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Welcome to the 5th edition of this funny experiment. The rewards from this post will be used to buy SBI shares for 3 of the featured artists.

Please help deciding who should be awarded. (How...? See how to vote at the end of the post.)

The most voted artists will receive a SBI share, at least. More, if the rewards allow me to.


The following posts are between 1 and 4 days old and most of them have very few rewards at the moment. Don't forget to visit the posts and support these works, if you can.

Link:Calm in the cold (NEW digital illustration)

Link:Penumbra Musici - Cobza

Link:[CR] sleepy paraekeets

Link:[CR] Unforgettable Comedy trio

Link:iTalent Round 14- "Piercing eyes"

Link:Painted rustic wood as home decoration

Link:[CR]Pencil Sketch Step By step

Link:Pointilism rhino beetle, steps


Please select the artists you think deserve (or need) the most help. You can choose up to 3 artists.

How to Vote?

Because some of you have low RC or don't how to cast a 1% vote, there are two ways of voting. Choose one of them, as you see fit.

Option A)

  • Make a comment with the names of your choices. Up to 3.

... or ...

Option B)

  • I will make several comments on my post, one for each artist.
    Please use a 1% vote on the comments with the name of the artists you prefer.
    You can cast up to 3 votes.

Note: If you are one of the featured artists and you vote for other candidates, I will add an extra vote to you as well, to make the voting fair for everyone.

The SBI (@steembasicincome) shares will be distributed after this post payout.

Current Pot: 0.755 STEEM
(Leftovers from previous editions. Will be used this week, if necessary.)

Feel free to leave any suggestion or comment.

@trincowski signing out.


Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
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Add this to your prize pool.
Each winner will also get 5 management shares in @minnowbuilder for 30 days. This will give a free daily upvote on their posts.

Many thanks! I'll contact you as soon as I sort the results. :-)

Thank you! :-)

All are good arts but I vote @li-art @lady-idra and @saqib-bashir 🍀

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Thanks for your participation!

Thanks to you for encouraging Steemit's artists!!🎨😀 Nice job

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Too many good artists!! Cool !

Yes, they are! Thanks for stopping by!

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oh by birds up there :d thank you so much dear @trincowski :) resteemed
all works are beautiful and lovely

Thanks a lot, @li-art! :-)

Thank you! And good luck for yourself! :-)

Thank you for supporting artist and their work.

My choices:
@lady-idra,, @naomipangolin

It was really hard to choose! :) So good artists and excellent art.

Thanks for joining! :-)

Thanks a lot! :-)

I love all of these! Really hard to choose just three. My votes are:

That's the point! If it was easy, there would be no need for voting! :-)

MY choose will be, without hesitation

Thanks for participating! :-)

Thank you for nominating me @trincowski😄😄😄!!!! All the best to you!!! Other people's work is incrediblely good!!!

Thanks, @naomipangolin! Feel free to select your favourite works, too. Like I say in the post, if any of the featured artists vote for other people's works, I'll add my own vote to their count - to make sure you aren't voting against yourselves. :-)

@trincowski my friend I love your initiative sei uno spettacolo!

they are all very good damn I choose 3 unfortunately!

Thanks for your participation, Armando!

You are doing a real good thing for the artist :) Only, hard to choose, but if I have tom make a choise I will go for:


Thanks for your participation!

Here we go in no particular order :

Too bad there is a limit of 3...

Thanks for joining! 😃

My vote in no particular order @sweettais @li-art
Good luck to all participants. ¦:^)

3 votes cast :D !
Lots of beautiful art! Thank you for inviting me over!

Thanks a lot for joining this experiment.

Good thing you told me about it!! i had no idea !! :-)
thank You for selecting something from me too.. i wonder why not a drawing .. ? :-)
This would be my choice :

You had several posts I could choose from. In the end I though this one fitted the contest perfectly. Good luck and thanks for participating. :-)

I like them all, but I really like @lady-idra funny little illustration, it makes me smile. But, I also love @agneslaczo can I split my vote?

Hello there. You can vote up to 3 people, so that's perfectly fine. You can choose one more, if you want.

Thanks for joining us.

Nice contest I have voted for 3 and this post good job man also cool the added reward.

Thanks for joining the contest.

Super realista adorei!->@saqib-bashir
Esse escaravelho vai saltar?Brutal!->@naomipangolin
O casmurro do meio captou a minha atenção!->@alkor
São os meus favoritos! 😉

Obrigado pela participação! :-)

It is a great initiative to help artists who, for strange reasons, do not vote for them as they should, despite the incredible work they do, my nominees are:

Most of them are new around here and don't log in that often. It's probable they've missed the post altogether.

Thanks for joining the contest.

All pieces are nice... i would like to choice @li-art , and @alkor but all are great artists i must say... your nominations are awesome...hope best will win.

I took option A!