easily with that. But I haven't invested any fiat into crypto and I want to see how big I can get without investing. Maybe I'll beat you without putting any fiat in at all.

I think I could be the labrat of this experiment because I'm a long-term thinker, I've been doing a networking work for the last weeks since I realized that writing good content wasn't enough, and I haven't cash out a cent of my earnings here because I want to power up all I can even I really need some money.

Very nice. I will try to send some your way :P

I've been trying to find more ways to distribute rewards as well. You know you got my support ;)

Great to see you!!! Thanks for the encouraging words! It's about stake, but it is also about building a user base.